Kevin Owens is willing to quit if “disgusting” Shane McMahon wins at SummerSlam!

Shane, I know you plan on
addressing me on SmackDown Live, so I figured I would address you, right here, right now because I have this overwhelming
need to tell you that as a human being, I consider you to be nothing more than
a disgusting, rotting piece of garbage. But I actually think you’re even
worse than that as a businessman. Because we know what’s about to happen
Summer Slam is right around the corner. And before we know it, you’re gonna announce yourself in a match
at Summer Slam, but when you do that, why don’t you put yourself in
a match at Summer Slam against me? Because SmackDown Live has
been a one man show for far too long now and Tuesday nights have
become nothing more than a vehicle for you to come out and
tell everybody how great you are and to feed your own giant ego and for
you to belittle everybody around you. And quite frankly, I can’t take any more,
makes me sick, makes me wanna throw up and I just can’t. I just can’t take it anymore,
sorry about this. You take this match at Summer Slam, Shane, and if you beat me I’ll quit, I’ll leave.

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