Iron Man vs Captain America & Bucky Final Fight Scene – Captain America Civil War (2016) Movie CLIP

Iron Man vs Captain America & Bucky Final Fight Scene – Captain America Civil War (2016) Movie CLIP

You can’t beat him hand-to-hand. Analyze his fight pattern. Scanning. Countermeasures ready. Let’s kick his ass. He’s my friend. So was I. Stay down. Final warning. I could do this all day. That shield doesn’t belong to you. You don’t deserve it. My father made that shield!

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  1. It is strange that captain america did not give iron man a chance to get revenge considering that they call themself avengers.

  2. In the beginning, Tony joined the accords because he didn't want to become the bad guy. By the end, he became the very villain he was trying to avoid becoming.

  3. I Think if Tony wanted to kill cap , he could of, just like he took Bucky’s arm off . Cap was wide open for face plasma Blast obliteration but was just waiting to see how far cap was willing to go .

  4. At least when the Sokovia Accords caused a division between the Avengers leaving the world defenseless, good thing the CAPTAiN MARVEL Prelude showed that Nick and Hill were aware of the Clash of the Avengers including Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Peter Parker/Spider-Man and were working together on keeping peace through the world until they would he needed again (despise the U.N. and Ross' disagreements) from other physical threats.

  5. This is one of the most brutal and intense fights in a Marvel movie. Forget Avengers Infinity War, this movie was more emotional, compelling, and intense.

  6. “Let’s kick his ass.”

    Proceeds to fucking wreck Captain America. So many chills.

    People tend to forget this wasn’t a 1v1 fight – and it SHOULD be known if it was, straight up, Tony would’ve won almost instantly. For various reasons.

  7. This is why Cap always wins, fight to the finish. Fight even when you're losing. So what Iron man's suit is stronger? Ironman was going to ruthlessly kill Cap if Bucky didn't help. Yet in the end Cap when he had the upper hand decided to spare Tony Stark's life. Cap was right all along, about Bucky's innocence, about it's not Bucky that killed Stark's dad because he was mind controlled.

  8. You people who support TOny Stark are idiots. THis movie's MAIN THEME is all about the people with RAGE and REVENGE and how they dealt with it. From Black Panther, to Nemo, to TOny Stark. Nemo took it to revenge and evil and mass murder. Tony Stark took it to wanting to kill Bucky for revenge. IN the end, Black Panther woke up from the hate, with wisdom and understanding (wise as a befit a King, for his upcoming movie) – recognising that even Nemo was a victim. But Stark wasn't as wise as Panther, Stark couldnt wake up to the fact that Bucky was also a victim for the longest time and used by Hydra. Tony would have killed Bucky if Cap didnt stop him, and Tony almost wanted to fry Cap in the end, until Bucky helped. CAPTAIN AMERICA ALL THE TIME WAS WISE AND UNDERSTANDING when he said "it wasn't him, Hydra had control of his mind" and "this isn't going to change anything". That's why this movie is about Captain America's STRENGTH. THAT IS WHAT MAKES CAPTAIN AMERICA WORTHY TO PICK UP THOR'S HAMMER ALL THE TIME. WORTHY AND NOBLE. He was never blinded by anything such as revenge or rage "I don't want to kill Nazis or anyone, I don't like bullies", and he chose to spare Tony because he knows Tony is also a victim. Bucky was also a victim, and yet instead of feeling like a victim he felt guilt over what Hydra did thru him. ANYWAY CAP IS THE REAL HERO HERE WHO IS NEVER BLINDED BY HATE OR REVENGE SO YOU ALL IRONMAN SUPPORTERS STOP BEING DUMB AND WHINING. Hehehe and now you know why TOny Stark cannot hold THor's hammer because he was still being petty and saying "you don't deserve it" and wanted to guilt Cap. Yet Cap later could write to TOny in a calm manner, a polite letter saying "he will be there if he needed him". That's what makes Cap a great hero who can pick up the hammer, above all these other characters or hero wannabes.

  9. Cmon,,we all know iron man won these match u can see it,,its very clear,this is like batman vs superman,,we all know superman will win but its a movie they have to make captain/batman win,,!!!and it makes me mad,,

  10. To everyone saying that Iron man wasn’t going all out or that he would win a 1v1 again Cap… I don’t think Cap wasn’t going all out either also at that time he could have summoned Miljonir if he really wanted to end Tony just saying…

  11. What a load of horse shit. The only reason Cap won was because it was his movie and Stark had to take on both him and his boyfriend. Team Stark all day and Cap is a puss puss for traveling back to the late 1940's to have dance and sexytime with first gen feminist "peggy" love to have seen that conversation. "I'm back from the future to dance and 'whatnot' btw I made out with your great niece from the future." Like Peggy's cold hydra-shield ass didn't choke her out in her crib… blow me.

  12. Cap was sitting on him..he could have used his chest blast(don't know what it is called) would have been easy..or

  13. Actually everyone… even if cap had mjolnir iron mad would still destroy him. If u guys remember back from Avengers 1 when iron man and thor fought, thor used lightning on iron man and it charged his suit up to 400% making him way more powerful. So if cap used lightning on iron man, it would just make iron man more powerful.

  14. Wow, Tony took all those hits from Cap but then when Tony analyses his fight pattern Cap goes down in couple of knocks, I was rooting for Tony the whole time honestly and in my opinion, he won that fight

  15. I hate this movie for this one reason. Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing movie but seeing these friends all fight each other like this breaks my heart and makes me think about my friends and what I would be without them. I tear up every time I see these scenes and just wish that we got a real apology scene between Cap and Tony.

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  18. 1:36 I know it’s a suspenseful scene but who else found the shield in iron mans chest sticking out quite funny

  19. Why didn't bucky try to apologize sincerely at least….he tried to shoot him right after…..what a douche

  20. Captain America was right I mean we can’t and don’t blame hawk eye for the people he’s killed and the situation with the wakandas that got killed is nothing like sokovia from stark

  21. This whole fight scene is so fast it says”on your left” to BVS😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Change my mind

    Cap could beat Ironman 1 on 1 if he wasn’t holding back and if friday couldn’t analyze his fight pattern

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