100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection vs. Evolution – Handicap Match: WrestleMania 20

  1. ah wrestlemain xx. john cena's first time coming to the big stage. oh and this resulted to a tv-ma match with mick foley vs randy orton on backlash 04

  2. 2020 Hall of Fame Class

    Trevor Murdoch And lance Cade (Tag team)
    Umaga Or Dlo Brown Or Mabel(African American
    Test Or Vader (Death Inductions)
    The Rock(Entrace Induction
    Apa Or Evolution (Legendary Tag team Induction)
    Armando Estrada Or Zeb Colter(Manager)
    Big Show(Mid Card)
    Molly Holly Or Victoria Or Bellas Or Micke James (Females)
    Cyndi Lauper(Celeb)


  3. It was this match that got me into wrestling again. When I was really young I watched WCW then we moved and didn't have cable so naturally I stopped watching. Years later my friend's family ordered this ppv and I watched it with them and instantly fell in love with Evolution!

  4. There is only one match the rock needs to do and that is with triple h. Think about the promo package of their battles from hunter hearst helmsley vs rocky maivia, to DX vs the nation, to DX vs the corporation, to the rock vs the McMahon helmsley regime

  5. The reason why Evolution won is because Rock and Foley were still current stars even though they weren't full time wrestlers anymore. They didn't have any real nostalgia acts to milk and bury young talent for a cheap pop. If this match happened today, Rock and Foley would've won…OR ref would've stopped the match…OR Brock Lesnar would interfere and cause a no contest…Hence the reason why they're not developing new stars. No one is becoming the next Austin, Rock, Cena. And once they're done milking all these part time legends and Lesnar, what nostalgia acts they gonna have in the future that they created a huge star from today? Reigns? Rollins? They're aren't on the same tier as Cena Rock Hogan and Austin. They're 2nd tier at best with Angle, Jericho, Michaels.

  6. Now wait a Minute isnt it that Wrestlemania where that one guy that goes by the Name of Chris beat DX for the World Heavyweight champion?

  7. Orton is already a legend caliber. He deserves a match on the big stage with The Rock. I’m not even sure if Hollywood Rocky deserves a match with the Legendary Legend Killer.

  8. Red thumb, what else for a league that failed what was impossible to fail, the Fiend's fight. No vid that you may post will never ever make any sense, nobody ever has a reason to watch them.

  9. Mick is Going to be at The Comic Con near my city and I'm going to go meet him for the first time!! I'm so Excited!!!

  10. I don't wanna see The Rock go out like Kurt Angle. That's why The Rock won't ever say it's his last match. Because you always lose your final match.

  11. DAMN this match right here was truly the end of an era i mean this winded up being The Rock's last match for 7yrs WM20 was where Brock Lesnar had his last match including Goldberg i remember this like it was yesterday! 😥


  13. This match sucks so much actually madison people are stupid rock is much bigger than this match i dont knw why wwe made evolution won.

  14. I was so upset as a kid that Mick Foley never delivered Orton his comeuppance back in 2003 and 2004 lol

    This is still my favorite Wrestlemania stage set. I loved that floor tron lol

  15. i was there live, and this was one of the best experiences for me and i got to meet the greats. Undertaker, the Rock, etc 🙂 awesome night

  16. No doubt Orton is amazing and was back then..but it would have made more sense to make him a world champ further down his career… he was not on Benoit or Mick Foley's league back then…

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