100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Batista – Triple Threat Match: WrestleMania 30

  1. I was extremely mad this night because it was just an insult for 4 of the biggest legends in sports entertainment!!!
    Ending the streak!
    Batista didn't get his shot!
    Randy lost the titles!
    And it was a huge insult for Triple h especially when he lost to that pathetic boy Daniel brayn!!!!
    This match should've been randy vs batista vs triple h
    Hunter should've participated in this match instead of Daniel

  2. I wonder how Batista and Randy Orton felt backstage when they saw Brock Lesnar broke the Undertaker Streak earlier that night. They were also Taker's WM opponents. And also Brock's OVW teammate as rookies.

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  5. I loved this match. It's an example of how simple wrestling booking should be. Three quality performers, all in their correct face/heel roles, all with an appealing story going into the match as well as history with each other. The match was paced well, had the right crowd triggering moments, the inference added to the match, and the right guy won the right way submitting the right guy.

    WWE so often over complicate this stuff (it's somewhat fitting this match happened by accident lol), but when they keep it simple magic happens, and this match was magic. Loved watching it back.

  6. Batista deserve one last title run and deserve alot more respect. He is The Animal, the best WHC and the face of smackdown during R/A era.

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  8. It’s crazy how the ending to Wrestlemania 30 is similar to Wrestlemania 20, both opponents lost via cross face, both were underdog stories, and both were triple threat title matches.

  9. Missing those days…
    Watching Daniel Bryan performance on Wrestlemania main event was one of the best thing I saw on WWE…

    Daniel Bryan should again get the WWE title opportunity and also win…

  10. What if brock lesnar is there and team with daniel bryan
    Batista Reaction:??????
    Randy orton Reaction:RKO HIM ????

  11. A salute to Randy Orton …
    He hit his so damnn hard when he rkoed bryan on that table…
    Who put that monitor under the table!!!

  12. My god my volume was all the way up and when Michael Cole screamed at the end my ears were bleeding (no kidding)

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