100 thoughts on “Daniel Bryan lectures Sami Zayn in brutal fashion: WrestleMania 36 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. Finnaly Sami getting back on his feet. But seriously this trip tag bulls hit has to stop. Imagina Sami main eventing wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar. Wow what a dream match.

  2. i cant take sami zayn seriously now, the way they booked him its so depressing and unrealistic. they buried him and they gave him the ic without any build. this company is depressing me.

  3. To all you people that says Mr. McMahon is out of touch give your heads a shake. Mr. McMahon is a bloody visionary man.

  4. Bryan Danielson with Drew Gulak vs El Generico with Claudio Castagnoli and Shinsuke Nakamura featuring Drake Younger as The Referee was my favorite match of the night.

  5. I just wish they would’ve gotten more time! I was loving this! I want these two to wrestle for an hour at some point. Sami is still one of my all time favorites! Let him work, he’s one of the best.

  6. I didn’t see the ending so I’m wondering if Sami Zayn retained his title which is not likely ( no offense Sami)

  7. Without the crowd, this just seems even more homoerotic than the usual match, which is saying something.

  8. Sami didn't do nothing in this match and yet still retains..sami zayn needs to find that fire again. You remember zayn vs cesaro on NXT back when NXT was on Hulu?

  9. I always feel like WWE is always doing Sami dirty on the main roster, making him such a coward and sometimes weak heel when he is actually pretty talented.

  10. Each WrestleMania needs a shocking upset victory such as Zayn's win over Daniel Bryan at this year's WrestleMania. The utilization of factions in professional wrestling is one of the most classic ways to simultaneously elevate the status of multiple mid card superstars and further enhance the development of all their characters. The involvement of Zayn's "Artist Collective" buddies Cesaro and Nakamura in his therefore unclean win helps further cement Zayn as a top heel while not burying Daniel Bryan who was otherwise dominant in this showing. I do see this feud continuing with Daniel Bryan and Gulak involving a third person on their side and ultimately resulting in Daniel Bryan capturing the intercontinental championship.

  11. Sami zayn having a wrestlemania moment against Daniel Bryan was something I never expected to happen

  12. Is Sami Zayn injured or something? He never wrestles and when he's forced to his move set is severely limited

  13. This is not the real Sami Zayn, we want NXT Sami Zayn. And also the real Shinsuke Nakamura and the real Cesaro

  14. Remember Daniel BRYAN win the intercontinental champion in a ladder match back in 5 Years March 29 and guess what that was last week ??? After wrestlemania Daniel Bryan defend his new intercontinental champion Against dolph ziggler fomer ic champion And then sheamus came back and attack them he competed the match against sheamus April 2nd smackdown daniel bryan was busted open and bleeding and then after that daniel bryan Stripped the intercomtintel champion

  15. Sami Zayn looks like the psycho in the crime drama show that beats his wife and gets arrested, or a stupid taxi driver from here in my hometown that is just a bad person.

  16. I expected a lot more.
    Samis character kinda sucks when you look back at the things hes done.
    But heh whatever…

  17. Man I like them talking noise lmao Daniel is billy fr haven’t seen a grown man cry since Kevin Nash vs Randy Savage

  18. Good to keep the title on Zayn, still waiting for the triple treat match between Sami, Nakamura and Cesaro for that title.

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