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Here is your news for
April 2 2020 We’re kicking off today with
news from AJ Styles, as the
Phenomenal One prepares for his Boneyard
match against the Undertaker
at WrestleMania. In a recent promo, Styles even
criticized the Deadman’s real-
life wife Michelle McCool, and hinted on an
episode of The Bump that
the former Divas Champion may be the reason her
husband is so angry.
He said: “Michelle, obviously, instead
of taking tips from her
husband, she was obviously, watching me else
where, getting some real
pointers. You know, learning how to do the Styles
Clash as it’s called. Maybe
that’s what he’s so angry about, he was trying to
teach her some things, and
obviously, she learned from the best…
AJ Styles. Styles is certainly not making
any friends on the Road to
WrestleMania, but time will tell whether all this trash-
talking will lead to the two-
time WWE Champion becoming just the third man
ever to defeat the Phenom
at WrestleMania. One name fans won’t see at
this weekend’s show is
Roman Reigns, who has pulled out of his Universal Champion
ship match due to fears over
his compromised immune system. Due to his two battles with
l***********, it’s dangerous
for Roman to travel in the current climate, and Triple H
recently spoke to Ariel
Helwani of ESPN about the matter, saying: Roman has his situation and
his reasons for doing the
things he’s doing, but I will say from our
standpoint and the storyline
standpoint, it’s going to play out in a
unique manner and we
want it to play out that way. I don’t want to give
away the ending of the
movie before the movie takes place. When asked about how quickly
things had changed in WWE,
the King of Kings spoke about how it was during
a show on the 11th of March,
that he questioned Vince McMahon on the
matter. He said: I had mentioned to Vince the
day before [and I said] ‘
maybe we should leave some of this
stuff up just in case
[because] it just seems like things are going in
a weird direction very quickly.
Within a 24 hour period after that,
everything was shutting
down. It has been rumoured that
Braun Strowman will replace
the Big Dog and challenge Universal Champion Goldberg
at WrestleMania, and hopefully
fans will get some answers this Friday on
SmackDown. Speaking of WrestleMania, this
year’s show clearly won’t be
what WWE had planned just a few months ago,
but it may also not look how
fans are expecting either. During the latest edition of
Wrestling Observer Live,
Bryan Alverez spoke about how WWE has the time to make
plenty of edits to the programme,
and gave the example of the recent King
Corbin segment, where he
was shown to be pushing Elias off a great height on
SmackDown. One of the few benefits of
WrestleMania being pre-taped
is that they can edit the show days in advance, though
we’re confident that WWE
would much rather the show be live, in front of tens
of thousands of fans. Now, we all know Vince Mc
Mahon’s mantra that the show
must go on, but in these unpredictable times, that
may be easier said than done. Recently, the state of Florida
issued a stay at home order
which expires on April 9th, leaving WWE free to film
more TV from April 10th, but
if that changes, then it may cause a serious issue
for the company. On Twitter, Wrestle Votes spoke
about rumours circulating
around the Performance Center, saying
that if another stay at home
order was put in place, then the WWE would possibly
take a break from TV after
WrestleMania. This report also added that if
the WWE does have to take
a pause, then some footage already shot for the
April 6th RAW may not be
used after all. As of right now, the company
has this weekend’s event
and the RAW after Mania filmed, but time will tell whether
fans get much more WWE
TV this time next week. With RAW and SmackDown
possibly cancelled, and
WWE not doing any live events for the entire month of April,
it’s hardly surprising that the
Superstars are worried about their futures. According to a report by
Wrestling News, several stars
are worried, and whilst main eventers and even mid-
card talent don’t seem too
concerned, those lower on the card aren’t confident
in their futures. The report
reads: One wrestler in WWE told me,
“I think guys know they can’t
depend on AEW as their safety net because they
are going through their
issues with canceled shows. This will be tough for a lot of
guys and for a lot of people
in the wrestling business overall.” It’s interesting that some WWE
Superstars have considered
AEW to be their safety net, but with the relatively new
promotion also cancelling
events, and indie shows not happening either, these
next few months will be a very
stressful time for many Superstars. We’ve got some good news
now, as despite everything
that is going on in the world of wrestling, the WWE
Superstars are finding a new
interesting way to keep busy. This week, the WWE will launch
their new Dream Match Mania,
which will see stars from different eras face
off in WWE 2K20, with the
match also being commentated on by Superstars. The first episode will take place
today at 1pm Eastern on the
WWE Network and the company’s social media
channels, and there’s plenty of
huge matches for fans to see. From The Rock Vs. Roman
Reigns commented on by the
Usos, to Charlotte Vs Beth Phoenix commented by the
Queen and the Glamazon
herself, there’s plenty of dream matches for fans to see. We’re heading over to AEW
now, as this week’s edition
of Dynamite saw Brodie Lee take another swipe at
Vince McMahon. After parodying the WWE
CEO’s disdain for sneezing
last week, the former Luke Harper insisted that his Dark
Order followers call him Mr.
Brodie this week, and told them to repeat the
phrase “We are one” to
his satisfaction. This is seemingly a shot at
McMahon, who is known for
telling commentators to use certain phrases over and
over again, and Lee wasn’t
finished taking shots at his former boss. After one follower caught
yawning, the Exalted One
questioned why they were tired, saying it shows weakness,
which many have seen as a dig
of McMahon who detests weakness, and its not
uncommon for McMahon, and
his writers to stay up until early in the morning
working. Fans will have to wait until next
week’s Dynamite to see what
Lee does next, but it’s seems clear that the former
WWE Superstar is more than
happy out of the company.
From one former Superstar with
an axe to grind to another now,
as Ryback Reeves hasn’t had many good things
to say about WWE since his
2016 departure. On his podcast, the Big Guy
spoke about walking out of
the company, and revealed a plan he pulled off to
make sure WWE paid him in
the months between him walking out, and his
eventual release. He said: I walked out in May and my
contract wasn’t up until
August, they and I already knew my gameplan
because I knew I could fall
on injury pay. At the time though, I had
not gotten any work done. I just walked out and they tried to
suspend my pay two weeks
later and they said, ‘We’re not going to
pay you if you’re not sitting
at home,’ and I said, ‘F**k you, I’m hurt.
’ I had a ruptured eardrum
and a nose that I never got fixed. So I
made them fix my ear and
nose and then I got put on injury pay right
away. I got paid and I stayed
on the injured list and I didn’t get
cleared until the day my
contract expired It was a savvy move by Ryback,
who has quietly transitioned
away from the ring, and like Lee, seems much
happier outside of WWE. Back to the current WWE roster
now, as though there was a time
when it looked like Sasha Banks would be
gone, the Boss is clearly
here to stay. Recently, rumours circulated
that the Boss would face her
friend and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley in
a singles match at Wrestle
Mania, and though the pair will face-off this weekend,
it will be in a five-woman match. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer said that the
plan was for the two best friends to face off, but
said “They thought it was
too soon,” but didn’t specify who “they” was. It’s likely that WWE will
eventually have Banks and
Bayley face off, but the question remains whether either
woman will hold the SmackDown
Women’s Championship after
WrestleMania. More Mania news now, as this
year’s show will be hosted by
NFL star Rob Gronkowski, and whilst we don’t
know what he’ll do, Triple H has
teased something big. In the interview
with ESPN, he said: “People have said ‘what are
your plans for Gronk?’ I said
we don’t have plans for Gronk, Gronk has plans for us…
I think he’s going to do some
really cool stuff that people will be shocked that he
actually does. I think that the
event itself will be spectacular while obviously
not in a stadium with
70-80,000 people.” In that same interview, the
Game also spoke about the
much smaller showcase of the Immortals, adding: “The look and the feel will be
phenomenal. I think that talent
really stepped up to bring the energy and the
excitement knowing how
important this was.” One thing we know is that this
year’s show will be one to
remember, and it’ll be interesting to see what kind
of production the company
pulls off for this weekend’s event. We’ve got some good news in
this unpredictable time, as
nine years after commenting on It on RAW, it
looks like CM Punk will finally
gethis WWE Ice-Cream Bars. Whilst these new bars won’t
include a stick, they will feature
Ice-cream between two cookies, with the first wave
including pictures of Roman
Reigns, John Cena, Macho Man Randy Savage
and Becky Lynch printed
on them. At just 150 calories per bar,
these will be a great treat
for any WWE fans, especially as Summer
approaches. We’re heading back to AEW
now, as Jon Moxley is set to
defend his World Championship in two weeks. On Dynamite, Moxley will defend
the title against the Inner Cirlce’s
Jake Hager, and this will be a No Holds
Barred match. Though the match will take
place at AEW’s undisclosed
location, which they are using to prevent fans gathering,
this has caused some unique
problems for wrestlers. Fightful Select have reported
that many wrestlers haven’t
been able to make the shows due to travel issues,
saying: “AEW travel is still being figured
out for some for this week’s
episode of Dynamite. There were several
members of the roster from
New York and California who couldn’t make
the trip in last week, and this
week the show is filming from an undisclosed
location. With the TNT Championship
tournament set to take place
over the next few weeks, time will tell who will be
able to make it, as the
company builds towards their Double or Nothing Pay
Per View on May 23rd. Back to WWE now, and this
week’s edition of NXT featured
a huge triple threat match over the North
American title. Despite the odds being against
him, Keith Lee was able to
retain over Damian Priest and Dominik Dijakovic,
and that wasn’t the only
huge win of the night. In a second-chance Gauntlet
match to enter the Women’s
Number one contender ladder match, it was Dakota
Kai who earned a spot in the
6-woman match, despite Shotzi Blackheart eliminating
every other partipant in the
Gauntlet match other than Kai. Now, the Kiwi joins Chelsea
Green, Tegan Nox, Candice
LeRae, Mia Yim and Io Shirai in the match, where the
winner will be the number
one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. More AEW news now, as this
week saw Lance Archer’s long-
awaited debut, who didn’t disappoint. Defeating Marko Stunt with
ease, Archer will now look
ahead to the TNT Championship tournament,
as he’ll face Colt Cabana
in the first round. After an impressive tenure in
companies such as TNA and
New Japan, Archer has all the skills to become a big
name in AEW, and time will
tell whether the former WWE Superstar becomes the
very first AEW TNT Champion. Now, we all know that over the
years, many wrestlers have
tried their hands at acting, and now it seems that
Sonya Deville is looking to
follow in the footsteps of John Cena and The Rock. In an interview with Digital Spy,
the SmackDown Superstar
revealed her plans, saying: “Recently I’ve been going out
to LA and trying to just dive
into Hollywood. It’s something that coincides well
with WWE with the likes of
John Cena and The Rock being super successful in both
and I would love to be a female
that can do the same.” As she’s a relatively fresh face
in WWE’s Women’s Division,
it’ll probably be a while until Deville makes the
jump, but given her recent
performances in the Otis- Mandy Rose-Dolph Ziggler
storyline, she certainly has
the acting chops to make it in Hollywood. And finally today, we’re ending
with news from Kelly Kelly, as
the former Divas Champion spoke about her
title win over Brie Bella in
2011. Speaking to Chris Van Vliet,
Kelly recalled that it was a
People Power fan-vote that gave her the opportunity, saying: It was either me, Eve Torres,
or Beth Phoenix and we
didn’t know up until — but we knew who was
gonna win was gonna win
the belt off of Brie Bella. So, right until five
seconds before my name
was called, that’s when we knew.” “I just remember my name
being called and I was
so emotional and that’s why I was crying. It was
like all this hard work paid
off the office recognized, the fans
were so happy.” Kelly would ultimately lose the
title to the Glamazon a few
months later, though the former Superstar would
make history, becoming the
first female 24/7 Champion, years later.

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