100 thoughts on “Finn Balor’s road back to NXT: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

  1. Woah thats sad but funny
    Balor in nxt working his way to wwe but his reign in the big leads didnt last long so he flopped down 🤭😂

  2. Como no supieron valorar el trabajo de Fin Balor y ni tenian buenos planes… en vez de que lp dejen ir lo mandan a NXT…. wwe se esta quedando sin ideas???? Heyyy podria ser que planen NXT vs RAW vs Smdw jajajaja seria la loco que se copies a la época anterior 😂

  3. Balor's still better in NXT, make him the best in the business again, Triple H!

    Don't bring him back again to RAW or Smackdown because you're just gonna bury him again

  4. I guess now that he is marry he wants to have a more relax life so he doesn't have to be on the road every week that is why he accepted to go back to nxt

  5. 1.Left NXT for Raw.
    2. Vince realises he can't talk and is smaller than most of the referees.
    3.Back to NXT and lucky that a guy who can't act has a job on primetime TV.

  6. Balor is back in NXT for these reasons..
    1. He got injured
    2. Creative was lost with the Demon
    3. He lost momentum with loses to Wyatt and Lesnar (and the dreadful squash by Kane)
    4. Balor is a wrestle. His mic skills are subpar

  7. I believe Fin is not needed in WWE because it just pushed the fiend…Vince had no idea what to do with two monsters and put Fin somewhere else. Well that's a shame he didn't have enough brains to make halloween match between demon king balor and the fiend. IT WOULD ACTUALLY PUSH BOTH CHARACTERS!

  8. NXT got the best roster. They just need an explosive storyline to destroy AEW on Wednesday night. It's killing me to see those cosplayers and strays at AEW putting up a better cliffhanger ending than NXT.

  9. I don't know what you feel but I say that this is complete disgrace for Balor. It feels like he's talent is being wasted

  10. the is Finn Balor DemonKing is Back return Nxt Nxt pro Wrestler to watch is an era for me best Finisher Coup De Grace and Signature Shotgun Dropkick Tope Con Hilo my favorite moves

  11. It just makes me sad that the Fiend killed Finn and he just goes back to NXT. I wanted the Fiend to run rampant on the roster until the Demon came for him.

  12. Can the nxt superstars stay in NXT? Cause once they are brought to the main roster, WWE doesn't know what to do with them and they get buried.

  13. As Main Roster Viewer , I'm Gonna Miss Finn Balor 💔 Only Watching him Every NXT Takeover
    1:59 WOW Finn Balor and his Wife ..

  14. Now if we could just get Sami and Shinsuke back. The main roster isn’t using them right anyway (along with nearly every nxt product)

  15. Finn Balor's original journey through NXT is one I hate myself for missing. He is my favorite superstar and it hurts me to see what they did to him on the main roster. Glad I get a second chance to experience FINNXT.

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