Jeff Hardy MISSING WrestleMania! Kurt Angle Talks WWE Wrestling RETURN! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

Jeff Hardy MISSING WrestleMania! Kurt Angle Talks WWE Wrestling RETURN! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Dónde Está El Generico? For over a decade, from 2002 to 2013, the
independent wrestling scene was ruled by one mysterious luchador – the enigmatic El Generico. He wrestled for PWG, Chikara, Ring of Honor,
Dragon Gate, Evolve and more – holding major championships across multiple promotions. But on January 9th, 2013, the man vanished
from the circuit, disappearing into legend, never to be heard from again. recently caught up with Sami Zayn,
who coincidentally signed with NXT on January 9th 2013, and asked if he – or any other independent
wrestlers from that time – had heard from that most generic of luchadors; especially
because of the rumors that, at one point, El Generico actually trained Zayn to wrestle:
“There’s a lot of parallels between my style and his, I suppose, but I never actually
met the man. But from what I hear I think he’s still
running an orphanage, still fighting the good fight in Mexico. That’s as far as I know.” Dónde está la biblioteca, El Generico. Dónde Está la biblioteca. I don’t know what that means. We might not be getting an El Generico wrestling
return any time soon… Kurt Angle Teases Wrestling Return
…but Kurt Angle remains hopeful about his in WWE. Kurt’s big WWE return – a comeback over
a decade in the making – hasn’t yet transitioned into an actual in-ring one, being the non-wrestling
General Manager of Raw since April. For a couple of months between May and July,
though, it seemed WWE were building towards a Kurt return match at Summerslam, with a
‘scandal that could ruin his career’. But it just turned out he has an illegitimate
son, conveniently portrayed by Smackdown wrestler Jason Jordan. But Kurt still thinks the storyline could
end up in him wrestling again. Speaking to Fox Sports Australia, Angle revealed
that while he still hasn’t taken a physical to be cleared to return to the ring, he is
part of WWE’s Wellness Policy. “I haven’t taken the physical to wrestle
but the drug testing — I’m part of that… if you’re a talent, you’re involved in
everything. You can get drug tested at any point in time.” This seems rather bizarre, as it’s hard
to imagine other recent WWE authority figures like Daniel Bryan or Mick Foley being subject
to the same wrestling roster drugs tests. Perhaps WWE are exercising extra caution with
Angle, who’s overcome a publicly documented struggle with drug addiction in recent years,
which is one of the main reasons WWE let him go in 2006 – which Kurt noted in the interview:
“Vince is making sure I’m in a position where I can do this and he can rely on me. I understand that it’s a process and I have
to wait for my turn.” A turn, he thinks, which will be the payoff
to the scandal that could ruin him. “I would say I will most likely wrestle… It’s up to Vince McMahon. I’d imagine the storyline is going to go
somewhere with Jason Jordan, so I’m just being patient and enjoying the general manager
job.” Jeff Hardy Injury Update
Jeff Hardy has reportedly been working injured since July, and his right shoulder finally
gave way several weeks ago on Raw. He underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff
earlier this week. PWInsider have since reported that Hardy is
now expected to be out between 6 to 9 months, meaning even at the early estimates, he’ll
most likely miss WrestleMania 34. If only his brother had a DELIGHTFULLY successful
gimmick to fall back on. Have the results for Hell in a Cell been leaked? And which huge WCW show is returning to WWE? Click the videos to the left to find out more,
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100 thoughts on “Jeff Hardy MISSING WrestleMania! Kurt Angle Talks WWE Wrestling RETURN! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

  1. Gutted for Jeff, if I recall, didn’t WWE know about his injury in the first place? Silly of them to have risked it so long.

  2. Donde, está, la biblioteca. Me llamo T-Bone La araña discoteca.
    Discoteca, muñeca, La biblioteca Está en bigotes grandes, el perro, manteca.
    Manteca, bigotes, gigante, pequeño, la cabeza es nieve, cerveza es bueno.
    Buenos dias, me gusta papas frías, los bigotes de la cabra Es Cameron Diaz.

  3. WTF the motherfucka just come back at this Wrestlemania and now he is missing next Wrestlemania 34. I'm so shocked by this news.

  4. Omg if jeff doesnt return hen wwe will make matt team with jason jordan which is the last thibg i wish to see pls dont do that wwe make Matt an individual wrestler

  5. OMG Ollie! Can you imagine how many negative f**ks Daniel Bryans will give if WWE lets Kurt Angle wrestle and not him?! I think we may be looking into triple digits! Thanks for the news guys.


  7. Hey Oli Freakin Davis. Is this true given the track record that WWE has with extending the length of how long injuries take time to heal Or could Jeff Hardy's injury is actually a work since I keep getting ads every week that the Hardy Boyz will be in action at Starcade?

  8. The legendary Roman Reigns will get every single finisher twice, and still kick out, but he will hit one superman punch and finish the entire roster.

  9. This "Dirt Sheet Era" of WWE is making things worse for wwe, too much behind the scenes, it just makes the product way worse

  10. The PWG skits with Kevin Steen, El Generico and Kenny Omega are great. Those guys had so much chemistry in-ring and outside the ring.

  11. ahhh good ol generio, heard he went up to northern Canada to be a hermit and watch hockey and cheer on the montreal canadiens…..

  12. Yet again why would you leak this you are ruining wrestling!!! Boycott this channel. You act like you care about the business but you care more about your subscribers. Why would you leak a spoiler alert on a show and a business that needs the surprises to keep it entertaining!! Wrestletalk is not cool, it is the enemy…

  13. Donde Esta La Biblioteca
    I've never popped so hard for a reference before. Loved it. Good job Oli. < for those who don't get it.

  14. Top drug addicts in the WWE 1.Dean Ambrose 2. Jeff Hardy 3. Sami Zayn 4. Luke Harper 5.booker t.6. Enzo, 7. Page 8. Bailey 9. Shane McMahon 10. James Ellsworth.

  15. Return of the Nexus ? with Matt as leader and I'll be a trio 😀

    Shelton Benjamin ( Michael Tarver)
    Matt Hardy (Wade Barrett)
    Andrade "Cien" Almas (David Otunga)

  16. El generico is sami zayn, look at the chest hair and beard. Also, zayn has a high flyer style which all luchadors on the indie circuit are high flyers.

  17. It's going to be exactly like the last few pre order bonuses of the 2k games. Once the game comes out then Kurt's in ring return will be teased and at the height of its popularity he'll be back in the ring.

  18. When Jeff comes back I wanna hear his old theme. No more words.
    Let Matt and Jeff be their own characters and split them up

  19. My hope for angles return is that it's revealed Stephanie macmahon/triple h got Corey graves to get in the ear of Jordan, convince him to dupe angle and ditch gable for the sake of a big push.
    Later steph and trips reveal they ordered Corey to do it (job threatened or this could be used to turn Corey full heel commentator) to see if kurt would immediately push a supposed son (which he then did) and maybe trips challenges kurt to a mania match for control of raw!
    Jordan (as heel) then becomes triple H's new attack dog guy, receiving a push still but as an evil, scheming suplex machine with triple H's 2000 attitude but brocks 2002 physicality!
    Maybe it even turns out chad gable is actually his son (hence the switch and scandal = kurt was a hound in college) since gable looks, behaves and wrestles just like kurt angle, even doing moonsaults and the ankle (angle) lock before obviously being told not to (too obvious) then put with Benjamin who will also turn heel gaining sympathy for gable.

  20. Really hope Jeff returns as a singles guy he's only 40 he's still got a good 6 to 8 maybe 10 years left as a top guy

  21. rumour has it that the Las Vegas shooter asked to walk with Elias when SmackDown was in town but Elias ignored him and drifted away.

  22. Who cares. All talk. Wwe is all talk and im sick of it. Havn't watched anything other than ppvs and highlights.
    Bulletclub in wwe? Nothings happened for about 2 years now.
    Balor club? Where are ya?
    Broken gimmick is never happening apparently.
    They had an amazing cruiserweight classic and now vince has turned the division into a joke. Commentary sucks aside from nxt.
    Part timers are champ most of the time.
    Daniel bryan and kurt angle are general managers..
    Wwe is just trying to kill itself and its fanbase.

  23. I hope Matt ends up winning the IC title. Jeff comes vack and is jealous of Matts success. They feud leading to a tlc match where winner keeps the belt, loser leaves raw. Matt looses and goes tp smackdown eventually to win the wwe championship

  24. I wouldn't read too much into Angle being subject to the wellness policy. Referee Mike Chioda was suspended for violating it.

  25. Jesus 6 to 9 months I so hope they'll test Matt better then until Jeff returns… because rigjt now random tagging with Jason Jordan ain't doing it for him

  26. If Kevin Owens is going to go against HHH at WM then I would imagine if Angle gets a match on the card it would be against someone like Rollins.

  27. Well here we are. Kurt Angle replaces Roman Reigns to team with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins at TLC. And AJ Styles takes on Finn Balor.
    Meningitis may just have increased interest in WWE by tenfolds.

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