100 thoughts on “Erick Rowan vs. Alex Malcom: Raw, Nov. 18, 2019

  1. I’m curious of what is Rowan going to be on RAW, I think it could be great for him, with Braun on smackdown there’s no freak big man on RAW, I hope they are going to not waste him, he could be a very cool freak, like Strowman was… 😢

  2. I know that guys small but I didn't know Rowan was strong enough to military press a guy, he's been working hard and improving a lot lately wish they would give him more opportunities

  3. Unfortunately, Malcom is a very talented Italian wrestler, here used as canned meat for Rowan…and also, in many frames he looks like James Ellsworth

  4. Alex Malcom is a real Italian wrestler and not stupid gimmick so please lose or win suport him I'm very happy to see this guy in WWE ring ^^

  5. Some days ago, such matches and opponents were given to Braun Strowman and now looks like Eric Rowan is in that storyline

  6. I Actually thought that when Erick Rowan clotheslined The Singh Brothers that he would pin the Singh Brother that was 24/7 Champion so Erick Rowan could be 24/7 Champion

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