Every John Cena WrestleMania Match Ranked From WORST To BEST

Every John Cena WrestleMania Match Ranked From WORST To BEST

Ranking Every John Cena WrestleMania Match
From Worst To Best Recently, as you’ll probably know, John
Cena has been looking for his Road to WrestleMania(™). Nakamura ended his hopes of winning the Rumble,
Strowman ended his hopes of winning the Elimination Chamber, and AJ Styles continued to be AJ
Styles at Fastlane. With no other options available, Cena remembered
that he is in fact Big Match John – and could probably just call out a lucrative opponent
of his choice. He did just that, and has now set his sights firmly on The Undertaker. The Deadman is famed for the remarkable quality
of his ‘Mania matches. We all know about the classics with Batista, Edge, Michaels,
Michaels, Triple H, Triple H, and CM Punk – as well as his heartbreaking loss to Lesnar
at WrestleMania 30, one of the most impactful ‘Mania moments of all time. When it comes to John Cena, however, his WrestleMania
history isn’t quite as memorable. Sure, he’s headlined five of the bloody things,
but you don’t hear about Cena’s ‘Mania exploits as often as other massive stars like
Hogan, Savage, Austin and Rock. That’s right, we don’t feel as though
John Cena is getting enough attention – which sounds a little bit ridiculous, I admit. So,
in the build-up to WrestleMania 34, we’re going to take a look at all 13 of his previous
‘Mania matches, and rank them from worst to best. So strap in for a rollercoaster of title wins,
title losses, very bright t-shirts, and a massive dose of hustle, loyalty, and respect. Also I just checked the stats – there’s
not going to be any title losses. Cena has never lost a title at WrestleMania. How very
surprising, I know. I’m Adam Pacitti from Cultaholic.com, and
this is our ranking of every John Cena match at WrestleMania! Join us. 13. John Cena vs. The Miz – WrestleMania XXVII
Remember that time the main event of WrestleMania turned out to be an angle setting up the following
year’s main event? That was quite interesting, wasn’t it? No surprises here. The worst match of Cena’s
WrestleMania career is this sadly underwhelming showdown with the Mizzard of Oz. Cena and
Miz closed the show in 2011 with whatever the opposite of a barnburner is, and actually
wrestled each other to a double-countout in the main event of WrestleMania.
That surely can’t have been the finish, right? Right! WWE actually gave us something
much worse, as The Rock interfered to blatantly screw Cena and set up his own marquee showdown
with Big Ol’ Jonathan. The message was clear: this match isn’t too important, so make
sure you buy a ticket to next year’s show instead! It was truly frustrating, and also
tarnished what should have been Miz’s big moment. As a side-note, The Rock wasn’t a special
guest referee or outside enforcer, or anything like that. He was the host of WrestleMania!
We didn’t see the New Day crash Reigns vs. Undertaker last year, although the more I
think about it, the more I’d quite like to have seen that happen… 12. John Cena vs. The Rock – WrestleMania
29 You know how we were just talking about Rock
vs. Cena, the match set up by brutally sacrificing the main event of a different WrestleMania?
Well this…isn’t that one. The original was actually pretty okay, so we’ll talk
about that in a little while – but the sequel is another story entirely. WWE got a little bit cheeky in 2013, offering
us exactly the same main event as the year before – a match they’d originally billed
as ‘once in a lifetime’. Their second encounter was the least-necessary sequel since
Grease 2, and was flawed in three key ways. Firstly – the build-up was very predictable.
Everybody knew WWE wanted to book Cena vs. Rock again (because the first match made lots
and lots and lots of money). This meant that the road to WrestleMania was a very straightforward
one, as Cena steamrolled the 2013 Royal Rumble, and Rock brutally ended the mammoth title
reign of CM Punk. Secondly – the match itself wasn’t as good
as the first. We’d already had the novelty of Big Match John and Big Match Dwayne in
the same Big Match, so this one lacked a certain sparkle. Also, Rock unfortunately suffered
an abdominal injury midway through, rendering him a lot less mobile than one year prior.
Finally – everybody knew the result before it actually happened. We’ll talk about this
when we cover Rock/Cena 1 later on, but all you need to know is that somebody got their
win back. That’s just how wrestling works sometimes. Also, have you seen Grease 2? What a disgrace. 11. John Cena vs. JBL – WrestleMania 21
WrestleMania 21 is also commonly known as The Big Double Torch-Pass, or it should be,
because I just made that up and I think it sounds fun. As the nickname implies, this
event saw a changing of the guard in two separate matches. Batista absolutely destroyed Triple
H in the main event, wrenching away the World Heavyweight Championship and dominating one
of the biggest heels in the history of wrestling. It was wonderful.
Cena was also on the receiving end of a passing of the torch, only imagine the torch was a
lot smaller and didn’t really light properly. Yes, just before his OVW classmate powerbombed
Triple H into oblivion, Cena was getting absolutely battered by JBL. Ultimately John won, and began his first ever
WWE Championship reign – but it was hardly an emphatic victory. Instead we saw Cena take
a lot of punishment for the best part of 10 minutes, only to OVERCOME THE ODDS right at
the last. It was a feelgood moment, and the Cena-hate hadn’t yet set in, but this match
was totally overshadowed by the main event. 10. John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse
– WrestleMania 33 This was a house show match with a marriage
proposal at the end – but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. WrestleMania 33 was a show of big matches,
from Reigns vs. Undertaker to Rollins vs. Triple H – and even Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar
with maximum finishers enabled. But the entire card couldn’t have consisted of huge showdowns,
and Cena took a backseat role with surprising ease. Teaming up with real-life girlfriend Nikki
Bella, John faced off against fellow real-life couple Miz and Maryse. That sentence makes
me sound like I’ve never been in any sort of meaningful relationship in my life. Despite the risk of being distracted by somebody
he’d done kissing with before, Cena managed to form an effective team with Nikki, and
they picked up a feelgood win. He then stood in the centre of the ring, dropped to one
knee, and nailed a sick spineroonie in honour of Booker T. No of course not. He dropped to one knee and
proposed to Nikki, a moment which was quite unfairly booed by a hefty portion of the crowd.
Thankfully the pair didn’t seem to mind, and although it’s hardly seen as the most
impressive Cena match at WrestleMania, it certainly played a role on the show. 9. John Cena vs. Big Show – WrestleMania XX
Every story has a beginning. Hogan teaming with Mr. T at the first WrestleMania. Undertaker
beating Jimmy Snuka to go 1 and 0. Danny and Sandy meeting on the beach and falling in
love at the start of Grease. Cena’s WrestleMania story began in 2004,
with a US Championship match against Big Show. Like a more casual version of Hogan vs. Andre,
this match pitted a musclebound superhero against a monstrous heel, and culminated in
a big feat of strength. Sadly the match wasn’t that great, but like
Hogan vs. Andre, it didn’t have to be. It kicked off the show with a simple story of
good vs. bad, and ended with the impressive visual of Cena hoisting Big Show onto his
shoulders for the FU. Remember when it was called the FU? It’s funny in hindsight isn’t
it? Like calling something the You’re Rubbish or the I Dislike You Very Much, Please Go
Away. (Before you get excited and start to correct
me in the comments section, I know the FU got its name because it was similar to Brock
Lesnar’s F5. I already know this). 8. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt – WrestleMania
XXX Between WrestleMania 27 and 29, Cena played
a very important role indeed. He main evented all three shows, twice in an inter-generational
showdown with The Rock. At some point, he’d have to take a step back – and that occurred
in 2014. WrestleMania 30 was the site of Daniel Bryan’s
amazing triumph, and the end of The Undertaker’s legendary streak. The rest of the show was
very good too, but everything outside of those two storylines understandably had to fall
in line. One of these lesser matches saw Cena take on Bray Wyatt in a pretty bizarre feud.
The cult leader was attempting to force him to embrace his dark side, despite Cena being
the physical embodiment of good, and the man who constantly preaches hustle, loyalty, and
respect. And despite Cena having the same feud with
Kane two years earlier. The match was a fairly good one, but did Wyatt
no favours at all. Many fans were excited to see whether Bray would tempt Cena into
turning heel, but John resisted Wyatt’s taunting throughout and beat him clean as
a whistle. 7. John Cena vs. Rusev – WrestleMania 31
As we’ve just discussed, WrestleMania 30 saw Cena feud with a popular upper-midcard
heel, defeating him despite it being the far less interesting outcome. Eager to freshen things up and give Cena a
new lease of life, WWE booked something a little different the following year. WrestleMania
31 saw Cena feud with a popular upper-midcard FOREIGN heel, defeating him despite it being
the far less interesting outcome. USA! USA! This match is best remembered as the one where
Rusev made one of the best WrestleMania entrances of all time, coming to the ring in an actual
tank. Was I the only person surprised by the size of the tank? I knew tanks were big, but
I didn’t think they were that big. Was that a particularly big tank? Or has my mental
image of tanks been wrong my entire life? Leave your thoughts in the comments section
down below, and don’t forget to SMASH THAT LIKE BU- Cena beat Rusev clean, and again the match
was a good one – but did leave a lingering feeling of wasted potential. We’ve ranked
this one slightly ahead of Cena vs. Wyatt, because Rusev losing to Cena didn’t feel
quite as disappointing. WWE really made us think Bray could get into his head the year
before, but instead he lost because he just didn’t have as much courage or muscle mass. 6. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Big Show – WrestleMania
XXV This one was quite strange. Edge and Big Show were engaged in a very messy
heel vs. heel feud for the World Heavyweight Championship. It wasn’t a simple case of
Edge holding the gold and Big Show wanting it. There was also a convoluted love story
which involved Vickie Guerrero cheating on Edge with Big Show, but Edge never really
loved Vickie anyway, and was only using her to further his position in the company – so
who were we supposed to root for here!? The answer was, predictably, John Cena. Cena
strolled into the feud like Poochie onto the Itchy & Scratchy show, instantly making the
WrestleMania blowoff a triple threat and giving us a solid babyface to cheer for. Or boo,
because modern wrestling is weird like that. The match was fun, or as fun as a match can
be when it’s on the same card as that Michaels vs. ‘Taker epic. We saw Cena lift Big Show
and Edge simultaneously for a double Attitude Adjustment, although Edge scampered away before
he could finish the move. To help you understand what an amazing feat of strength that is,
lifting Big Show and Edge at the same time is like lifting a grizzly bear and Edge at
the same time. Cena won the match, and the World Heavyweight
Championship in the process. It was okay, but the best is yet to come… 5. John Cena vs. The Rock – WrestleMania XXVIII
The first installment of Rock vs. Cena was certainly the better of the two, and also
one of the biggest dream matches in WrestleMania history. Alongside Hogan vs. Rock, Sting vs.
Triple H, and Dino Bravo vs. Ronnie Garvin, this match is remembered as one of the biggest
in terms of sheer star power. Although hardly one of the best ‘Mania main
events of all time, Rock/Cena 1 exceeded expectations. Mr. Johnson proved that he hadn’t lost too
much of that in-ring explosiveness, and delivered in a way many weren’t predicting him to
be able to. The biggest strength this match had in its
favour was shock value. To the delight of non-children around the world, Cena actually
lost. After years of mercilessly pounding his younger, fresher opponents into dust,
he finally suffered the same fate himself. Cena’s cockiness was his own downfall, attempting
to steal the People’s Elbow only to wander straight into a Rock Bottom. Silly, John.
Very silly indeed. 4. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H
– WrestleMania XXIV [To the tune of KC and the Sunshine Band’s
‘Give It Up’]. Randall Randall Keith, Randall Keith, Randall Randall Keith! Nana
nana nana nana na na NA. Randall Randall Keith, Randall Keith, RANDALL RANDALL KEITH! That’s right, this match wasn’t so much
about Cena as it was Randall Keith Orton. Just a month away from changing his theme
music and embracing the voices in his head, young Randy walked into this triple threat
as WWE Champion – and walked out with the belt still in his possession. You’d think a WrestleMania title match featuring
Cena, Orton, and Triple H would be remembered a lot more than it is – but this match rarely
ever gets mentioned in discussions about any of the three men involved. It’s a shame, too, because this was a lot
of fun. Orton picked up the victory by punting Triple H in the head, before choosing to cover
Cena because he’d just taken a Pedigree. And, as we all know, in the land of professional
wrestling, a Pedigree can sometimes be more devastating than a straight-up kick to the
temple. 3. John Cena vs. Batista – WrestleMania XXVI
I do not envy John Cena or Batista at WrestleMania 26. The pair were tasked with going out and
putting on a WWE title match in front of 72,000 people, directly before the gigantic rematch
between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. All things considered, Cena and Batista did
a fantastic job. Their match was kept relatively short, clocking in at around 13 minutes. That
proved to be a very wise decision, not just because of the epic encounter that was set
to follow, but also because it kept the action fresh and exciting throughout. Many title matches have tried to go too long,
with unfortunate consequences. Just look at Orton vs. Triple H at 25, or the T-Birds vs.
The Scorpions at Thunder Road – one of the more disappointing moments in Grease if I’m
being brutally honest. Cena and Batista kept the formula simple and
it served them well. The ending sequence was particularly memorable, as after trading finishers,
Cena reversed a Batista Bomb into the STFU for a clean submission victory. 2. John Cena vs. Triple H – WrestleMania 22
Say what you will about Triple H burying younger wrestlers, but The Game was never afraid to
put someone over on the grandest stage of all. Except for in 2000 where he probably
should have lost to The Rock. And in 2009 where he probably should have lost to Randy
Orton. And maybe even in….[abrupt cut] Triple H has often lost when appropriate,
from tapping out to Chris Benoit in the middle of the ring to letting Batista powerbomb him
through the middle of the Earth. He also did so at WrestleMania 22 against Cena, cementing
John’s rise from ‘very strong wrestler who doesn’t lose often’’ to ‘fleshy
Transformer’. The final moments saw The Game trapped in
an STFU, only to struggle and reach the bottom rope. He then attempted a Pedigree, only to
be caught in another STFU and forced to tap out in the middle of the ring. Even though many people probably expected
Cena to retain his title in this match, there’s a certain transcendent quality to beating
Triple H so decisively. He is, after all, the final boss of WWE – and so few have managed
to beat him so comprehensively. 1 – John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania
23 In the latter years of his career, Shawn Michaels
had two favourite hobbies. The first was cementing his legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers
of all time. The second was besting Triple H in WrestleMania matches. We might remember their bouts against The
Undertaker more vividly, but HBK and The Game also tried to outdo one another against John
Cena a few years prior. Were it not for Shawn’s uncanny ability to beat his best friend at
everything apart from ‘being tall’, that WrestleMania 22 match would have topped this
list. Instead, that privilege goes to Cena vs. Michaels
at WrestleMania 23 – yes, just one year after Triple H tried his very best. This bout was
longer than the previous year’s main event, and carried an altogether more epic feel.
If Cena vs. Triple H was the ultimate example of John overcoming the odds, this match was
early evidence that he could have great back & forth contests as well. Cena won, which really did annoy a lot of
people, to be honest. Fortunately for their blood pressure, HBK got his win back a few
weeks later in that insanely long match on Monday Night Raw.

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  3. Cena's match against HHH also achieves of level of awesomeness due to the Chicago crowd, who was quite hostile to Cena, despite them trying to book HHH as the clear heel. In fact, the Chicago crowd was so overwhelmingly anti-Cena, they acknowledged it on commentary, something they rarely did–although they attributed it to Chicago fans being more into traditional wrestling than anti-Cena hate. However, it was that match that likely prompted the shift, where they were willing to acknowledge on camera that Cena was not universally loved by the fans.

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    12. vs The Miz and Maryse at Wrestlemania 33 with Nikki Bella
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    9. Vs JBL at Wrestlemania 21
    8. Vs Big Show and Edge at Wrestlemania 25
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    5. Vs Rusev at Wrestlemania 31
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  20. 10:32 Thats not true at ALL Adam. In fact, Cena up until that point had NEVER beaten anyone that was younger than him at WrestleMania. He beat Big Show at Mania 20, beat JBL at 21, beat HHH at 22, beat HBK at 23, LOST to Randy Orton at 24, beat Edge and Big Show at 25, beat Batista at 26, and LOST to the Miz at 27.

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