Goldberg Responds To Roman Reigns! Dark Side Of The Ring Season 2! Eminem On WWE! Wrestling News!

Goldberg Responds To Roman Reigns! Dark Side Of The Ring Season 2! Eminem On WWE! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
January 20, 2020. We’re starting off with news from
Owen Hart, as the memory of
the Rocket will never go away. After his death cast a dark shadow
over wrestling, Owen’s widow
Martha has refused ever letting WWE use his name or
likeness but has allowed Dark
Side of the Ring to cover her husband’s tragedy in
season 2 of their Viceland series. On social media, the account for
the Owen Hart foundation
uploaded some images of Martha being interviewed, but it
also revealed that Oje, Owen’s
son also took part in the very rare interview. There’s currently no release date
for season 2 of Dark Side of the
Ring, but one thing we do know is that the Owen Hart
episode will be must-see TV. We’re continuing our look at Tessa
Blanchard, as the controversy
surrounding her seems to have been
dying down recently. That said, the story is getting a lot
more traction again now, as text
messages, allegedly sent by the Impact World
Champion seems to show Tessa
trying to dig up dirt on one of her accusers
Allysin Kay. It was Kay that claimed that during
a Stardom show, Blanchard used
a racial slur against La Rosa Negra, aka the
Black Rose, and Negra has also
backed up Kay’s story and has been one of several stars
who have accused Blanchard of
being a bully. On social media, Kay posted text
message screenshots from a
friend, alerting her to an alleged attempt from Blanchard to
dig up dirt, and this new
development comes days after Tessa issued a statement
where she denied using the
N-Word at La Rosa Negra. On Twitter, Kay said that this
attempt to dig up dirt proves
that Blanchard hasn’t changed over the years and said
that part of the reason she
spoke up against Tessa is that there’s no dirt on her. The message that Kay’s friend
received certainly looks like
someone is trying to dig up dirt on Allysin, though it seems
now that any stories about Kay
being a bully backstage may not be true. In a later tweet, Kay shared images
of a back and forth with a friend,
who described Tessa as a quote “comic book
villain” who wants to get revenge
after what Kay has claimed about her. Though this story isn’t over just
yet, the accusations of bullying
have spread into WWE as well, someone recently came
after Mia Yim, comparing Yim’s
tweets against Zoe Lucas to Blanchard’s alleged
comments. With that said, Yim and Lucas are
actually friends in real life, and
only throw shade at each other because they’re
professional wrestlers, and the
HBIC made this clear in a tweet, saying: “It’s unfortunate when people
purposefully try to ruin others
“just for fun”. Some folks really be reaching.
@ZoeLucasPro and I
bond over Pocky’s.” Lucas herself also confirmed that
there’s no beef between her and
the NXT star, describing Yim as “one of the
nicest people,” proving that there’s
been no bullying at all by Mia Yim. One star who knows all about
going back and forth on Twitter
is Roman Reigns, and this week, the Big Dog had some
fun at the expense of Goldberg. When a fan asked why Reigns
punches a small black pad on
the stage, the former Universal Champion said that he
didn’t want to break his hand
and said punching the steel stage was as stupid as
head-butting a door before
a match. This not-so-subtle jab at
Goldberg’s entrance got the
attention of the Hall of Famer, who has admitted to knocking
himself silly on the door, before a
promo in his 2016- 2017 run where he forgot his lines. Roman’s comments against
Goldberg was so out of
nowhere, that fans have speculated that a match between
them may be imminent, possibly
at next month’s event in Saudi Arabia. In a tweet, Goldberg replied
described his door-headbutts
as an “ESPN moment”, and said he’ll stick to his ways, which
worked 99% of the time. If Goldberg is building to a feud
with Reigns, his reply didn’t
show any hostility to the Samoan,so who knows if these
two will actually have Samoan,so who knows if these
two will actually have a match down the line. More news from social media, but
this time from the alternate
Instagram of Bray Wyatt, which focuses on the
Universal Champion’s life
outside of the ring. Recently, Wyatt posted an
important message about
mental health, as though he been largely praised for his work
as the Fiend, Wyatt still has to
deal with negativity, and calmly let fans that it affects
him, though he has family to
lean on. Wyatt is certainly a busy man
these days, thanks to winning
the Universal title at Crown Jewel last year, and not
only will he face Daniel Bryan
in a strap match at the Royal Rumble, but there are also
big plans for him at WrestleMania. Onto some sad news next, as
former enhancement talent
Steve Gillespie has died at the age of 56. Working with the WWF in 1992,
Gillespie helped put over
established stars like Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Kamala
and Papa Shango, and is also
notable for his run as Dr Hannibal in FMW, where he
teamed with Dr. Luther. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer noted that
Gillespie was involved in the training of Chris Jericho and Lance
Storm as well, and also worked in
Stampede Wrestling during the 1980s. A two-time CRMW Mid-Heavy
weight Champion and three-time
CRMW Tag Champion, Gillespie was found dead in his
car, with no details about the
cause of death currently known, and we at Slat Rock
Wrestling would like to send out
deepest condolences to his friends and family at this time. From one sadly deceased star to
another now, as the British
Bulldog passed away far too soon in May 2002, but for
some reason, he’s never
received a WWE Hall of Fame induction. Now, Paige is wanting to change
that, and on social media, the
former Divas Champion commented on whether Davey
Boy Smith will join the NWO
and Batista this year. The fact that Paige mentioned
WWE in her post might help
her request get some attention, and time will tell
whether Vince McMahon
sees it, as the choice of inductees is ultimately
down to him. We’re focusing on the WWE 24/7
Championship next, as the title
was made to attract fans to RAW’s third hour, though
that idea quickly went away as
the title was soon defended all over the show. Last week, Mojo Rawley captured
the title, but during a WWE live
event in Lafayette over the weekend, his reign came
to an end thanks to R-Truth. Like many of Truth’s reigns though,
this tenure as champion would
end in seconds, as Mojo would roll-up the rapping
Superstar to regain the gold
before leaving. Since winning the title, Rawley has
promised to legitimize the 24/7
Champion, as he washes off all tomfoolery of the
belt, and fans will have to see
how he continues as champion in this new role. We’re switching from the world
of TV to music now, as
Eminem’s new record ‘Music to be Murdered By’ dropped
yesterday and has caused a
huge stir online. One of the best songs on the
new record is Godzilla, featuring
late rapper Juice WORLD, and the song also features some
shout outs to WWE. In the lyrics, Eminem raps about
Bobby Heenan and that he
wrestles with mania, as the song goes: “I can swallow a bottle of alcohol
and I’ll feel like Godzilla Better hit the deck like the
card dealer My whole squad’s in here,
walking around the party A cross between a zombie
apocalypse and big Bobby “The Brain” Heenan which is
probably the Same reason I wrestle with mania” One particular fan of the new
album is Kayla Braxton, who
tweeted about the record, and also sent out an Instagram
story paying special attention
to Godzilla. Not too long ago, there were
rumors that the real Slim Shady
was going to work on WWE 2K20, though Eminem
dodged a bullet there as the
game turned into a travesty. With that said, it’s nice to see that
some pro wrestling references
still made it in ‘Music To Be Murdered By.’ Now, Mandy Rose may be the
love-interest for Heavy
Machinery’s Otis, but she’s also the object of infatuation of Corey
Graves on SmackDown, and
though he’s with Carmella in real-life, he gets paid
to talk about how much he loves
Rose. Following Rose and Otis’ most
recent will-they-won’t-they angle,
the Golden Goddess admitted that she’s always falling
for the heavyweight, leading to
a crying emoji by the commentator. Responding, Grave’s real-life
girlfriend Carmella seemed to
indicate that if Rose wants her boyfriend, she might just be
able to take him now, as the
Staten Island Princess clearly understands the kayfabe
nature of the angle. It certainly would be cool to see
if WWE started a Rose Vs.
Carmella feud on SmackDown, just to see Corey
Graves’ head explode on TV,
as he has to choose between his girlfriend and his
golden goddess. More Women’s division news now,
and Liv Morgan is back to make
Lana’s life miserable, and she also has some
new ring gear for her new quest. At the aforementioned WWE Live
event in Lafayette, Morgan
teamed with Rusev to defeat Bobby Lashley and Lana,
and sported some new gear,
which was a twist on the checkerboard look she
previously had. Morgan’s new ring-gear got fans
talking online, and we’ll have to
see whether she wears this attire for tonight’s RAW,
where fans will get to see the
mixed tag match take place. Though Morgan made huge waves
when she returned during the
wedding of Lana and Lashley, she isn’t the only big
name to come back recently, as
Kane returned to Friday Night SmackDown this week to
help his old buddy Daniel Bryan. Though the Mayor of Knox County,
Tennessee is clearly a busy man,
Kane didn’t wait long for his next appearance, as
when the WWE came to Knoxville,
the Big Red Mayor showed up to a huge ovation
by his constituents. Two fans won a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity as they became
social media Superstars, and were gifted with
prizes including Kane’s new
autobiography, detailing both his wrestling and political
ventures. Though he wasn’t in his ring gear,
instead favoring the suit and tie
of Mayor Glenn Jacobs, it was still a great
surprise for the fans in Knoxville. More return news now as at the
Lafayette show, Kairi Sane
returned to the ring for RAW on Friday night. In her first match since TLC, Sane
teamed with Asuka and Sarah
Logan, but came up short against Becky Lynch,
Charlotte Flair and Natalya. In a post, Sane said “I’m back I
love wrestling #WWELayfatte,
and if fans can’t remember, the Pirate princess
suffered a nasty head injury
when the Kabuki Warriors faced Lynch and Charlotte in a
Tables, Ladders and Chairs
match in the main event of December’s TLC pay Per View,
and now that she’s back, we
have to wonder what role Sane will play in this Sunday’s
RAW Women’s Championship
match, between Asuka and The Man. Focusing back on SmackDown
now, and WWE hosted another
show last week, and that was the penultimate edition
of the Blue show before the
Royal Rumble. With the WWE needing to cover
a lot of ground before the Pay
Per View, the company was hoping for fans to tune in,
and according to ShowBuzz Daily, this week
averaged 2.58 million viewers, up from last
week’s 2.503 million. Breaking the numbers down, the
first hour of SmackDown got an
impressive 2.616 million viewers tuning in, though
this dropped to 2.544 million in
hour two. The show drew an 0.8 in the
coveted 18-49 demographic,
and it seems that 2020 has been the year of SmackDown, as
last week’s episode was also up
from the January 3rd episode, which did 2.413
million viewers. On the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said
that SmackDown’s viewing figures were especially high in
the Dallas and Houston area,
and that’s because people watching were prempted for
special coverage of tornadoes
in the same area. He said: ““There were about 40 minutes
in Dallas that did ridiculous
ratings which brought the whole national average up, but it
wasn’t SmackDown, it was
coverage of tornado warnings.” “I just saw these ridiculous numbers
in Dallas, Texas and Houston and I
asked about it. I was like this isn’t making sense
and that’s what happened, it
wasn’t wrestling.” Even though what was being aired
was live coverage of the tornadoes,
SmackDown got the viewership, in a bizarre
victory for the show. When the final rating was figured
out on Tuesday out those
numbers went away, but they did go to boost the initial
overnight national rating. And finally, today we’re looking at
Matt Hardy, as it’s clear that WWE
isn’t using him, and he could be on his way out
to continue with his own ideas. The Broken Universe character
legally belongs to Hardy, and
he has been entering new videos into that saga on his
YouTube channel, hinting at
possibly leaving WWE. In one recent video, Matt said: “I am Matt Hardy and I’m in limbo. I
was once Broken and then Woken.
Now I’m not quite sure what I am.” Fans know that Hardy’s contract
is up in early March, and thus
far, it looks like the former ECW Champion is on his
way out of the company, where
he’ll be free to explore the next phase in his
character’s evolution. After telling some jokes with his
boys, Matt proposed that he
could become ‘Jokin’ Matt Hardy’, though this literal
dad joke didn’t go over too
well with his sons. Ever since he created the Broken
character in TNA, Matt’s career
has reached a new height of popularity under both
his Broken and Woken
characters, and if he chooses to leave WWE, he could bring
that same erratic character to a
new wrestling home.

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