100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar – Champion vs. Champion Match: Survivor Series 2018

  1. Brock should not EVER sell for guys like Bryan and Styles. It just isn't at all believable.
    Anyone who thought Bryan had a chance at winning this was thinking ridiculously.

  2. Es justo que haya ganado brock lesnar es obvio jugo limpio en cambio daniel brayan solo con pataditas y esa patada baja que sucio

  3. I can't believe in 2019 that people still watch wrestling . Why watch something that is staged . The people who watch wrestling must have a low IQ level .

  4. Lesnar doesn't get enough credit! He is legit good at selling the hell out of moves. I would even he's say actually better than 90% of the roster at it. Look at matches he had back in the day against Big Show, freaking phenomenal.

  5. They cut it off too early. The best part was that evil smirk Daniel gave as Brock was at the top of the ramp, as if saying "you lucky motherfu…." 😈

  6. Brock Lesnar es una bestia fascista así como el gobierno americano tiene su presidente que es Trump en la wwe está el campeón Brock Lesnar. el odio se hace presente por sus representantes.

  7. Daniel Bryan: lasts 20 minutes and almost beats Brock Lesnar
    Kofi: Beats Daniel Bryan twice for the world title & gets squashed by Lesnar in 9 seconds…wut…

  8. Daniel bryan the worst wwe wrestler ever,i still remember when wwe booked him to win the wwe title back at wm 30 something that should have never happened.

  9. It was so fun seing this match,brock compared to bryan was like a grown up man fighting against a 10 year old kid😂,daniel bryan is a kid compared to brock.

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  11. Desde que comenzo el combate ..ya sabia que Brock Lesnar iba a ganar …porque a el nadie lo puede vencer 👍👍👍

  12. 2:33 referee saying hes good hes good, 3 sec later DANIEL U GOTTA TALK TO ME LOL ( i love how he checks if their good first )

  13. Lesnar is really a Beast. Great match. Bryan almost had him. It's time to bring Braun Strowman back in the title picture. WWE could label it the Battle of the Titans.

  14. Brock leg/knee always had a problem .
    Extreme rules Vs Triple H
    Extreme rules Vs John Cena
    Survivor series Vs Aj Styles
    Survivor series Vs Daniel Bryan
    ( I know it was scripted )

  15. And they say Lesnar’s matches are boring. Give him a great wrestler to work with and you can get a blockbuster match like this.

  16. I didnt mind brock winning. But i think it should been alil more then just 1 more f5. Maybe if he came back with some suplexs and the a f5 i could see Daniel staying down for that.

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