100 thoughts on “First-ever Women’s WarGames Match announced: WWE NXT, Oct. 30, 2019

  1. Toni Storm should be fifth member of team Ripley that would make this match truly great considering she's the number one women's wrestler on the planet

  2. Only question is, who are the competitors?

    My guess is Bazler, Shafir, Duke, Belair and Shirai vs Lerae, Nox, Kai, Ripley and either Toni Storm or Shotzi Blackhart

  3. At "2:43" the following is what "William Regal" should've said:

    I've got a very simple solution for this, but I don't think that u'r up to it which I know u know where this is going; nd so let me ask u: r u up for "WarGames"?

    (Nd then they should've tried to get past the refs to fight each other as a way to signify that they're up for it).

  4. So there are 5 in Team Heel which are Shayna, Bianca, Io, Marina and Jessamyne. On Team Face only 4 which are Rhea, Candice, Tegan and Dakota but she was reported to have hyper extended knee during her match with The Kabuki Warriors so she may not joined if her knee is having issues. I guess the fitfh member would be Mia Yim since I haven't seen her in quite a while. I can't wait for the Women's War Games. They're definitely gonna tore the house down and show that they are the best women's division in WWE

  5. 4 vs 5 if I'm not miscounting. Guessing a returning Ronda would be number 5, or someone either returning or debuting for the first time.

  6. What I wanna know is who’s gonna be teaming with Knox, Kai, Lerae and Rhypley. (Don’t know if I spelled them correctly) cause Shayna has a full team but Rhypley is missing 1 more person for her team

  7. This whole segment was awesome but my favorite part has to be the very end. They show Marina Shafir in her MMA stance waiting for someone to come get those hands.

  8. This isn't just the first ever Women's WarGames Match in NXT history, but it's the first ever Women's WarGames Match in general pro wrestling history.

  9. I don’t know much other than the big things that have happened in NXT, I’m trying to get into it right now. What’s War Games?

  10. Oh,my God, this is going to be so awesome! Wargames for the NXT Women's title! NXT just keeps getting better and better. Thank you so much, Triple H and William Regal.

  11. I was stunned when I heard William Regal say "Wargames". This is unprecedented for the women's division. NXT is setting the bar high every week.

  12. I really wish there wasn't WarGames event. This is the last time that we'll ever be surprised by a WarGames match being announced, because it was the only remaining 'first'. I want to be elated when Regal shows up during a brawl. Is he going to announce a WarGames match?

    Similar matter with HIAC. Who cares anymore? It's just a singles match surrounded by a cage, promoted with terrible promos about how it may as well be haunted. We know that at least one will come at the HIAC PPV every year.

  13. Who else thought all of these women were going to compete in WarGames.
    Maybe we’ll see ,Duke n Shafir vs Dakota n someone else at WarGames.

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