Ex WWE Personality Threatens To Shoot Himself, WWE Raw RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Ex WWE Personality Threatens To Shoot Himself, WWE Raw RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk news I am El Fakidor Laurie Blake And if you’d just recovered from this year’s
SummerSlam which as we all know was longer than the 100 years war. Well WWE are already talking about the next
one. While Raw was going on in Toronto, WWE and
ET Canada announced that SummerSlam 2019, was… uh… also going to be in Toronto. In fact the whole of SummerSlam week is going
to play out over four consecutive nights at Scotiabank Arena next August – so expect the
usual Raw and Smackdown, as well as NXT TakeOver and the main event, SummerSlam, which I hear
will be so long they’re measuring it in light years. There will also be all the usual WWE activities
around the city, like the SummerSlam Axxess fan festival at the Metro Toronto Convention
Centre. And The Ascension meeting babies or whatever. As it’s Toronto could it be a big year for
Natalya? Are we gonna have that much talked about heel turn. And surely Kevin Owens will have a much better
SummerSlam than he did this year? Oh wait… Unfortunately Kevin Owens quitting wasn’t
the only shock to come out of last nights Raw. Before the show began a former WWE personality
took to Twitter threatening to commit suicide at the show. Jason Sensation tweeted out this ominous message:
“I got my gun through security & will shoot myself in the head & kill myself during tonight’s
#RAW in Toronto. Don’t ya dare miss it!!! Thanks for the memories @WWE.” Fans tweeting along with Raw on social media
both at home and in the arena noticed the tweets and notified Toronto Police. Police then told fans that they were well
aware of the tweet and were investigating it, and looking for Sensation in the arena.
WWE was also aware of the situation and investigating. Jason was a performer on the indie circuits
but had some history with WWE. Portraying Owen Hart during a comedy skit in the late
’90s. His Twitter bio which has since been deleted also said that he’s battling depression. While all this was unfolding multiple people
in the WWE community — including ex-WWE writer Vince Russo — reached out to Jason. Vince said: ‘Brother, I hope you’re kidding.
Just tried calling and texting. Please, man—you have an army of people out here that care
for you. Please.’ Toronto Police eventually managed to resolve
the incident without issue. As John Pollock updated:- ‘Toronto Police
in a statement to @POSTwrestling : “We are with Jason Sensation now he was never
at the Scotiabank Arena, all is in order”. A scary turn of events for Raw but thankful
no one was hurt and hopefully Jason can get the help he needs now. So after that shock turn of events most people
are hoping Raw won’t be as eventful next week. Well, it’s going to be but for different,
more positive reasons. It was announced during last night’s show
that Shawn Michaels will be appearing to discuss Triple H vs The Undertaker at the SuperShowdown
PPV in Australia on October 6th. But if Michaels wasn’t exciting enough for
you, what if I told you there were two legends going to be in the arena that night? HBK and oh IDK, The Undertaker. The word from PWInsider at the moment is that
Taker is scheduled to be in Colombus, Ohio for next Monday’s Labor Day edition of RAW
. There’s no word yet if The Deadman will be
appearing live but he is scheduled to be in the arena. You think he would appear live, but since
the Undertaker “retired” there’s no telling what he might do. So Kevin Owens has quit WWE Raw! Find out
what happened in our Raw in about 4 minutes review by clicking the video onscreen now!
And give us a subscribe to never miss a future episode. I’ve been El Fakidor, and that
was lucha.

100 thoughts on “Ex WWE Personality Threatens To Shoot Himself, WWE Raw RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

  1. I got to wonder how the WWE is going to make money in 10 years, when the legends of the Attitude era are too old to wrestle.

  2. Jason Sensation was hilarious.


  3. Would love to do that myself.. but, nobody cares these days. They just refuse to look at you until you tell them that you've got depressions.

    The world stays unfair.

  4. I really really hope that KO quitting is just a story angle as him leaving WWE for real would be a huge blow for WWE as KO is one of their very best 🙁

    Who the hell is Jason Sensation??? I don't remember this guy at all.

  5. My thoughts on the Kevin Owens segment. Wouldn't it be incredibe if Owen's justifies this by going back to NXT. He is revealed as Aleister Black's attacker and Owens says NXT is when he was on top, he was the prizefighter, the man other men feared, he even defeated John Cena with the NXT title wrapped around his waist. He and Black have Black's last feud before getting called up, Owens wins and goes in to a feud with Gargano after he beats Ciampa (finally)

    Owens beats Gargano when Sami Zayn runs in on his return, Owens and Zayn hold the NXT title hostage refusing to defend it unless they're both given a PPV universal title match. This leads to Owens vacating and NXT have a huge G1 level NXT championship tournament.

  6. Light years is a measurement of distance, not time. Maybe if you cut back on the wrestling and maybe picked up a book, you wouldn't make yourself out to look like an idiot YOU STUPID FAKE WRESTLING FAN LOL WRESTLING IS FAKE

  7. Front row of the poster shows: Intercontinental Champion, Raw Woman Champion, HHH, Undertaker, Cena, Universal Champion, and the Smackdown Woman's Champion. One of things is not like the others. One of these things don't belong.

  8. holy fuck its jason sensation, he "actually" does real good impression. best was making fun of owen hart, I never cared for dx or the attitude era but jason is good, some people should commite suicide but not jason sensation. no one actually cares about anyone in real life tho.


  10. That would have been the best wwe event since attitude era. See how fast the ring crew could change out ring cover and skirts with brain matter all over. Talk about getting color the hard way

  11. That is a class 1 felony in Canada (bringing a weapon or anything to any arena or crowded people to shoot) is a 10-year jail time

  12. Can't wait till next year Summerslam weekend. Don't give a shit about Summerslam, super pumped to get tickets for takeover!

  13. WWE booking makes no sense.. Braun waiting to cash his money in the bank contract at HIAC and then turns heel.. why wouldn't he just let Roman get beat up in the tag team match and then cash in?.. It's WWE again obsessing over Roman and not using common sense in story telling

  14. He didnt wanna kill himself he just wanted the attention. Most people with depression want the attention so someone can help him

  15. I "literally" almost turned off Raw during the fucking horrible Bella twins backstage segment. It was just terrible.

  16. Yes, Kevin Owens will have a better main event next year at Summerslam. Word is he is moving up and by then will be ready to job in the main event.

  17. Wtf? I don't give a shit if he has depression or not, saying you somehow snuck a gun into an arena with thousands of people is no different than saying you have a bomb in the fucking airport. I'd fuck anyone up if they said shit like that, depression or not

  18. I think Becky turning heel is a good thing. She has to make it work for her by getting heat. She could do that at hell in a cell win or lose. Just attack charlotte before or after their match and break or injure her arm and be relentless about it.

  19. It's sad that Stu Hart's death has to be the thing to bring WWE back in my country. We only hosted 2 Wrestlemanias 🙁 we deserve better.

  20. i finally subscribed. and oddly im watching ollie, but i joined while watching ur vid. lol. my 1st sub in like 2 years.

  21. Triple h and the undertaker, I see that match lasting 134 seconds.. Give it up old men, we don't want to see heart attacks in the ring.

  22. Look I can't watch a bunch of hypocritical bunch of WWE bash and bastards and I refuse to watches or support your talk show are you YouTube channel anymore go fuck yourself

  23. I just seen Jason in the bathroom at mick foley stand up he was dressed up as stone cold for a part of the show he's a really funny guy and one of foleys crew I hope hes ok and gets the help he needs

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