Is Roman Reigns Out For Months? Why Luke Harper Was Set Free! Why Chris Jericho Is Unhappy! WWE News

Is Roman Reigns Out For Months? Why Luke Harper Was Set Free! Why Chris Jericho Is Unhappy! WWE News

>Here is your news for
>March 30, 2020>We’re starting today with
>some worrying news about
>Roman Reigns, as there has >been a lot of concern back
>stage about the Big Dog’s
>future. >Recently, Reigns pulled out
>of his WrestleMania 36
>match against Universal >Champion Goldberg, as due
>to his two battles with
>leukaemia, ******* system >has been compromised,
>making it very *******
>for him to ******* in the current >situation. >On Wrestling Observer Radio,
>Dave Meltzer spoke about
>Roman’s condition, >revealing it may be quite
>some time until the fans see
>the former World Champion >in action. He said: >”I’m sure this isn’t going to
>happen — but, realistically
>he probably shouldn’t be >doing this for a long time.
>This is not about Wrestle
>Mania this is about long after >WrestleMania. Until this thing
>is way under control and I’m
>not talking about it >being in control enough
>where we’re out going to
>restaurants again, but way >under control or there’s
>a *******.”>Hopefully, this current
>situation will be over sooner
>rather than later, but until >then, fans may have to get
>used to a very different
>presentation WWE content, >without one of the
>company’s biggest stars. >Speaking of WrestleMania 36,
>this year’s show has under
>gone some huge changes >over the past few weeks,
>and It looks like yet another
>huge match has had to be >changed due to the
>ongoing situation. >According to Meltzer, when
>The Miz arrived at the
>Performance Center to >compete in the SmackDown
>Tag Team Title Triple
>Threat Ladder match, the >former WWE Champion was
>feeling ill, which caused the
>WWE to drastically >change their match. >Though details are fuzzy as
>there were so few people
>around to leak what >happened, it seems like the
>match was changed to a
>singles contest, presumably >with John Morrison and a
>member of both the Usos
>and the New Day competing. >If this is the case, it’s unclear
>whether the SmackDown
>Tag Team titles were still >on the line, or if the ladder
>match stipulation was still
>in effect, but fans will get >their answers this weekend
>when WrestleMania kicks
>off on April 4th. >Miz’s ******* may have wider
>ramifications on the
>company, as during Wrestling >Observer Radio, Meltzer
>spoke about the concern for
>other Superstars who are ill, >or who have come into
>contact with the A-Lister. >“Buddy Murphy was *******.
>Miz was *******. A lot of people
>brought up that photo with >Miz and Morrison and Zack
>Ryder and Chelsea Green
>like from that week.”>Neither Morrison, Ryder or
>Green have given any
>comment on feeling ill, so it >looks like it’s business as
>usual for the three, at
>least for the time being. >Now, we previously reported
>that WrestleMania being a
>two-night event had >caused a lot of issues for
>Pay Per View providers,
>who weren’t quite sure how >much to charge for the
>biggest showcase of
>the year. >Some places were even
>charging close to $60 night,
>meaning the show would >be a total $120, but now it
>looks like they’ve finally got
>the situation under control. >Whilst Verizon were originally
>charging $59.99 per night,
>that has now changed to >$29.99 per night, whilst
>Comcast, who had night one
>at $39.95 and night two at >$59.95, is now charging
>$34.95 for each night. >Of course, it would be far
>cheaper for fans to get the
>Network, which charges just >$9.99 a month for all their
>content, but for those who
>can’t access the Network for >whatever reasons, at least
>they won’t be paying as
>much for this year’s show as >originally planned. >According to WWE Network
>News, each night of Wrestle
>Mania will be 3 hours 15 >minutes, meaning the
>combined show will last 6
>hours 30, so fans on the>Network will be getting the
>bargain of a lifetime at
>just 9.99 a month >Back to the ring now, and
>ever since he turned heel
>following Survivor Series>2019, Seth Rollins has
>made life miserable for a
>lot of RAW’s roster. >The Architect hasn’t been
>alone in his crusade though,
>as he’s been *******isted by the >AOP and Buddy Murphy,
>but as of right now, there
>is no name for the stable. >Speaking on WWE’s The
>Bump, the Monday Night
>Messiah revealed that he has >been considering names
>for the group, saying: >”I’ve had some cool names
>in the past, so we’ll see
>where it lands. Maybe, post->WrestleMania. But, I’ve
>got some things brewing.”>It will be quite a while until
>fans see the foursome
>together in the ring again>Rezar recently underwent
>shoulder surgery, and it’ll be
>several months before fans >see him, or his tag team
>partner Akam. >Hopefully when Rezar returns,
>things will be back to normal,
>and Rollins will finally >get a name for his stable,
>whatever it may be.>We’re looking at AEW now,
>as the relatively new
>promotion has also been >affected by the current
>ongoing situation around
>the world, but that hasn’t >stopped them from putting
>out content. >Last week’s edition of
>Dynamite ended with Chris
>Jericho and Matt Hardy >segment without a live
>crowd, and whilst the empty
>arena is strange, it did give >AEW the time to tweak
>the segment. >On Wrestling Observer
>Radio, Dave Meltzer
>revealed that the entire>segment was changed,
>thanks to the former AEW
>World Champion. He said: >”They taped that segment
>on Tuesday. Jericho hated
>it. He absolutely hated it. >They were gonna go re-
>tape it on Wednesday. They
>didn’t want to do it live you >can’t do it live. They were
>gonna do it live and out
>doors and then they realized >that it was light out and you
>couldn’t tape in the after
>noon and put it in the show.”>Hardy and Jericho are
>destined to meet in the ring
>again, as the pair will be on >opposing sides in the *******
>and Guts match, but that
>contest was postponed due >to the current ******* situation,
>and it’s unclear when exactly
>it will take place. >With everything that is going
>on in the world, a lot of WWE
>Superstars are being >forced to *******, and
>although there’s plenty to
>keep people occupied in their >own homes, Rusev has had
>an interesting way of
>keeping busy. >On Instagram, the former
>US Champion revealed his
>new shaved head, though >this has been the first time
>in a while fans have seen
>the Bulgarian. >Reportedly at a stand-still
>in contract negotiations,
>Rusev hasn’t been used in >months, and though he
>could have returned as one
>of the many Andre the Giant >Memorial combatants, this
>match, as well the women’s
>WrestleMania battle >Royal won’t be taking place. >It makes sense as having
>these matches would mean
>a lot of people in one area, >which is exactly what the
>******* and the World Health
>Organization has advised >Whilst WWE’s next filming
>date is scheduled for April
>10th, there’s no sign that the >company will bring back the
>newly-bald Rusev for these
>tapings, and it may not be >long until he’s gone from
>the company. >We mentioned that the
>******* and WHO have
>advised against large>gatherings, but during the
>taping for the latest Smack
>Down, it appears >these guidelines weren’t
>followed. >Despite advice that there
>shouldn’t be public gatherings
>of more than ten people, >Dave Meltzer claimed that
>the company surp*******ed
>this number on Wrestling >Observer Radio, saying: >”During that tag match on
>SmackDown, I mean I counted
>13 people in that room, >whatever that is. I just
>noticed that we got three
>people at the announce >announce desk, we got a
>referee, we got a ring
>announcer, we got four >people there and we had a
>couple of people running
>around between >cameramen and sound
>men so they were above
>that number.”>If this is the case, WWE
>should certainly think twice
>before having so many people >in one place, as these
>guidelines are the best
>current method for helping the >world end this unfortunate
>ongoing situation. >We’re going back to AEW,
>as one person who’s made >a huge impression
>recently is Brodie Lee. >After debuting two weeks
>ago as the Exalted One and
>defeating QT Marshall last >week, the future seems
>bright for the former Luke
>Harper, who spoke on Talk is >Jericho about when he knew
>his WWE push was over. >In the interview, Lee spoke
>about a battle royal, which
>would have ended with him >and AJ Styles going over the
>top rope at the same time,
>but it didn’t go according >to plan. >”In the actual execution of it,
>I ******* it up a little bit my
>******* slid on the apron. >Either he touched first or I
>did, but it was obvious that
>one of us touched first.”>“They shot around it and
>they explained that ‘No, no
>they touched at the same >time.’ Then the next week
>AJ who was the heel ended
>up making me tap and >pinning me in the same
>match. Like, they re-
>started the match and >I was like, ‘Yup, this is
>the end.”>This wasn’t all the former
>Intercontinental Champion
>had to say, as Lee also spoke >about his underwhelming
>title reign, describing the
>peak of the 27-day reign >as the Ladder match where
>he lost the gold at TLC
>2014. He said: >“That was kinda like the
>peak, but even then I don’t
>think I won a match on TV >with the belt. I did a bunch
>of DQs, lost a bunch of
>matches, and it was almost>like I lost favor instantly as
>soon as I won the belt. It
>was like, ‘Oh, here >you go,’ and they didn’t
>give me a chance to do
>anything with it.”>It certainly seems like Lee
>doesn’t plan on returning
>to WWE anytime soon, and >it’ll be interesting to see
>how his career in AEW,
>goes from here. >One man who knows Lee
>personally, is Bray Wyatt,
>who is gearing up for a Firefly >Fun House match against
>John Cena at
>WrestleMania. >On Instagram, the 16-time
>World Champion took a shot
>at the Fiend by uploading >a picture of his former
>character Husky Harris, and
>Cena sent his message loud >and clear, even without a
>caption. >Wyatt too has been busy
>on social media in the run
>up to their match, as on >Twitter, he posted what
>appeared to be the eye of
>an angry beast, with the >caption “Let’s take a real
>good look at you
>#KultOfWindham”. >It’s certainly an imposing
>image, as Wyatt has made
>his intentions clear, and fans >will get to see the pair
>collide this weekend at
>WrestleMania. >One person fans won’t see
>this weekend is Andrade,
>as the reigning United States >Champion has been pulled
>from his RAW Tag Team
>title match due to an injury. >During Wrestling Observer
>Radio, Meltzer commented
>on Andrade’s rib injury, >saying although it’s not
>serious, it’s serious enough
>to pull him from the card. >With everything happening
>right now, the company
>can’t take any chances with >this year’s show, and whilst
>Andrade will get his time at
>WrestleMania one day, it >won’t be this year. >From someone who’s missing
>out at appearing at Wrestle
>Mania to a woman who >knows all about the show
>case of the Immortals, as
>Lita did a lot in her career, >which rightly earned her
>her 2014 Hall of Fame
>induction. >Speaking to Alicia Atout
>this week, Lita spoke about
>how much of her career saw >her trapping with the men,
>and admitted she felt bad
>for those who had to work >with her. She said: >”I think I preemptively tip
>toed and thanked and
>apologized in advance>for any man that I was
>having to work with, that
>I was having to bump >for me or make me –prop
>me up like that superhero
>that I got to portray>and I do hope that it was
>perceived. It was delicate
>to balance.”>Whether it be as part of
>Team Xtreme or as a singles
>star, Lita was never afraid to >tussle with her male counter
>parts, as she was a pioneer
>in women’s wrestling, >long before the Revolution
>ever came. >We’re looking at Universal
>champion Goldberg now,
>who has done a lot in WWE, >including face Brock Lesnar
>twice at WrestleMania. >Meeting firstly in 2004, the
>pair had a lengthy, boring
>match, and according to >Goldberg’s Inside the Ropes
>interview, Vince McMahon
>wanted to quote “****” the >both of them after the bell.>Fortunately, the pair had a
>match better match in 2017,
>which helped to undo a >lot of the problems of their
>first encounter, 13 years
>prior. >And finally today we’re
>ending with news from the
>Rock, who fans will remember >defeated Hulk Hogan at
>WrestleMania 18. >During a recent Instagram
>stay at home live chat, the
>People’s Champ said that >the plan was always for him
>to win, but admitted that he
>was nervous that Hogan >would somehow change his
>mind, and go over the much
>younger Brahma Bull. >Thankfully, that didn’t happen,
>as Rock’s win over the
>Hulkster helped cement him >as one of the all time greats,
>and the pair even shared a
>brief talk after the bell. >In that same Instagram live
>chat, Rocky revealed that
>once the got backstage, he >gave Hogan a huge hug,
>and thanked him for
>p*******ing the torch. >Hogan responded by telling
>him “You deserve it brother,
>carry it well”, and the >Great One certainly did that,
>as the Brahma Bull remains
>one of the most beloved >WWE Superstars of all time.

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  1. To be honest, Roman has a valuable reason to stay at home. I do think that every wrestler and backstage worker should get a well deserved break after Mania though.

  2. Roman reigns is doing the right thing in this situation, and I guess he will be out of action for a while, as for AEW I am hoping Brodie wins a single title sooner than later.

  3. if it's true, they should fucking bury the miz, he's annoying at best anyway but coming into work when it's OPTIONAL cause of a goddamn PANDEMIC while sick ?! Fuck nah. Fuck him,.

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