Ex TNA Champion Makes RAW In-Ring Debut! Wrestlemania 33 Match Off? | WWE Raw, Mar. 13, 2017 Review

Ex TNA Champion Makes RAW In-Ring Debut! Wrestlemania 33 Match Off? | WWE Raw, Mar. 13, 2017 Review

One *big* Wrestlemania match looks like it’s
definitely off! Another one looks like it’s more probably
on. And people actually cheered for Dana Brooke. I’m Oli Davis, and this is the 13th March
2017 edition of Monday Night Raw…in about 4 minutes. “Down goes Goldberg!” is Paul Heyman’s
latest catchphrase, which he used several times when talking about Brock Lesnar’s
F5 on the Universal Champion last Monday. Despite Lesnar’s impressive muscles, there
was no real meat here. Just Heyman trying to advance a feud between
two guys where neither wrestles anyone else on TV. Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat the same basic
promo points over and over again. Stephanie McMahon then gave Mick Foley a fun
task backstage – by the end of the night, he has to find someone to fire from the Raw
roster. It’s the McMahons’ favourite family pastime. Sasha Banks’ slow heel turn continues, as
she hooked Dana Brooke’s tights for a very quick win, which babyface Bayley still cheered. Charlotte berated her protegee for losing
once again, but Dana finally stood up for herself! Again, actually! Because she already done that before. Tony Nese grabbed the tights for the pin in
this tag match – the exact same finish we’d just seen in Banks vs Brooke. Jericho and Sami got the DQ win when Owens
and Joe wouldn’t stop beating down Zayn. The brief moment where Y2J and KO went at
it was a fierce tease for their Wrestlemania match. Jericho later announced he’ll be talking
to ‘the real Kevin Owens’ on next week’s Highlight Reel segment. Hopefully there’s a rhyme about beating
KO on a boat, just like he did in that classic Smackdown promo against Chr-STEVIE RICHARDS. Because this was the night of dirty finishes,
Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows caused a double DQ by attacking both sides in this number
one contenders bout. Their plan backfired, though, as Mick Foley
then made their Wrestlemania match a three way. Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker for Wrestlemania
33 was officially made last night on…Twitter. Not on Raw for an actually dramatic moment. If I may be serious for a moment, the anti-Roman
sentiment took an ugly, dark turn in his match against Jinder Mahal, with one fan’s sign
reading ‘Roman Reigns likes Nickelback’. There’s a line, and you just crossed it. Reigns still managed to hinder Jinder despite
Undertaker’s distracting dong. In response, he called out the Deadman, but
instead got Shawn Michaels – just the latest WWE legend who can’t make people like Roman
Reigns. Especially when the Big Dog repeated his ‘it’s
my yard’ line, and promised to retire the Undertaker. People don’t like that idea. Turn him heel. Braun Strowman then completely bulldozed Roman
at the top of the ramp – for which Reigns did a brilliant bump – to chants of ‘Thank
you Strowman!’ Former TNA World Champion Austin Aries finally
made his in-ring debut on Raw, but even he couldn’t get more than 4 minutes for a Cruiserweight
match. This should’ve been a squash to get Double
A over. Instead, it was pretty dull, with one very
dangerous looking botch when Aries dropped Daivari on his head. The New Day’s talkshow segment with the
Big Show revealed a very telling Wrestlemania detail – the Giant has officially entered
the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, meaning his long-reported match with Shaw
appears to be off. Show took out his frustrations on Titus O’Neil,
squashing him with three chokeslams. It’s better than being fired, Titus. Nia Jax took the show’s third DQ loss when
she refused stop beating down Bayley. The way this storyline is going, she still
might be added to the Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania.. Oh jeez, I thought. There’s 20 minutes of Raw left. And Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley are in
the ring. Oh god, we’re going to get a 20 minute long
in-ring promo to close the show. To their credit, this actually turned out
pretty good, if still way too long. Foley chose Stephanie as the person he was
going to fire. He’s finally standing up for himself – even
when Triple H came down to berate him – for way too long, again – out came Mr Socko for
the Mandible Claw. He could never overcome the Game though, so
Seth Rollins hobbled down to help – throwing aside his crutches and unzipping his hoodie
to reveal a Kingslayer t-shirt. Rollins and Hunter brawled – with Seth taking
actual bumps – but The Game got the upper hand. Raw went off air with Triple H taking out
Rollins’ injured knee. So that was this week’s Raw in about four
minutes. Here’s the usual ratings recap, from top
to bottom – In Awe, Cor, AVERAWGE, Poor and Bore. This week’s Raw is Poor. Heyman and KO’s monologue promos were repeating
the same stuff from before, there was no outstanding wrestling to hook me in – like last week’s
fantastic Neville vs Rich Swann match – and the same finishes were overused. That’s what happens when you have the same
people wrestling each other week after week. You have to cheat people out of proper finishes
to build to the eventual pay-per-view match. Raw should be mixing their competitors up
to draw out programs. See Smackdown for how this should be done. What did you all think? Let me know in the comments down below, and
make sure to vote in the poll above my head to give it your own rating. I’ll announce the results on tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. But why wasn’t Rusev on the show? And when will Chris Jericho be taking his
next WWE hiatus? Click the video to the left to find out and
press subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Ex TNA Champion Makes RAW In-Ring Debut! Wrestlemania 33 Match Off? | WWE Raw, Mar. 13, 2017 Review

  1. 1 like you become rich
    subscribe: the hardy bros are coming back

    Disklike: roman beats undertaker at wm becom champ and doesent lose until he retires

  2. where was finn balor ? wasnt he cleared and didnt he return on a live event ? or is he just not sweaty and muscular enough for vince

  3. That fan should've had his sign taken away from him…Nickelback would never want Reigns to listen to their music!

  4. Maybe they'll do like smackdown, and have a women's division free for all for the Raw title? I could picture that being the end game, and I could see Emma winning it with help from Dana. I think with better booking, and the advice of "Be more like Alexa Bliss, and less like Carmella." Dana Brooke would be pretty kick-ass.

  5. The ending was ok. Raw needs a makeover, and have cruiserweights vs main roster. Vince….ARE YOU LISTENING. Most of WWE Universe can book a RAW better than you.

  6. jericho is touring with fozzy. they are advertised for my town in may.
    raw, i like the tag team and cruiser weight fighting going on. the womens class is getting better, but the main roster is lacking.. writing and story line. brock and goldberg should not be where they are. ko should still be champ. i don't like part timers holding belts but thats just me. reigns i think is trying to hard. keep him face and fued him with braun a lil more. raw is just everywhere and its making it hard to watch at times. i give this raw a 4/10 womens class and the tag match of cesaro/shemus and enzo and cas as the highest points in the show.

  7. Maybe if Reigns does defeat the Undertaker, It'll be for a heel turn because beating the Taker at Wrestlemania will only make people hate him even more. If they thought Roman was hated before; the backlash will be catastrophic for Roman Reigns' careeer.

  8. "Hopefully he doesn't rhyme about beating KO, on a boat. Just like he did in that classic SmackDown against Chris- Stevie Richards"

  9. Roman turned heel like almost EVERYONE wanted him to but people are still salty…

    Edit: And also I think raw was pretty good. at least a average or cor.

  10. Vince killed Raw in 2004 and Stephanie pisses on its grave week after week after week
    and i never bought that hhh was a great wrestler his moves suck all he is is a glorified weight lifter. please lord in heaven help pro wrestling because it blows accross tye board

  11. you are the reason Raw ratings are going down as you influence the iwc and they follow you blindly. For me, this was a very good show with an incredible ending.

  12. I wonder how many more hall of famers are going to be brought to get Reings over.I mean, they already blew it with Foley, HBK and the Goddamn Rock ffs. What next? Lita? Daniel Bryan? Kurt Angle? (yea I know not hall of famers, but you got the point)

  13. +WrestletalkTV Oli, as soon as WWE grows some grapefruits and finally makes Roman Reigns turn heel, my reaction will be… #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney

  14. I Agree. I LOVE Paul Heyman but this act is stale! Can't stand him with Brock. We have a champion that doesn't bump and after Wrestlemania we will have one that doesn't speak! Way to go Vince!!!

  15. although wwe is a wrestling show now-a-days its more like a daily soap…with all that unwanted drama and love stories btw vince and roman…..and yeah competition btw 2 kids of same parent (raw-SmackDown)

  16. The fact that RAW ended with a 20 minute promo between its GM Mick Foley and Commissioner Stephanie McMahon is exactly why RAW sucks ass. I didn't even bother to watch it this week and I'm glad I didn't.

  17. strowman pushing roman down the ramp, fuckin pissin myself with lol. had to hit replay at least 3times. triple h got Mr socko how long was that sock in mankind's pants? eyak. 😂😂😂

  18. Wrestling fans are such hypocrites they hate roman and say he can't wrestle but they cheer Goldberg that only does two moves and looks winded after those moves

  19. this raw was COR to be honest with that micheals segment to the seth coming back and fight triple h and the RETURN of MR.SOCKO! and that chris & zayn vs kevin & joe was the best match of the night and that best friends bitter enemies brawl!

  20. Ever since the brand split we get the same matches each week. We've seen KO vs Sami Zayn at least 100 times…

  21. "Reigns managed to hinder Jinder despite Undertakers distracting dong" lmao! Am I the only one who got an immature kick outta this!?…

  22. Yes, not even Shawn Michaels can get Roman Reigns over as a baby face. No one can. The Roman Reigns character sucks. WWE, this is not a love hate relationship like the WWE universe has with John Cena. Roman just sucks. In fact I don't think he can get over as a heel either. Yes, he is that bad and not entertaining at all.

  23. My favorite moment was when Stephanie asked Mick Foley to fire one of the superstars, you could hear the crowd clearly chanting "Fire Roman!".

  24. I honestly think with all the bad in the world

    Oli from Wrestletalk makes it all better. PLEASE never stop this channel

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