Danny tells Lorna how much he loves her | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Danny tells Lorna how much he loves her | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Danny? Are you okay? What were you two
so busy talking about? We’re sorting out plans
for the charity events. No, it’s more than that. What are you talking about? I just saw you holding
each other’s hands. He even said I love you
the other day. You know, Rod can be
a bit playful sometimes. I am too, but I’d never say
I love you to anyone. You know what, Danny? Instead of wasting
your time on me, why don’t you just ask
Sofia out? I know she has feelings for you,
Danny. But I don’t love her! How many times do
I have to tell you?! You’re the one that I love! You don’t know what
you’re saying, Danny. Stop fooling around! I’m sure about what
I feel for you, Lorna. Lorna? It’s Madam Lorna to you. I’m serious, Lorna. I love you. Please stop avoiding me. It’s better this way, Danny. You’re not thinking straight
right now. I love you. What’s wrong with that? Do you? I’m old enough
to be your mother, even your grandmother! People are already
talking badly about us, Danny, how much more
if we end up together? We’re both single. I’m old enough
to be your mother, Danny. Find someone your age. But I want you, Lorna. Look, Danny… In 20 years, you’ll be 45 years old and I’ll be 80. I’d barely be able to walk
by that time. Then I will take care of you! Danny, you have a
bright future ahead of you. Danny, you have a
bright future ahead of you. You should look for someone
you can grow old with. I’d only be a
burden to you! But I want you, Lorna. Danny… I want to spend the rest
of my life with you. I’m an old woman, Danny. I can no longer have children. I don’t care about that, Lorna. I only care about you. Just you. I would never be happy
with someone else. You can think of a million
reasons to push me away… But nothing and no one… …can get in the way
of my love for you. But if you don’t really have
feelings for me… …then I’ll just have
to accept it. And let you go. I won’t bother you anymore. Danny! Danny, I love you, too! Lorna… I tried to stop myself
from falling for you because it’s wrong. The two of us together,
it’s wrong! But… Maybe you’re right. Maybe it doesn’t matter
what they all think.

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  1. Grabe sa ganda ng kwento,,,,bagaynbagay,lalunasa gumaganap,parang hindi nkakasawa,,sana may next pang show sila ulit ang gaganap,he

  2. Oo nga eh ang ganda nang kwento nila meron parin palang ganito sa mundo no pagmamahal na walang pinipiling edad….

  3. Grabeee keleeeg ako dito…. S mga lahat ng love team pinas sknila LNG ako keneleg tlaga… Ramdam ko ung character bagay sknila yungg role..

  4. Maraming salamat #MMK sa pag feature ng aming LOVE STORY!

    Sana follow nyo po kami sa aming FB PAGE & YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more updates.


  5. "Uugod ugod na aq non Danny. D aq Ang magiging tungkod mo"……..grabe sarap mainlove pg ganyan kabait at mapagmahal Ang lalake

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