100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar – Champion vs. Champion Match: Survivor Series 2017

  1. I wonder what Brock Lesnar would do if was banned for him. Also it doesn't make sense for Seth Rollins to be known as the beast's Slayer knowing the beast is still not down.

  2. This is still Brocks best match since he returned in 2012. Aj really helped him this night, they had he match of the night in my opinion

  3. Se nota como se comunica n y que le pagaron a Brock Lesnar por golpes jajajaja perdón pero es algo que yo no aceptaría por dinero, jejejeje

  4. Only Kurt Angle fight him in a iron match full one hour and only Kurt gave him a hell tough fiight only Kurt did that what a match from these days!!💪💪💪💪

  5. When brock fights in wrestling he makes it look legitimate as possible meaning as real cause you can see those knees to the chest in beginning of match were def real and those shoulders to the ribs when aj is at the corner turnbuckle as well…that's main reason brock Lesnar came back to wwe back in 2012…to bring back legitimacy to wrestling

  6. And that kids is the difference between an indie superstar and a Superstar. I really can't comprehend the enjoyment people get with this midgets.

  7. Aj style and john cena Roman best champ ever in the world yay meow yay cuddle Harley Quinn mine 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  8. AJ STYLES is a world class superstar and nowadays he's been defending his title against cedric Alexander? Humberto carrilo??? Ricochet??? R u kidding meeeeh? He has a class he should have greatest matches as a gace he was the man who runs the place

  9. Idk why everyone is going crazy to appreciate this nonsense. AJ was pinned after just 1 F-5. It doesn't make sense at all! That guy kicked out of an 2 AAs, (one from the top rope) multiple times and deserved to look more powerful in this match. This match sucked!!!!

  10. Wwe has wasted a lot of talents like aj and balor
    Vince just wanna use some rookie but then they sucks wwe should take good use on the superstars because wrestlers like Orton is getting old, take action before wwe crack down

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