100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream: NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2017

  1. Match ain't memorable in the slightest. Guys like Velveteen Dream who are actually charismatic have character, a look, etc, need to sway away from the typical indie spotfest that totally destroyed the industry. The best thing about this match was these guys imitating each other. Telling stories is what it's all about.

  2. At 1:34 Dream is actually a big fan of Black. He got a hot pant with Black face printed on it, LOL!
    If Dream make it through to RAW, I'm very sure he'll wear this "Black gear" again, hahahahaha…

  3. Aleister Black is still NXT for me, WWE fans are still meh when it comes to him. He don't get that pop on his entrance like how he did in NXT. Long time I haven't watch NXT though, ppl get shipped to WWE to get buried…been watching AEW above everything else.

  4. This is the match that made velveteen for me…the attire,playing with the crowd and good ring psycology is what made me fell in love with him,hes different yet a classic heel and i hope all the best for him when he returns

  5. This match was one of those matches that is remembered not because it involves a lot of aerial moves and athleticism and all that.

    It's the compelling storytelling being told by both party while being inside the ring, the real culmination of a premise that seemed mundane but we were led to believe that it was the whole world for the Dream.

  6. If Velveteen Dream goes to the Main Brand on the WWE Draft or becomes the Free Agent in 2020, where will he go?
    Like > RAW
    Comment > Smackdown

  7. And now black just a guy who just waiting the door knock by someone 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. NXT needs better lighting. Great match though. Haven't seen Aleister Black in a good match since he joined the main rosters.

  9. Two great wrestling talents with heaps of potential. I sure hope they dont get terrible booking and end up as jobbers on the main roster.

  10. Again just like with other super stars they moved alister black to the main roster and are wasting his talent… he was so better in NXT.

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