100 thoughts on “Enes Kanter reflects on his reign as 24/7 Champion: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 9, 2019

  1. Kanter, really?
    You get a guy who plays for Boston when the show is at the Garden?
    Are you really sinking so low?
    Even Foley would be ashamed of that level of 'cheap reaction'.

  2. Are who's the little boy. Oh that's Drake Maverick. I mean I'me not tall but even I would be looking down on him. I'me 5.9

  3. As if I didn't love Enes Kanter enough, he gives me more reasons to do so! Love how he flaunted that Celtics jersey in front of that disgusting Nu Yoke crowd. I hate NYC! Boston Strong!!!

  4. R truth has been holding that thing for way too long we need a new champ like shane McMahon or someone, maybe , someone like Shelton Benjamin or Gran Mettalic or Mike Kanellis or Tzawa could hold it

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