100 thoughts on “Finn Bálor on The Prince’s future: WWE NXT, March 18, 2020

  1. I wish it was normal for NXT RAW and SD to fight each other more often, you Prince still have more to dominate

  2. Finn Bálor is better than half of the entire WWE roster. It's just a shame WWE didn't utilise him properly.

  3. Finn Bálor has embraced the dark side of his former self from the land of the rising sun. He needs to destroy all who stand in his way. And Walter of Imperium will know the Wrath of the Seven Sins from "The Prince".

  4. imo i think the demon king is just his altered personality of his prince devitt personality

    he was rutheless , gave it all without a single damn given. balor felt weak as the good guy

    and remembered how good he used to be when he just thought of himself and not anyone else

  5. Lmao I love how they didn't put any keith screenshots during that little montage & I love the confidence but I aint forget that brock burial

  6. Not really the whole story. Triple H was extatic to get Finn back. Every day Triple H has guys coming to him saying "I'm the best!" "I will be your next star!" In old day he would get in the ring say "Show me what you got kid!". Now he has Finn to take care of that in ring negotiating. That's why Finn's been working UK hard.

  7. When the time comes they should have the OC turn on AJ Styles, and then we finally get the Balor vs Styles fued🔥

  8. Balor should beat Walter for the UK title then beat Cole for the NXT title and hold them both for over a year and show Vince why he's the best in the world 💯

  9. Vince McMahon might of been the greatest wrestling promoter we've ever seen! But we all can see that McMahon is losing his ability to promote and he's basically burying some of the most talented wrestlers in this new era. I understand that Finn Balor isn't the big guy that McMahon gets a orgasm over. But Finn is more talented than all of the top roster, hell 50% of NXT wrestlers are more talented than the main roster. I just think it's about that time someone takes McMahon behind the old barn and put him out of his misery. It's not the 80s and 90s anymore and it's time for Shane or Stephanie and HHH to TAKEOVER.. Just wanted to get that off my chest!

  10. The underutilization and underdevelopment of Finn Balor may very well be dead…the portrayal of Balor as an underdog babyface who panders to the fans may very well be dead…but the charisma, while now withheld and withdrawn behind a chilled demeanor, certainly is very much alive as was evidenced by the reaction from the fans when Balor stood up to all of Imperium in his most recent visit to NXT UK. Balor's battle against Walter could transition Balor into a more anti-hero role in which he maintains his cold and cruel edginess but maintains the loyal following of the fanbase he has established. In the meantime, Walter has been the most dominant standout performer in all of NXT UK and could very well prove every bit of his worth putting on a classic in the ring with a veteran like Balor. This feud could serve two distinctive purposes, to help reinvent Balor and to help elevate Walter.

  11. Finn Balor deserves better, idk why his Demon Gimmink just appear one time per year, if he brings the Demon to Walter, Walter does no have a chance, The Demon King is One of The Best gimmicks Ever!

  12. imo i think the demon king is just his altered personality of his prince devitt personality

    he was rutheless , gave it all without a single damn given. balor felt weak as the good guy

    and remembered how good he used to be when he just thought of himself and not anyone else
    either that's why he did it or i'm just fanboying over this for no reason…

  13. Balor wasn't completely wasted. He got injured in his first match against Seth Rollins. Then, by the time he got back, it was already too late to reinstall him as Universal Champion again.

    And, if Hideo Itami wasn't injured, it would have been HIDEO winning the NXT Championship from Kevin Owens in Japan.

    Life is crazy.

  14. WWE gave us a minute speech from Fin Balor, meanwhile AEW gave us the revealing of the leader of the Dark Order (Brodie Lee's debut) and Matt Hardy's debut in AEW. I wonder why NXT's ratings continue to fall.

  15. His whole segment was excellent. Really gave you an insight on what went wrong on the main roster. He lost his passion. Going back to NXT gave him his passion back.

  16. The .G.O.A.T. is back, Can’t wait to see “The PRINCE” Finn Bálor dominate the NXT for a short time before vince sticks his head in NXT where HHH is leading btw, Then ruin maybe all the superstars.

  17. I love how the NXT UK Championship has been around since 2016 and we've only had 3 Champions. It makes the title more prestigious when it's not thrown around all the time. I'm so excited to see if Balor gets to be the 4th NXT UK Champion. Should be a fun match!

  18. Finn Balor: “These are uncertain times.”

    Also Finn Balor: “We don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

    Yeah. I think that’s what uncertain means, man. But thanks for explaining that to the retards. They need all the help they can get. Lol. But seriously though. Here’s a fact that might have gotten lost on a lot of the WWE Universe members. If Balor beats WALTER, he’ll be only the 4th UK Champion EVER. Take that in and then realize the history Finn Balor is trying to make. 1st Universal Champion ever. 4th United Kingdom Champion ever: Finn would automatically, regardless of whoever else is there, he’d AUTOMATICALLY be thrust into the position of 1 of the top 5 best superstars of today’s generation. If he’s not there already. Guess we’ll see what happens.

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