76 thoughts on “Keith Lee consoles Jordan Myles after heartbreaking loss: NXT Exclusive, Sept. 4, 2019

  1. Mr. Myles knows how to do a sad expression on camera. And Keith Lee is the big brother to cheer Jordan up.
    I'm my thoughts: God, I hope Lee doesn't turn on him.

  2. I appreciate this segment but I feel like I'm the only one that see this to be an unnecessary push for a team up. If the nxt championship is the number one belt in nxt, then let Keith Lee (after gaining some wins first) go for it. And have Jordan Myles (after gaining a bigger following) go after the nxt NA championship

  3. It's a damn shame, adam cole screws that on nxt, regal and ACH too.
    This was all throwback that mr mcmahon screws stone cold.
    NXT gets sucks even shayna baszler suck like Brock.

  4. We all knew there was no way he was winning tonight but were still hoping he would be able to put on a good match (not that that's hard to do with Adam Cole) but holy hell did he deliver. With the show moving to two hours they're gonna need more stars and he is no doubt going to be pushed to the moon.

  5. Adam Cole(C) Vs Jordan Myles Vs Keith Lee Triple Threat For The NXT Championship Match In WWE NXT Takeover WarGames 3

  6. Not only is Keith Lee great in the ring, but he's surprisingly good at promos too. I want to say there's no way Vince can screw this up, but he'll probably find a way.

  7. Keith is turning heel then 🙄

    One problem I have with NXT is they bring is a great talent people get behind it and then suddenly somone else comes in and they are dropped to obscurity.

    Big fan of this guy sort it out and do somthing meaningful with him rather than let him job to the likes of Priest and Dijakovic who are just generic bland Gangrel and Koslov redesigns

  8. I didnt know who this guy was until the breakout tournament and when I watched him I knew he was going somewhere. I hope he has a great NXT Career

  9. "I know you dont have the words now….."
    OH…just wait till that T-shirt comes out…he'll have ALL the words….

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