Every SCRAPPED WWE WrestleMania 35 Match! | WrestleTalk

Every SCRAPPED WWE WrestleMania 35 Match! | WrestleTalk

WrestleMania 35 is just a few weeks away! It’s Christmas for Wrestling fans; the anticipation
of counting down the sleeps until the big day, the unbridled excitement for the day
itself, and the crushing disappointment that your parents didn’t buy you a Nintendo 64
because “you already own a PlayStation and aren’t they the same thing?” Worst first world Christmas ever! Sorry where was I? Oh yeah, WrestleMania is like Christmas for
wrestling fans. Only you don’t have to spend time with your
racist uncle who – despite all the overwhelming evidence – still argues that Brexit is a good
thing. And like Brexit, not everything goes to plan
when coming up with a WrestleMania card. It’s been recently reported that unlike
most years, WrestleMania 35 has gone the longest time without a confirmed and decided card. Usually the Mania line-up is at least in skeleton
form in November or December, but WWE left it until March this year. So what could have been on the card had plans
not changed? I am Luke Owen, press the thumbs up and hit
the subscribe button – as we count down every scrapped WrestleMania 35 match. Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey Start your Ronda counters, because her name
will appear on this video more than once. Since Ronda Rousey signed with the company
in January last year, it was reported that WWE wanted to have Charlotte Flair vs. The
Baddest Woman on the Planet as the first ever women’s match to headline a WrestleMania
PPV. And it wasn’t just wrestling scoopers reporting
this news, as Ric Flair himself revealed that’s the direction the company wanted to go in
during an interview in mid-2018. Sadly for WWE – but brilliantly for WWE fans
– Becky Lynch caught fire following her Summerslam “heel turn” and became arguably the biggest
star in the wrestling industry. As such, plans had to change and Becky had
to become part of the story – particularly after her Survivor Series encounter with Ronda
was scrapped following a swift Nia Jax punch to the orbital socket. Still, if WWE had their way, it would have
been Ronda vs. Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship in the main event slot of WrestleMania. 2. Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey But this was the match that most fans wanted. In fact, a recent poll on WWE.com showed that
70% of people still want a singles match between Ronda and Becky without the inclusion of Charlotte
Flair. It was a feud that started in the build to
Survivor Series 2018 – with Becky and Ronda having one of the most epic pull apart brawls
to end an episode of Raw – which sadly left Becky with a broken face and a horrible concussion
that cancelled the match. However it was reported shortly after the
injury was revealed, that the match being scrapped only raised it’s profile backstage
and it quickly became the new WrestleMania direction. So why the inclusion of Flair? Well, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer noted that a large reason behind the decision for a triple threat was as insurance
in case one of the three women got injured in the run up to the show. Which makes sense when you think about how
the Survivor Series match had to be changed just a few days before the show itself. Thankfully, WWE had a really simple way to
make this a triple threat. Lol jk it was horrible. 3. Ronda Rousey vs. Natalya But before all that triple threat talk, it
was reported that one of the plans discussed for Ronda at WrestleMania was facing off against
a heel Natalya for the Raw Women’s Championship. Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer
Radio that because the Flair vs. Lynch angle was getting so heated over on Smackdown, there
was a discussion about changing the planned Flair vs. Rousey match to Rousey vs. Nattie. A feud between Rousey and Nattie had been
rumoured since Ronda debuted with WWE and Natalya was moved over to Raw in the Superstar
Shake-Up randomly as a babyface – with the two quickly being connected as ‘ooh best
fwends’ and several references to the real-life training that Nattie and Ronda did together. However with the passing of Natalya’s father
Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, plans to turn Nattie heel were tabled – and she appears
to now be teaming with her other ‘ooh best fwend’ Beth Phoenix to challenge for the
WWE Women’s Tag Team titles at Mania 35. 4. John Cena vs Lars Sullivan It wouldn’t be WrestleMania without John
Cena, but even now it’s not particularly clear as to who he might face at this year’s
showcase of the immortals. The current reporting suggests he will be
the man to have Kurt Angle’s farewell match, but it could have been very different for
Big Match John. Towards the end of last year, WWE began advertising
a lurking Lars Sullivan who was soon to debut on the main roster. Sullivan’s debut was supposed to see him
attack John Cena and write him off the Royal Rumble show which he was advertised for but
was never going to be a part of. However, Lars’ video packages stopped being
shown on TV and all references to him were dropped all together. It was then reported by the Wrestling Observer
that Sullivan had suffered what was believed to be an anxiety attack ahead of a Raw taping,
and he then no-showed a couple of other tapings and house show events. Lars’ social media accounts confirmed this
report, and Triple H said on an NXT conference call that Lars is now in a good place and
is still welcome back into the fold. However it did mean that those John Cena WrestleMania
plans were scrapped and the King of T-Shirt Style needed a new foe. 5. John Cena vs. Drew McIntyre And it could have well been the Scottish Psychopath
who replaced Lars – with both Dave Meltzer and RingSideNews reporting that Drew McIntyre
was set to fill in the Lars spot of taking Cena off the Rumble show. However as we all now know, that storyline
never came to pass and Big Match John was just announced on the Royal Rumble Kick Off
show as No Match John. 6. Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan When Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship
back in November in a surprising heel turn, it was reported that he had quite a clear
path on his way to WrestleMania. He would beat AJ Styles as the Royal Rumble,
successfully retain inside the Elimination Chamber, and then defend the title against
Mustafa Ali at Fastlane, who would have gone the distance in both the gauntlet match on
the Smackdown before the PPV and in the Chamber itself. After that, it was reported by Dave Meltzer
that Bryan would then defend the title at Mania against a “returning star”. However like the Becky situation earlier in
this list, an injury changed those plans. It was revealed that Ali was dealing with
several injuries – including a concussion suffered on a house show and a big shiner
courtesy of Randy Orton. And with that, Ali was replaced by Kofi Kingston
and #KofiMania began – and it now looks like we’re getting Bryan vs. Kofi at Mania 35
– which, interestingly, was going to be the Fastlane match. So who were those returning stars? Well according to Meltzer one of the biggest
names being thrown around was Kevin Owens, who was advertised to return to Raw on the
same night as the McMahon announced New Era of WWE. But with the rise of KofiMania, it was reported
that Vince McMahon made the call to switch the two matches – moving Bryan vs. Owens to
Fastlane, and Bryan vs. Kofi to WrestleMania. The other rumoured name to face The Planet’s
Champion? 7. Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan Bray Wyatt hasn’t been on TV since September
15th 2018, but did make a surprise appearance at Starrcade last year and several other house
shows since. It had even been reported that he could be
Braun Strowman’s replacement at TLC when the Monster Among Men was sidelined with an
injury that was going to take him out of his Baron Corbin match. That never came to pass, and it looks like
his match with Bryan for the WWE Championship won’t be happening either – even though
that appeared to be the direction when former Wyatt Family member Rowan became Daniel Bryan’s
lackey. Instead WWE made the call to go with Kofi
Kingston instead. According to new reports, Bray Wyatt’s return
is one of WWE’s closest kept secrets, by which they mean they have no idea what they’re
doing with him. 8. Daniel Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels One of the more surprising entrants on this
list is a potential dream match of trainer vs. student, with Barnburner reporting that
one match that was penciled in for WrestleMania was Daniel Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels. While there is no word on whether this would
have been for the WWE Championship, it came about after HBK returned to the ring for the
first time in 8 years at the controversial Crown Jewel show from last year in Saudi Arabia. The idea would be that Michaels would get
the wrestling bug once again and do another match with Undertaker at Survivor Series,
and several more matches leading up to Mania. But instead, the exact opposite happened – with
Michaels revealing in an interview that he was now officially done with in-ring competition
– deciding that one return from retirement was more than enough. And ‘more than enough’ is also a way to
describe the nice cheque he got to work the Crown Jewel match. 9. Batista vs Randy Orton HBK’s DX partner Triple H also nearly had
his WrestleMania match changed. During that Crown Jewel tag match, Trips tore
his pectoral muscle, which put in doubt his Mania match against Batista which had been
set up on Smackdown 1000 in October. And according to some reports, it was speculated
that one of the names penciled in to replace Triple H if he couldn’t get cleared in time
was their Evolution stablemate Randy Orton. It should be noted here though that this one
was pure speculation, with Dave Meltzer reporting last year that Randy Orton was set to face
AJ Styles at WrestleMania, which was set up this past week on Smackdown Live. Not only that, but Batista has said explicitly
in interviews that he only wants one more match at WrestleMania before he retires, and
he wants it to be against Triple H. 10. Lacey Evans vs Asuka Believe it or not, but according to Dave Meltzer,
the idea behind Lacey Evans walking halfway to the ring in assorted hats and then turning
around was a way of setting her up for a SmackDown Women’s title match at WrestleMania. Meltzer noted in the Observer that WWE are
very high on Evans at the moment given her real-life military background, and even have
her slotted in to be part of the top three women in the company this year – alongside
Becky and Charlotte when Ronda Rousey takes time off to start a family. And while this match could still happen – seen
as though Asuka hasn’t currently got a storyline or feud leading into the show – Meltzer did
report in a recent Wrestling Observer that Asuka vs. Lacey Evans was now unlikely. 11. Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose Sometimes things don’t work out the way
you expect them to. And rarely has this been so true as in the
case of Roman Reigns’ Universal title run and Dean Ambrose’s heel turn. Roman’s leukaemia announcement back in October
last year turned every storyline involving the Shield more upside down than Will Byers,
and Dean’s subsequent heel turn “on this of all nights” is no exception. According to several sources, the original
plan was for to wait off on the Dean Ambrose heel turn, which would cause the second split
of the Shield and have Roman challenge Dean to a match at WrestleMania 35 for the Universal
Championship. But with Roman’s announcement and plans
having to be changed on the fly, Ambrose turned heel on Seth on the same night, quickly became
a germaphobe and got injections in his butt, and then it was announced he was leaving the
company at the end of April. Talk about plans changing. With Roman returning to the company, WrestleVotes
reported that WWE were working hard on getting Reigns a big match at Mania – which could
end up being Drew McIntyre based off last Monday’s Raw – but will likely end up being
Baron Corbin because, this company seems to love Baron Corbin. Thanks for watching and thank you to all of
our wonderful Pledge Hammers on Patreon scrolling their way into my stomach. Click the video over there for the latest
and greatest from WrestleTalk. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

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