Eric Bugenhagen rocks NXT with an energetic encore: NXT Exclusive, March 6, 2019

Eric Bugenhagen rocks NXT with an energetic encore: NXT Exclusive, March 6, 2019

[MUSIC] Don’t you even think about it.>>Is that a boo, too?>>Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa. Yeah, Nigel. Come on, Nigel.>>Come on, hit it, hit it.>>Come on, Nigel, here we go. Let’s go, Nigel.>>I’ll do it.>>Yeah.
>>Don’t think I won’t rock with your boots. I’ll rock with you all day, baby. [MUSIC] My man. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Eric Bugenhagen rocks NXT with an energetic encore: NXT Exclusive, March 6, 2019

  1. I do quite like this guy, he reminds me of Joey Ryan. Sadly, he's never going to be anything. He'll just end up like No Way Jose as soon as he leaves developmental. Any party or dance-related gimmick is doomed to take that course.

  2. If Eric Bugenhagen isn't your favorite new wrestler, then your heart is sad, the child in you is dead, and you've no place in my life.

  3. Its good seeing Mauro Ronallo have a good time. its better to be on a smaller show, get paid less and have fun than be on a larger one and have people bully you into depression.

  4. Of course Bugez is over with the Full Sail Meme gimmick marks. But like other NXT call ups he's dead on arrival with Raw or SD. The crowd will just sit there quietly and think "Boy this is lame."

  5. The nxt universe makes anything look cool with their reactions. This will floppy the main roster when they call this guy up in a month

  6. Great gimmick. Always thought he should have a better name though. Eric Bugenhagen is kind of awkward. Something like Eric Hagar?

  7. I won't deny that Eric Bugenhagen IS charismatic, but also this gimmick is dumb as hell. yeah, he's over in NXT so was Bobby Roode, Adam Rose, Mojo Rawley, No Way Jose, Adrian Neville and many more and look at them now, either under used, not used or not with the company anymore.

    I hope I'm wrong, but right now this looks like a superstar whose gimmick is more over than he will be.

    Also props to Nigel for staying a heel and smashing his air guitar. Good show Nigel.

  8. Comedy gimmicks usually fail on the main roster so why waste your time pursuing a gimmick everyone assumes will fail?

  9. He grabbed guitars for them 😂😂🙏🏻 brilliant! I love it! We better get an awesome performance at Takeover this weekend!

  10. WWE! not now but soon in the near future, Elias will put on a performance and all the sudden, Bugez comes out and steals the show and wins his debut on Smackdown since Elias is on Smackdown now after the shake up. gotta make this happen!

  11. I am setting the odds at -1000 that if he gets called up, his name will be shortened to Bugenhagen. he will also be hanging out in catering within 3 months because a 70+ year old man knows how to book NXT call ups

  12. 1:10 Bugez hands imaginary guitar to a guy who anguishly awaits for this symbolic dubbing
    Testosterone level instantly increased by 3000%

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