Did Randy Orton Injured Edge? What’s Next?! Matt Riddle REPLIES! JBL In WWE Hall Of Fame? WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for
February 19, 2020. We’re starting off with news from
RAW, as the show underwent
some serious changes courtesy of Vince
McMahon. Before the show, the WWE had
been advertising a No Holds
Barred match between Randy Orton and Matt
Hardy, but instead fans saw the
Viper destroy Matt in what could be the former
ECW Champion’s last WWE
appearance. Fightful Select is reporting that
though the announced match
didn’t take place, the company had planned for it to
happen, before the Boss
changed the script. They said: “The two had a match
announced last week, which
was changed the day of Raw. Going into Monday the plan
had been a multi-segment
match between the two before Vince McMahon called
for a change.” On Twitter, Matt’s wife Reby
didn’t seem too happy about
the angle and how the fans responded, so she’ll
probably be very pleased once
her husband is done with WWE. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling
Observer said that “I don’t
expect a match, I think that was pretty much it,” when
discussing Matt’s attack, as
Hardy’s deal with the company ends on Match 1st. Meltzer also said that he’s been
told that this is the end of Matt
for sure with WWE and noted that it would
make no sense to bring him
back, after what’s been done by Orton. It has been previously reported
that the plan is for Orton to
face Edge at WrestleMania 36, and with
Matt out of the picture, the
Viper’s attention can once again turn to the Rated
R-Superstar. With Matt’s contract expiring
on Sunday, March 1st, fans
shouldn’t expect him the next night on RAW, but there’ll
still be plenty of big names
to see. On Twitter, the Barclays Center
which will host the March 2nd
show announced that WWE Champion Brock
Lesnar will be appearing,
marking the Beast’s first appearance since attacking
Ricochet on the February 3rd
edition of RAW. Though WWE hasn’t promoted
Lesnar for the show yet, it’s
likely that he’ll be there as we get closer to
WrestleMania, and Lesnar
has also been announced for next week’s RAW, which will
take place at the MTS Place
in Winnipeg. Though having the Beast on
the March 2nd show will be a
huge draw for the red brand, he reportedly isn’t the
only big name set to appear. According to Brad Shepard on
Twitter, Edge is also set to
appear on the March 2nd show, but his return could also
come on the March 9th edition
of RAW from Washington DC. As we previously stated, the
reported plan is for Edge to
face Randy Orton at WrestleMania and given how
much the Rated-R Superstar
is being paid per appearance, it’s no wonder why
the WWE is using him sparingly. If the rumours are to be
believed, Edge is set to have
multiple matches this year, in a return that can only be
described as miraculous,
following his retirement in 2011. From one Hall of Famer to a
possible future inductee, as
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield is reportedly set to be
inducted this year. According to Wrestling Inc, the
former WWE Champion will be
entering the group of elite Superstars this year,
joining Batista and the New
World Order who have already been announced. The Texan isn’t the only big
name to be reported for this
year’s ceremony which will take place on the Thursday
before WrestleMania 36, as
there have been reports that the Bella Twins and
Jushin Thunder Liger will also
be inducted. Brad Shepard also reported this
week that the British Bulldog
Davey Boy Smith is also set to receive his long-
awaited induction, and if true,
this year’s Hall of Fame could be one of the most
loaded classes of all time. We’re looking at topic of
Locker room leaders now,
as whilst there’s been plenty of talk of The Undertaker and
later Roman Reigns being
the go-to stars of the men’s locker-room, there’s
never been much talk about
who leads this woman. This week, Sonya Deville sat
down for an interview with
RondaRousey.com, and spoke about who she feels
are the leaders of the
Women’s locker room. She said: Bayley is definitely one—she’s
like the locker room leader
always. She’s someone you could go to for advice or if
you have questions about
how things work or whoever it was, she’s definitely
just a natural leader in the
locker room. Becky was someone that I always went to
too. Becky’s cool because
she’s one of those people that leads by example. It certainly makes sense that
Bayley and The Man are
leaders, as they’re both veterans of the business,
lifelong fans and have
experienced both the highs and lows in the company. Maybe they’ll come a time when
Deville herself is considered a
locker-room leader, but for now the former
MMA fighter can focus on
capturing her first title in the company in 2020. Now, we’ve already mentioned
that Randy Orton isn’t exactly
the most pleasant person in the ring, just ask
Matt Hardy or Edge, but the
Viper isn’t too much different on social media. Last week, the team of Matt
Riddle and Pete Dunne
captured the NXT Tag Team Titles at Takeover Portland,
and Riddle decided to take
to Twitter to share this incredible moment in his career. This tweet caught the attention
of Orton, who said he hated
Riddle when he came to the company but gets the
appeal of the King of Bros now. Orton also wished Riddle good
luck in his career, but also
used some VERY un-PG language to tell him to get
lost, as it seems that the
Viper’s icy demeanour isn’t thawing anytime soon. Now, we hear at Slat Rock try
to avoid getting political, but
sometimes there’s a story that we simply can’t ignore. This week, former WWE Super
star and Divas Champion Eve
Torres became the latest woman to come forward
about inappropriate behaviour
from Donald Trump, claiming that the
billionaire president forcefully
grabbed and pulled at her during a photoshoot with Trump
and other Divas in 2009. That year, Trump was part of a
brief WWE storyline where he
bought Monday Night RAW, and there is plenty
of photographic evidence that
the President did appear alongside Torres. On Presidents Day, Eve took to
Instagram to say: “I look forward to having a
president who doesn’t grope
or objectify women. I have taken pictures with thousands
of men at military bases, at
WWE events, and signings, and very few have
grabbed me and pulled me
in as forcefully as he did without knowing me. Of course,
at the time I believed it was my
job to be eye candy in a photo for this
supposed billionaire and play
along. It is actually hard for me to see that photo because
it reminds me of my beliefs
about my worth at the time.” Eve isn’t the only member of
the WWE to accuse the
President of poor conduct, as former 24/7 Champion Maria
Kanellis has spoken out
about being fired from the Celebrity Apprentice in 2010,
after mentioning toilets. Back to the ring now, as with
WrestleMania 36 drawing
near, the WWE has been carefully preparing for the
biggest show of the year. On this week’s SmackDown,
Carmella will face Naomi
with the winner getting a shot at SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley at Super
Showdown, though the plans for WrestleMania is
reportedly already set in stone. During Wrestling Observer Live,
Bryan Alverez commented that
the plan for WrestleMania is for Bayley and
Naomi to face off, though it’s
unclear whether fans will see that match in Riyadh
on February 27th. Bayley’s reign as SmackDown
Women’s Champion is the
longest in the titles three- and-a-half-year history, but with
WrestleMania approaching, it
seems that the former Hugger’s days with the
gold may be numbered. We’re taking a break from the
ring now, as when WWE and
their band CFO$ were working together, they were
able to make many different
projects come to life, but now that the partnership is
over, the WWE has been left
to figure out what’s next. Acorrding to Fightful Select,
CFO$ had an issue with
their publisher and the band was out “a significant cut of
money” when it comes to
their publisher deal. The report also states that
WWE tried to buy CFO$ out
of their contracts, but their publisher rejected the idea.
They said: “The plan that we’d heard was
that WWE hoped to bring
them in house, but the talks got to a stand-still, and
eventually ran out. It’s
thought that CFO$ have a non- compete with their publisher,
which is why they haven’t
returned.” The departure of CFO$ has
had a major effect on WWE,
who haven’t uploaded anything to their lucrative WWE
Music Group YouTube channel
in the past six months. It’s also been reported that
Doug J Davis is now working
with WWE’s music division, as with the company’s
ever-expanding roster, there’ll
always be a need for new entrance themes. We’ve got some more news
from WWE behind the scenes,
as Adam Pearce enjoyed a lengthy wrestling
career before settling down
for a job with the company as a producer. This week though, Pearce took
to Twitter to ask the fans for
their help, as he seems to be going through
some sort of family crisis. Pearce didn’t go into detail
about what Is happening with
his family but did ask anyone who prays to send a
prayer his way, whilst saying
that he’ll take whatever good vibes people who don’t
pray can give. Obviously, we can’t comment
much about what Pearce is
going through, but we at Slat Rock would like to send
our best to him, with whatever
is going on. We’re looking back at RAW,
as though this week’s show
had a lot of actions for the fans in Washington who
attended, one segment left
everyone very confused. During the show, Riddick Moss
defeated R-Truth and Mojo
Rawley to retain his 24/7 Championship, and if you
noticed a lack of enthusiasm
from the crowd, it’s because there had been no
announcements prior to the
match. Before the match, no ring
introductions were made,
and there had been no mention of the match being
for the 24/7 Title, according
to Bryan Alverez who attended live. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
he said that it took him a few
minutes before realising this was a triple threat
match, and it was still never
announced that the 24/7 Title was at stake. Hopefully WWE will inform
their live crowd the next
time that something like this happens, as the fans really
shouldn’t have to be the
ones left to figure out whether a match is happening
or not. We’re going back in time now
to 2004, as last week marked
16 years since Eddie Guerrero’s historic WWE
Championship win. Defeating Brock Lesnar at No
Way Out, Eddie’s win was an
incredible story of David beating Goliath, which
is why it was all the more
tragic when Guerrero died aged 38 in November 2005. This week, Eddie’s widow Vickie
appeared on the Talk is Jericho
podcast, and spoke about her last moments
with Latino Heat, saying she
got a call at 5:30 am from her husband, but didn’t
pick up, wrongly thinking they
could speak later. She said: ““For some reason, that morning,
he just stayed a little longer
with us. After the fact when he passed
away, we were like, ‘gosh, was
this what was going on?’ Another thing
to that was that that morning
that he passed away, I got a phone call at 5:30
in the morning and it was Eddie,
but usually he would just call and
wait for me to call him back
whenever I would wake up. And for some
reason, I heard it and I was
like, ‘no, I’ll just call him back later when I
wake up.’ And I hate myself
every day because if I answered it, I would
have heard from him. And that’s something you just never know.
You never know what God has
in store for you that day.” Though Eddie Guerrero is gone,
his legacy will never be
forgotten, as he was inducted into the WWE Hall of
Fame the next year, and
countless stars of current WWE have cited Latino Heat
as a huge inspiration in their
careers. And finally, today we’ve got
news from the WWE
Performance Center, as the company has confirmed that
Tito Ortiz has been training
there. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer commented that
he’s heard great things about his work ethic,
and the 45-year-old is no
stranger to wrestling, as he briefly worked with TNA in 2013. Speaking with Wrestlzone in
2019, Ortiz showed great
interest in a WWE run, specifically name-dropping
potential opponents like
Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman, though time will tell
whether he follows in the
footsteps of Cain Velasquez and makes it to WWE.

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