Johnny Gargano ambushes Aleister Black in NXT shocker: WWE NXT, Oct. 24, 2018

Johnny Gargano ambushes Aleister Black in NXT shocker: WWE NXT, Oct. 24, 2018

[SOUND] [INAUDIBLE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>And this is Aleister Black! [INAUDIBLE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Where is he? Where is he? Where is he! You tell me where he’s at! [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s Johnny Gargano.>>[APPLAUSE]>>I’m right here.>>[APPLAUSE]

100 thoughts on “Johnny Gargano ambushes Aleister Black in NXT shocker: WWE NXT, Oct. 24, 2018

  1. In a way i'm glad Johnny attacked Aleister, at this point in time his career needs it, now let us all hope and pray that they DO NOT WASTE IT!!!

  2. Black Just Murdered Everyone In The Back Just So He Could Fade To Gargano ! Heel Johnny Is Gonna Be Something Special

  3. Becky: I had the best heel turn
    Dean: Hold my beer!
    Gargano: No. Hold mine.
    Ciampa: Keep talking. We all know I had the best heel turn.
    All: VINCE!

  4. Now this is how you do a backstage brawl and most importantly, a confrontation in the wrestling ring. I mean, Raw and SmackDown creative better take notes.

  5. So Gargano, after all that Ciampa has done to him, just chooses to randomly turn heel on Aleister.. What's the point lol.

  6. Aleister : Candice, I need your help..he's in grave danger-

    Candice : From Ciampa?

    Aleister : From himself…Candice, Johnny has turned to the dark side.

  7. This was so messy I didn’t even know he heel turned like seriously heel turned I just thought he got angry and attacked him or sum

  8. Is it me or is it the fact that at 0:14 is funny as hell, seeing Nikki telling regal look and Lars shoving velveteen down lol

  9. All this shows is that johnny was too weak to get it done his way an he is to weak to even get it done ciampa’s way great performer but hes destined for 205 live

  10. You know what I think Johnny gargano was too scared to face aliester black so he decided to cheat to let Tommaso the winner so he could face tommaso

  11. Looking back at this I noticed a small detail that just adds up to WWE doing thing right in NXT and absolutely wrong in the main roster…what happened here when Johnny superkicked Alisteir? What did the announcer said? Just "it's Johnny Gargano" in an astonished tone of voice….and then nothing else, just letting the moment play itself out and the fans filling the blanks. You know what would have happened if it was the main roster? Cole, Graves and Renee would have started talking over the moment, stating the obvious over and over again, started arguing and talking over each other and ruin everything for the viewer.

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