Its been 3 years – WWE Champions

Its been 3 years – WWE Champions

Shelton Benjamin the next free superstar
we are going to have this poster for the next month and scope Leigh is
celebrating this game’s third year anniversary so there is something wrong
with his 3d model I feel like it’s this portion right here and his posters
poster actually looks good as you can see this is a modern era powerhouse the
slot for me has been already taken by Dean Ambrose because of his Bunton
multiplied into blasts tchen move because of the uprising of the
multiplier jump characters I think he is going to be useful at some point so I’m
working on him for the modern era so he is Shelton Benjamin is also a blast jump
guy and seems like he is kind of a recycler I don’t know he has three star
and four star move and maybe I will see in the load section if he appears to get
his moves but this is the kind of trainer that I feel like I did it
shouldn’t be bothered about currently it the series is continuing with all these
trainers having Bustan jumps in purple and black is kind of useful with
strikers tricksters and also some powerhouses so maybe this is a good
combo but 20% at max is something I don’t think is useful yet get it to 35%
of 40% then we are talking anyways Moe said might be good with this tag
link generating green jumps and with reserve it might fill up the board with
cable it he might be a good tag team let’s see if he is available right now no I don’t think he is yet I think after
this Royal Rumble contest he is going to appear anyways I thought I saw him here
and maybe that’s just an early pop-up without the load okay there is and this
is going to direct you to nowhere okay the load isn’t up yet and he is just
appearing at the home screen he is going to be a free superstar for the next
month it’s just that I’m not that excited about is training ability and
there’s another superstar which is going to be I think one of the major superstars to be featured and he is
under Adi so today is he and almas he is another aggressive Acrobat with mmm I’m
already kind of annoyed by his short animation loop you
can see right there yeah is another character with a multiplier and what
turns out is here 8 8 times it multiplies I think at max it’s going to
be 8 so he is a multiplier character at 8 times is a huge deal so all these
acrobats coming up with multipliers that’s why for the modern era powerhouse
I think I will be working on being the return to society 1 I already felt good
when I fought against Luke Harper so anyways are talking about Andrade he is
multiplier guy and somewhere if Matt Hardy works on him he is going to be
like 11 12 13 or something multiplier and here is his coaching ability I was
wondering where these purple initial trance trainer is and here he is and
that is a good voicing ability and here is gear also gives bonus of multiplier
into 3 that is going to be 11 turns xi multiplied to any gym so he is going to
be a good character and every Acrobat I introduced is always looking like it’s
better than all the rest and answer to them is only going to be Dean Ambrose I
guess have you guys see in this silhouette before it seems
fear to me it’s changed maybe maybe it’s a new Goldberg are large Sullivan
alright forgot to talk about this I made a video of my top 10 superstars that I
wanted to see this year and when the blog post came about the Hall of Fame
Eddie Guerrero he was a trickster but apparently he is a technician in the
game technician is fine I guess for him and is good but not gettable without
real money’s maybe someday I’m still waiting for a rule like ruthless
aggression character that is going to be a trickster just they just introduced ID
so it will take some time I guess anyways I had my hopes up when
he was a trickster ready on the blog but he is he him to be a technician and it
was I guess ruthless aggression and he is going to be a trickster anyways alright so the next contest is going to
be the third year celebration and for the current one the flash feud is
ongoing the feuds has their own price wall the word is that this price wall
will have some offers that you can exchange with feuding gods and for a
short amount of time we are going to see some good offers so keep an eye on the
on the prize wall and every feud is going to give us in watts so the rank
your faction is you are going to get the number of in gods to use it on the prize
wall so I see some decent offers from the
price we also keep an eye on that and I my only short-term targets right now is
5-star silver tokens so if I see that I can get at least to one or two five-star
silver tokens in this contest I am going to use that for this contest there’s
also a mini talent of sort of things so next month I’m not all excited already
because of the Shelton Benjamin move set and trading ability as I already told in
this video so I may use my talent up right in this feud contest
I am not sure yet if I do it you guys will see it in the next video or maybe I
will be waiting for another good opportunity so I’ll be holding on to
those coins and cash and all those resource and it was guys I just wanted
to make it this short video because I haven’t uploaded for a while I was just
waiting for the Royal Rumble to pass because I don’t see any value in
participating in this one you will lose more resources and all the rewards are
not that good to get from it so I’ve been waiting next third year anniversary
contest might be good I’m not sure we have all the info on the blog but still
I am waiting for the milestone breakdown so that I can see it through as I said
this flash shoot might give me some 5-star silver tokens if the info is
correct even the price wall is going to give us some five-star silver tokens so
do look out for it and it is on the 4th flash feud that we are going to see a 5
stars silver token pop-up or maybe is completely wrong info but do check it
out and that’s about it for this video guys
I’ll see you in the next video until then have a nice day stay subscribed and
stay safe bye bye

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  1. It's normal event like every month…. they should have brought something new for the anniversary. Instead they are failing continuously to entertain us in any way

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