John Cena Returning To WWE Smackdown!? Top NXT Star Injured… | WrestleTalk News May 2017

John Cena Returning To WWE Smackdown!? Top NXT Star Injured… | WrestleTalk News May 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis. Braun Strowman might be a Monster Among Men
in the professional wrestling ring, but outside…he’s actually a really, really nice guy. The Abominable Strowman has spoken to The
Ringer, where he self-deprecatingly explained the Superman tattoo on his right arm – it
was the first ink he ever got, and has since had it expanded “because it’d look like
a zit on my arm nowadays” – and revealed who would win in a fight between himself and
Little Mermaid villain Ursula: “If she gets her hands on me, I might be in trouble…and
I might like it!” Just to remind everyone what Little Mermaid
villain Ursula looks like, here’s a picture of Braun’s secret Disney crush. Fit. To cap off his weekend of kayfabe destroying
interviews, Braun has shared a fan-made poster on his Instagram to wish everyone a happy
Memorial Day Weekend – a parody of the iconic US Army recruitment poster, with Braun photoshopped
in for Uncle Sam and the caption ‘I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!’ Strowman was originally planned to be taking
on The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire – still an actual pay-per-view
name – but his minor elbow surgery has required WWE to rewrite Raw’s top programme. Sadly, one of the top feuds in NXT might also
need delaying because of injury. NXT TakeOver: Chicago ended with Tommaso Ciampa
cruelly turning on his best friend and tag team partner Johnny Gargano following their
ladder match loss against the Authors of Pain. It was emotionally devastating and I don’t
want to talk about it. Ciampa appeared to pick up an injury at a
house show just days before his NXT TakeOver turn, with fans tweeting that the referee
threw up the ‘X’ hand sign – the signal to notify backstage officials an injury is
legitimate – while Ciampa yelled “get me outta here”. Ciampa wrestled at NXT TakeOver anyway, but
according to PWInsider, he suffered another injury during the main event. It turns out Ciampa will need to undergo surgery
on his ankle, and was scheduled in for the procedure at Birmingham, Alabama late last
week. This is a real shame for NXT’s hottest blood
feud, with the Ciampa/Gargano story having to take a hiatus immediately after its emotionally
devastating heel turn. Ciampa did appear at last Wednesday’s NXT
TV tapings using crutches, where he cut a promo on why he attacked his former best friend
– and that when he returns from injury, he promises to be the most dangerous person in
professional wrestling. He’ll have some competition, though! John Cena hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since
he proposed to Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania 33, taking two months off to work on various
non-WWE projects, one being reality show American Grit, which Cena wrapped production on at
the weekend. “Taking a second to regroup and recharge. Finishing up a wonderfully funny project in
Atlanta, then a trip back home is long overdue @WWE”
The ‘funny project in Atlanta’ is most likely The Pact, which will be released next
year. But something else is going down in Atlanta
on Tuesday night – this week’s episode of Smackdown Live. Cena is currently only being advertised for
the 4th July episode of Smackdown, which Sportskeeda claim is to give the typically low holiday
rating a boost. But with WWE viewership declining to record
levels since Wrestlemania, perhaps Cena is being called back even earlier than the July
date. Is Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion good or bad
for Smackdown Live? Luke Owen and I attempt a calm and measured
debate answering just that. And there’s been an update on the $1 million
wrestling return offer to CM Punk. Click the videos to the left to find out more,
press subscribe, and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “John Cena Returning To WWE Smackdown!? Top NXT Star Injured… | WrestleTalk News May 2017

  1. I fucking love Braun Strowman, I think he should be the top face of the company, people love him and he's really funny too, then they can turn reigns heel, Braun would sell millions of 'I'm not finished with you' tshirts with that 'uncle Braun' design

  2. Tbh..cena should return as heel just like Hollywood Rock and feud with every guy in roster and finally with shinsuke or AJ

  3. Jesus Christ 90% of wrestling fans are so fucking cringy just read this comment section to see what I mean

  4. Tbh if John comes back just to beat jinder and become a 17x world champion he can stay away because his title run is going to be boring similar to Randy's recent title run they should make rusev beat hinder for the title

  5. I wish there was a way to block channels and never see content. I don't know which is more annoying… WrestleTalk or Annoying Orange…

  6. cm punk return conformed by because wwe put the profile of cm punk back on the their official website in the gallery.

  7. I give you a thumbs up every time you do your Braun voice. Too funny. I don't which is better ,,, Marese doing Nikki Bella or Oli doing Braun. It's a toss up.

  8. Wwe should book sd live like that : mitb jinder wins and rusev attacks him while in the ladder match nakamura wins after that on the next smackdown PPV (battleground) rusev wins jinder for the title and jinder gets a rematch at summer slam in a triple threat with jinder and Orton who didn't get his rematch but rusev after the match nakamura comes in and cash in and becomes the new WWE he starts a feud with rusev who fought him after that on smackdown and wins (non-title match) so he demands a title shot at survivor series and loses and then john cena came in the ring while nakamura was celebrating his win and attacking nakamura ,turning heel in the process.and all of that leads up for a no holds barred match at the royale rumble in which nakamura emerge victorious and after that at the royal rumble cena enters at #29 and starts fighting and suddenly at #30 AJ STYLES come back and stuns everybody (because he had a storyline injury) and the 2 fight off until they are the last two,aj try to do a forearm but cena reverse it onto an AA and tries to eliminate aj but Aj reverse it and eliminate cena and wins .so nakamura and Aj will fight in the wrestlemania 34 main event and the ending is : AJ tries to do a phenomenal forearm but at the last second nakamura reverse with a KINSHASA AND at 2.9sec aj kick out so nakamura gets crazy and go for another Kinshasa but aj reverses it ,nakamura directly goes on the middle rope to do a Kinshasa from there but Styles runs directly at him strike him a bit and attempts a styles clash from the top or middle rope and get the win and the title

  9. i take Cena literally when he says he's taking some time to regroup and recharge. i truly believe that his mansion is a giant battery terminal in disguise, and that he has to return home once a year so that he can plug himself into a port and recharge for a month or so. the patterns in his time off match up perfectly with this theory. look, here's the working theory;

    he started off wrestling as "the prototype" because he was an escaped government prototype of an A.I. Cyborg that went rogue to pursue its passion in a career of wrestling, after one night it stumbled upon some night shift guards at Area 51 rewatching the 1992 royal rumble match and drinking some beer. He escaped, made his way to OVW and had no concept of gimmicks, truly thinking wrestling was real, he introduced himself as the prototype (what they referred to him as at area 51) and everyone thought he was just some freakish weirdo who was method acting. until one day, Vince McMahon figured out that his gimmick was actually based on reality! so he then Bill Cosby'd Cena and reprogrammed him to be cross between vanilla ice, Hulk Hogan and JFK; to be the perfect WWE style wrestler, with devout loyalty to "the business"…

    (and possibly to be a big sweaty pleasuring man bot.) but that last part
    is just speculation with almost definite probability. And John Cena was
    the name that they gave him.

    And as far as Nikki Bella goes, she's the product of some random little
    girl, her barbie doll, and 8 candles that the little girls' mother
    bought from a gypsy on her 8th birthday. So you can kind of see where
    their attraction to one another stems from.

  10. Can Cena just stay away please! It's bad enough that we get the so called Roman Empire shoved down our throats….

  11. John cena great awesome he's returning back , and probably going to get another title shot he's the only person who ruins WWE

  12. Probably because Smackdown is kind of lacking direction at the moment. Nobody is ever going to give a fuck about juicer mahal. Nobody but Vinniemac.

  13. Braun Strowman is RAW. He was the only entertaining aspect of the show. I could care less about RAW now

  14. Ciampa should've just disappeared. making it look like he is ignoring Gargano. Gargano could come out getting madder every week and finally Ciampa returns and beats him down again

  15. just in time to stop people bitching about Jinder and happy cena is champ again, then back to bitching about cena being champ again and break flairs record


    I swear..If it's Hideo again…

    Watches the video

    Oh thank goodness….NOOOO CIAMPA!!!

  17. wwe is starting to be boring now it is like nothing ever changes i miss the attitude era and the ruthless aggression era this era now is just wack

  18. I would never watch WWE if this jobber John Cena returns. It is time for him to returns. Fans do not want this long time jobber back. Serious John Cena would make the rating hit an ultra all-time low unless he is a heel. Jinder Mahal is a GOD and Cena is NOT.

  19. braun strowman has ZERO credibility when it comes to being in character. I had high hopes for him to become that monster heel this side of The Giant in WCW, now…. all he does is thanking people on social media and posing with roman reigns when they did that tour in Rome. so fuck him.

  20. teases WWE return? john cena has the most 'returns of anyone I've seen in WWE, it's never interesting, it's never surprising, it's always lame and unwanted

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