87 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Team Cena vs. Team Authority – 5-on-5 Survivor Series Match: Survivor Series 2014

  1. Dolph ziggler ne bata diya aakhri tak try karne se success jaroor milti hai chahe duniya ya sab kuch aapke kilaf ho jaye pr umid aur try karna kabhi nhi chhorna chahiye

  2. The only reason Ziggler won is because that is what had been arranged. It's just scripted rehearsed entertainment and far from reality.

  3. Wow Ameging 😂 😂🤣🤣 Triple H uski wife p muge bhot hasi aai l like Cena Dolph And Sting Always right l like sting Entry 😍😍

  4. Did you Notice!! Big Show Punch Mark Henry in Chest N he is knockout lol 😂🤣😁😅 it's to fake man,,,, I think that punch from Big Show in my chest I won't happen anything

  5. Todos sabemos que es armado todas las peleas y las ideas de cada pelea están bonitas pero pueden hacerlo un poco más real cada año se pone más irreal los golpes

  6. Triple h to mark henry:common you can do it
    All of triple h's team:yeah go mark Henry
    Mark Henry:yeah I can do it
    Mark Henry push at the ring and big show punched him
    Big show:EZZZZ

  7. Go Dolph go if it was not for him the team and everyone in the team would be out including John Cena the one who made yo child hood special.

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