100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH: Team Guerrero vs. Team Angle – Survivor Series Elimination Match: Survivor Series 2004

  1. My favorite WWE Superstar is John Cena he means so much to me I love him to bottom of my heart 💓💙 👌☝️👋☝️☝️👌I wish I could meet you one day in real life and my name is Shanta and I live in Henderson North Carolina and I hope that I could get a chance to meet you in real life 😉

  2. Big Show was thinking "Hey Eddie, where's my hug?" Lol. Great match by Hall of Fame wrestlers, miss Eddie Guerrero to this day❤️❤️❤️

  3. What so eddy dies before the survivor series, but Adrade continues to keep eddies memories alive (the only reason why i like adrade).

  4. Btw i made that message Jk, from Braun Strowman but it was actualy Stephanie Mcmahon BTW all messages you have seen or see are from the Mcmahon family srry for bad spelling like if you believe me

  5. Props for the fact that they blipped John Cena's "F-U", oh no no, 'cause today that's a no no for the new generation…. God… 😂

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