Elias Vs John Cena At WrestleMania 2020? What Does Erick Rowan Have In The Cage? Wrestling News!

Elias Vs John Cena At WrestleMania 2020? What Does Erick Rowan Have In The Cage? Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
February 17, 2020. We’re kicking off today with some
huge news for WrestleMania 36,
as John Cena’s opponent for the show of shows
may have been revealed. According to Dave Meltzer of the
Wrestling Observer Newsletter,
Cena will be facing Elias on April 5th in Tampa,
with the plan being that the match
will help elevate the musical Superstar,
despite the likelihood that he
will lose. Cena and Elias are no stranger
to each other at the showcase
of the Immortals, as the pair have had confrontations
at the past two WrestleManias,
with Big Match John getting the upper hand on
the former 24/7 Champion both
times. There have also been reports
that Cena could be in line to
compete for his 17th WWE World Championship at
the show, either against
Goldberg or Bray Wyatt, depending on who leaves Super
Showdown with the Universal title. Cena has been announced for
the February 28th edition of
SmackDown, the first event after the show in Saudi
Arabia, so hopefully we’ll have
a better plan then of what the company has planned
for him. From SmackDown to RAW now,
as one Superstar who has
been receiving a mini- push since joining the red brand
is Erick Rowan, who has been
flattening his opponents. As part of his push, the former
Bludgeon Brother has been
seen carrying a mysterious pen with him
wherever he goes and has
been vicious in his attacks on anyone who has tried to see
what he’s been carrying. According to Brad Shepard,
fans may finally get the answer
as to what the former SmackDown Tag Team
Champion, as he claims that
the plan is for the pen to contain a spider. In his tweet, Shepard added
that there was no rhyme or
reason behind Rowan carrying a spider all this time,
and that this plan could
change before the reveal. Over the years, there have
been plenty of stars who have
brought animals to the ring, from Jake Roberts to Ricky
‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, and
it looks like Rowan will be the next to join that list,
with his alleged spider. From WWE to AEW now, as the
new company has done a lot
of big things since their debut in January last year,
but there are some places that
don’t want to be affiliated with the upstart
promotion. In a report by Fightful Select,
the Heritage Bank Center,
formerly known as the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati
Ohio, is refusing to host any
All Elite Wrestling events, due to their existing
relationship with WWE. This is certainly bad news for
Cincinnati native Jon Moxley,
who has been pushing AEW to run a show in the arena,
according to the report. The last time the WWE used the
Center was for a live event in
December last year, though the arena has also
played host to Cyber Sunday
2006, as well as WWE Starrcade 2018. Time will tell whether more
arenas follow suit, but it’s
interesting to see that despite all the success AEW has
had so far, they still have a
long way to go to compete with WWE. We’re going back in time now to
last year now, as Eric Bischoff’s
tenure as the Executive Director of Smack
Down didn’t exactly last long. After three months of the former
WCW magnate reportedly doing
very little, Bischoff was let go from the
company, and on his podcast
this week, Bischoff gave his thoughts on RAW’s Executive
Director Paul Heyman. Whilst Heyman has been praised
by fans for his treatment of the
red brand and it’s Superstars, Bishoff claimed
that the former ECW owner
doesn’t actually have much power. He said: Paul Heyman doesn’t have
creative control. And anybody
who thinks he does is kidding themselves. I
know Paul doesn’t and neither
does anybody else,” Bischoff said. “One guy
has creative control, and we
all know who that is. When I said, ‘while I was
there, I didn’t have creative
control,’ I was being honest. I didn’t because
one man did. Paul Heyman
doesn’t. Eric Bischoff didn’t. Nobody who follows in
my steps including Bruce
Pritchard, you know how much I love Bruce,
or Paul Heyman have creative
control.” There’s always a chance that
Bischoff is a bit resentful at
WWE for how his last tenure went, but according to
Easy E himself, he’s happy with
his his career has gone. Speaking of interesting careers,
SmackDown Superstar Sasha
Banks has had a unique 12 months to say the
least, as whilst there was a
time when the Boss was reportedly ready to walk out of
the company, it seems Banks
is here to stay. Now though, the former RAW
Women’s and WWE Women’s
Tag Team Champion has shown off her acting talents,
as the Boss has reportedly
filmed scenes for Season 2 of the Disney+ hit
show ‘The Mandalorian’. This news was first reported by
Mat Men Pro Wrestling and
later confirmed by Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin,
who has appeared several times
on FS1’s WWE Backstage. Set in the Star Wars Universe
following the collapse of the
Galactic Empire, the show has been a hit with fans
of the films, though there are
currently no details known about Banks’ role on
the show, or how prominently
she will be featured. The Boss has been off WWE
TV for over a month now, to
supposedly heal up from an ankle injury, though if this
injury isn’t legitimate, she will
have had ample time to film her scenes for the show. Fans will have to wait until
October 2020 for the show’s
second season, and with Disney boss Robert Iger teasing
that there may be Mandalorian
spinoff shows after this second season, Banks
may not be the only WWE
Superstar to make the trip to a galaxy far far away. Back to the ring now, we all
know that WWE is looking for
the next generation of Superstars, and this week,
the company announced
their largest talent tryout in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The four-day open talent tryout
in Riyadh will feature up to 50
wrestlers trying out to impress WWE officials, and
this will be the second tryout
in Saudi Arabia, after the first in April 2018 led to NXT
Superstar Mansoor being
signed to the company. In a statement by WWE COO
Triple H, the Game said he
was excited for the tryouts, and gave his own
advice to anyone thinking
of applying. He said: “I have a message for every
athlete and performer in
Saudi Arabia who has a dream of becoming a WWE
Superstar: WWE is coming
to Riyadh to help you make that happen. This is your
chance to take an opportunity
and one day you could be walking down the
ramp as a WWE Superstar
while thousands of fans chant your name.” It’ll be interesting to see which
wrestlers impress the WWE
enough to get through to the WWE’s
Performance Center, as the
company’s global talent initiative shows no signs of
slowing down. From some new stars of the
company to arguably the
biggest star of all time, as Hulk Hogan appeared on Smack
Down this week via satellite,
helping to hype up the Universal title match
between Bray Wyatt and
Goldberg at Super Showdown. Unfortunately, the Hulkster’s
return didn’t mean a rise in the
company’s viewing figures, as the show averaged
2.48 million viewers, down from
the week prior, which did 2.53 million. According to Showbuzz Daily,
this week’s SmackDown also
saw a dip in the coveted 18-49 year old
demographic from 0.8 to 0.7,
but the blue brand still tied for first place on the night. After promoting the Universal
title match at Super Showdown,
Hogan was interrupted by Wyatt, and the
Hulkster saying he would see
the Fiend in Tampa for the Hall of Fame, where
Hogan will receive his second
induction for his work as part of the New World Order. Hopefully next week’s Smack
Down will see a rise in viewers,
as in addition to being the first SmackDown after
Super Showdown, the show will
also feature the return of John Cena, giving
fans plenty of reasons to tune in. Back to RAW now, and though
MVP has claimed to have
wrestled his final WWE match, it doesn’t seem like fans
have seen the last of the former
United States Champion. Following a return to the red
brand where he hosted the
VIP Lounge with his guest Drew McIntyre, the PW Insider
is reporting that MVP is also
scheduled to be at RAW tonight, though didn’t
reveal what his role will be. Appearing on Booker T’s pod
cast this week, MVP confirmed
that he’ll be joining the company as a backstage
producer, meaning that there
will be plenty of opportunities for the former
Champion to appear on TV,
if he and the company choose for him to appear. Time will tell whether he makes
any more appearances on-
screen for the company, but given his talent
on the microphone, there are
plenty of opportunities for him on
Television, outside of being
an in-ring Superstar. We’re looking ahead to
WrestleMania 36 now, and
though there are only a couple of matches announced
for the show, there has been
plenty of speculation on future matches. According to rumours, one
huge match that is expected
to be added will see AJ Styles take on The Undertaker,
who hasn’t wrestled since
teaming with Roman Reigns last year to defeat Drew
McIntyre and Shane McMahon
at Extreme Rules. On the latest edition of Wrestling
Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer
said he couldn’t understand the reasoning for the
Cena-Elias match, but did
understand the Styles- Taker match. He said: “At least in some ways I can
understand that match. At
least #1 AJ Styles is a heel. #2 AJ Styles can lose to
Undertaker and it ain’t gonna
hurt him at all. #3 If you’re gonna have Undertaker in
match you might as well have
it against one of your best guys so it doesn’t suck,
you know what I mean?” Meltzer went on to explain that
losing to the Phenom won’t be
a detriment to Styles, as it seems the
Phenomenal One will be
having yet another high-profile opponent, after facing stars
like Chris Jericho, Randy
Orton and Shane McMahon in previous years. We mentioned that last year’s
edition of Extreme Rules
featured a huge tag team match featuring the Demon of
Death Valley, but it seems like
the company isn’t so hopeful for this year’s show. According to the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter, the
WWE is reportedly not setting up very many seats for
the event, and it was a quote
“scary low number.” If the Observer’s report is correct,
then WWE appears to be only
selling seats that will be seen on camera, though
if these sections sell out, then
it’s logical to assume other areas of the
arena will be opened up. This year’s Extreme Rules Pay
Per View will take place on
San Jose, California on July 19th, and will be the final
main roster Pay Per View on
the road to Summerslam, which will take
place on August 23rd in
Boston, Massachusetts. And finally today we’re ending
with news from NXT Take
Over Portland, as the show certainly left fans with a
lot to talk about. After Rhea Ripley successfully
defended her NXT Women’s
Championship against Bianca Belair, the Australian
Superstar was attacked by
Charlotte Flair, who revealed that she is using her
2020 Women’s Royal Rumble
win to challenge Ripley for the title at
WrestleMania 36. With this announcement, the
Queen is set to compete in
her 5th straight title match at WrestleMania, where
she hopes to regain the
championship she last held in early 2015. This will mark the first time the
NXT Women’s title will be
defended at WrestleMania, but this wasn’t
the only bit of huge news
from the show. Also at TakeOver Porland, the
unlikely pairing of Matt Riddle
and Pete Dunne kept their momentum going, as they
followed up winning the Dusty
Tag Team Classic by winning the NXT Tag Team
titles from the Undisputed Era. Speaking of the group, NXT
Champion Adam Cole fared
much better than his cohorts, as he was able to
retain his title against Tommaso
Ciampa, but didn’t do it alone Though there were times when
it seemed Ciampa had the
match won, it was a heel turn by Johnny Gargano,
who betrayed his friend that
caused Cole’s impressive title reign to continue. Gargano and Ciampa are no
strangers to sharing the ring,
either as partners or opponents, and it seems like
the pair are ready to write
the next chapter in their lengthy history There was also big news for
the NXT UK brand, as their
fourth TakeOver event has been confirmed. On Sunday April 26th, NXT UK
TakeOver Dublin will take
place in the Irish capital, and this follows on from two
specials in Blackpool, England,
and one in Cardiff, Wales. With everything that happened
at TakeOver, there’s certainly
plenty for fans to tune in for next week, as the
gold brand will hope to defeat
AEW Dynamite in the Wednesday Night Wars.

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