100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Big Show vs. John Cena — U.S. Title Match: WrestleMania XX

  1. I don’t think people understand that John Cena is one of the strongest in terms of strength in WWE history.

  2. Ah Wrestlemania 20 Such a good Wrestlemania. WWE should show the main event… Oh wait that's not possible.

  3. Can we get something else like Brock lensar vs Roman reigns or when the hardy boys returned on WrestleMania instead of John Cena every single time y'all post all about John cena

  4. John Cena has made every title he held so amazing, but everybody knows that he deserved to be even e Intercontinental Champion, because he would defend it at any time anywhere!

  5. This was the first title for cena but the cena carrer start when he refuse to join team lesnar and join team angle

  6. This year it should been rey mysterio wins the title.. but wwe cancelled it because rey mysterio in quarantine .. but in his home and he isn't ill ..

  7. Fun fact: The referee of this video needs to watch this to give the title back to Big Show, because he is the real winner not Cena, he uses a weapon against him!

  8. Wrestlemania 20 might be controversial but no one can't deny that this is the best wrestlemania as we witness the rise of john cena, the epic handicap match, an amazing singles match between jericho/christian and the celebration of eddie/chris

  9. FUN FACT: Cena in his back to back Wrestlemanias (XX & XXI respectively) Won His 1st United States Championship and Then Won His 1st WWE Championship (The Following Year)

  10. The first Time ever John Cena win for United States Championship after defeat The Big Show and Wrestlemania XX 🇺🇸🤘🏻🤘🏻9:20

  11. People I'm from Brazil I don't know how to speak English I have to translate everything before I send, and I only see the fights, because I don't understand anything of the language And I am a big fan of john cena my dream and go there in the United States to get to know a little about American culture and Disney-like tourist spots and meet some celebrities like John Cena, Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande. Bye, a direct kiss from Brazil for those who read it.

  12. But who could forget Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event?!

  13. This match for the United States Championship who sees John Cena and The Big Show compete ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Anybody notice how in the 'WWE 2K14' video game, the 'Super Mario Bros.' wristbands on John Cena's left-arm & both the Pontiac wristbands & whatever the other design is on John Cena's right-arm, respectively were slightly altered?…

    They did the same thing with the New York Knicks jersey he wears to the ring, too.; Instead of saying 'NEW YORK'/'KNICKS' on the front, it says 'CENA', instead.

  15. 9:09–9:13.; If the WWE were still a TV-14 product, you would've seen John Cena actually hit The Big Show with that set of brass knuckles.

    I, personally hate it how they edit stuff for the new fan-base…

  16. If the WWE were still a TV-14 product, you would've actually heard Tazz & Michael Cole refer to John Cena's finishing move as the 'F-U' & not the 'A.A.' & they also wouldn't edit it out whenever they say 'F-U', either.

    I, personally hate it how they edit stuff for the new fan-base…

  17. In that thumbnail who is show facing off against I don't c his opponent who is it the invisible man hahahahaha 😂😅😁😳😗😀😃😄

  18. After the way Eddie was able to win the WWE Title at No Way Out.. there was no way Big Show was leaving Mania XX with the US title!

  19. A Few Matches I would Like too see

    Kurt Angle And Ronda ROUSEY Vs Triple H And Stephanie McMahon
    [Wrestlemania 34]

    Big Show Vs Brock Lesnar [Royal Rumble 2014]

    The Shield Vs The New day [Survivor Series [2017]

    The Shield Vs Evolution [Extreme Rules 2014]

    Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels [Summerslam 2002]

    Triple H Vs The Undertaker HIAC [Wrestlemania 28]

    CM Punk Vs The Undertaker [Wrestlemania 29]

    2020 Smackdown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber [Elimination Chamber 2020]

    2020 Royal Rumble Match

    2019 Royal Rumble Match

    No Holds Barred Roman Reigns Vs The Undertaker [Wrestlemania 33]

    Roman Reigns Vs Triple H [Wrestlemania 32]

    Brock Lesnar Vs Big Show [Royal Rumble 2014]

    John CENA Vs Triple H [Greatest Royal Rumble 2009]

    Jeff Hardy Vs CM Punk WWE Championship [Night Of Champions 2009]

    DX Vs Kane And Undertaker [Crown Jewel 2018]

    Greatest Royal Rumble Match

    Braun Strowman Vs Brock Lesnar [Crown Jewel 2018]

    The Shield Vs Ziggler Mcintyer And Strowman

    [Super Showdown 2018]

    Triple H Vs Undertaker [SuperShowdown 2018]

    Shawn Micheals Vs Undertaker [Wrestlemania 25 and 26]

    John CENA Vs Batista [Wrestlemania 26]

    John CENA And Nikki Bella Vs The Miz and Maryse [Wrestlemania 33]

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