61 thoughts on “Halo: Combat Evolved – Pt. 2: Adam Cole & Tyler Breeze: LeftRightLeftRight #18

  1. If yall plan to play all the games call the series Halo Legacy because yall are playing through the legacy of Halo.
    That or "2 guys and a Halo" Haha

  2. Congrats to Adam Cole for becoming the longest NXT champ of all time, stay in NXT as long as possible man,end your career there .

  3. Halo is such an amazing game and the speedruns for this game is utterly insane!!! The tricks that we have in the speedrunning community are beyond ridiculous

  4. I always find it so odd when you see the superstars act just like us. Not a fan of Adam Cole in NXT but he seems really cool.

  5. 2:25 so Adam didn't tell him they are playing with the remastered graphics on right? Because while I love Halo, OG CE barely looked better than Goldeneye

  6. Adam Cole is legit the most knowledgeable gamer in all WWE. Guy has finished dark souls 3 and Sekiro while being NXT champ.

  7. Great series to run through. Funny enough I do the same with my brother, except when he comes over as doesn't have an X1. Run through the series start to finish on campaign in co-op, every year.
    Maybe Tyler Breeze should be a new Undisputed Era member. 😀

  8. This is giving me some hardcore nostalgia for back around when this game came out, and my roommate and I would go through the campaign together, especially our favorite Halo mini-game, "Must Get Warthog Where It's Not Supposed To Go"

  9. Halo 3 was my first time playing a Halo game so much fun but after they left Bungie Halo ain't the same anymore

  10. I really really love this series…Cole is so good at expaining the lore to Tyler Breeze. Cant wait for the next episode

  11. Never seen someone so excited for a sniper rifle just to fall over the edge a couple minutes later. Love the conversations you guys were having, brings me back to when I was a little kid. I also lost it when you ran that dude over 😂.

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