100 thoughts on “Everything you need to know before tonight’s Raw: March 23, 2020

  1. For the love of God please cancel WrestleMania on April and make us wait because WrestleMania without a crowd is the Worst idea you could think of

  2. Great news that Brock wasn't back on his ranch in Canada as feared and unable to get back to the states with the travel ban

  3. A couple things to know:

    Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford (c) vs Angel Garza and Andrade for the Raw Tag Team Championship as well as Aleister Black vs Bobby Lashley are impromptu matches. Automatic six sins for putting impromptu matches on the WrestleMania 36 card because Andrade and Angel Garza did absolutely NOTHING to earn a shot at the Raw Tag Team Championship. Plus, what did Aleister Black even do to challenge Bobby Lashley anyhow? Adds six sins

  4. I certainly know that it's gonna be a ghost town in the audience and I also know that every show after this one will be a waste of time.

  5. If anything, I really hope they pretape the next few weekly shows and give their talents and backstage workers a break.

  6. A 2 night event wrestlemania 36, there are already 9 matches, there has to be at least 6 more for it TOO BE TOO BIG, to pull this off, can wwe do it before April 4th.

  7. let me get this right, wrestlemania will be with no crowd, played over 2 nights because of things, taped this week, so it will not be live, and you STILL want us to pay for it??????? i am just checking my facts here, so far, i am just thinking, i will forget the mania and just waste a few moments of my time with the highlights, if i can be bothered, oh, and then we get a bailey or sasha face turn, how exciting, i am not spending time or money this year, sorry, not worth it, oh, and we get some chav guy hosting it too, yeah, i dont think i will be going all out or any out this year

  8. WWE you should have the superstars be the audience. Then when it's their time to wrestle, they hop in the ring. That way we can have some reactions

  9. Strowman better not be there! He's a piece of work!! He hasn't ever been a pro wrestler he's a performer or superstar had no right to speak on the wrestling business most of those guys not getting paid are better then he ever dreamed of being!! I respect wwe but not Braun stroman the fake ambulance flipper he's a joke!!

  10. You guys are giving us nothing but garbage, you threw Cesaro away ,you now have jobbers everyone knows the ratings are down everyone I talk to says the WWE is garbage and they are absolutely right you can’t even rationalize what you’re doing AEW Nwa so much better

  11. You need to put Paul Heyman back on commentary on raw, it's better that way than to have him be a manager of Brock Lesnar.

  12. AEW is burying the WWE with their television show..AEW is putting on a show as if there are thousands in attendance and WWE Monday Night Raw is giving us random matches from the WWE Network

  13. I did create 90 Gaza-Bazillion Dance Moves on this trip on Life and that's a complete fact to get more of a open show.

  14. I don't what's happening tonight cuz I haven't watched it but I just wanna say that despite all the ads and shirts and two night special, nothing about this is WrestleMania at all

  15. Nobody:
    WWE: Brock Lesnar returns to RAW, Randy Orton respond's to Edge's challenge
    And they call it "Everything" you need to know before tonight’s Raw.

  16. I already know what I need to know. It'll be trash like it usually is. Especially hearing that Andrade who failed the "wellness policy" not only kept his title but gets another title shot at WrestleMania. Ugh

  17. I'm watching RAW and it is absolutely surreal. Totally loses its luster without fans present like watching a dress rehearsal. AJ Styles ring entrance rant was stale and kind of boring and they looked bored themselves.
    I get it, it is really hard to into it when you're playing to empty seats and I applaud everyone for soldiering on during this very uncertain time. Thank you Edge for being so great on the mic! Your in ring promo was engaging because you didn't pause waiting for fan reactions exactly like cutting an in studio promo. Brilliant work!

  18. Brock lesnar in WWE : a tiger
    Lesnar in UFC : kitten
    Why : because in ufc gets paid more money than WWE but he came to WWE to be famous and overrated

  19. Soooo are they just planning on having an empty wrestle mania crowd?? Because I don’t see corona solving itself in 2 weeks lol

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