67 thoughts on “Drew McIntyre is ready for battle: WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

  1. We all have our opinions about who's gonna win at Mania. But we all sure as hell know that it's gonna be a helluva match between Brock and Drew.
    Though there won't be any crowd, I'm still excited about this match:)

  2. Oh my goodness! You won't believe but I literally mistook canvas for corona in the title, I swear! I don't know whether I should 🤣 or 😢 about it!

  3. 2019: kofiemania
    2020: kofiemania buried and now its drew
    2021: drew buried again and leaves WWE to join Matt hardy in AEW
    MORAL: maybe give consistent pushes and not bury so much?

  4. It was suppose to be Drew's moment at WM
    I feel bad for that there will be no crowd when he wins
    Can you just imagine the pop

  5. Wow,that was a nice one!.Thank you Rob and WWE for cheering me up during this quarantine period with a video of my favorite superstar,Drew McIntyre!.👍😊
    Late edit:I know the current situation is unpredictable right now…but I pray that everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time of ordeal.I also pray that whatever decision that WWE takes for this year will went well and ends well,safe and success too!.🤲🤲🙂

  6. people who can follow my instagram rubens ._. nasciemnto we can have a chat about the wwe and talk about how bad these shows without crowd are

  7. @WWE you guys should postpone this match ! Have Seth rollings gang jump drew to the the point where he gets injured (storyline) Seth steals his opportunity brock beats Seth at wrestle mania and try to book drew coming back for his opportunity once the fans return ! Simple way to save the special moment for when the fans can actually enjoy that moment

  8. I'm still praying they'll postpone WM36 last minute. Drew has waited so long for this, he deserves better then some half-assed moment in an empty venue with no crowd to cheer for him.

    it's drew's best moment why wrestlemania didn't cancel?

  10. If I can just meet this man face 2 face, to shake his hand
    and look him into his eyes, and say thank you for the beautiful art you produce.

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