Kevin Owens QUITS WWE RAW! Trish Stratus RETURNS TO WWE! | WWE Raw, Aug. 27, 2018 Review

Braun Strowman makes his Money in the Bank
cash in official for Hell in a Cell! Trish Stratus returns to WWE! And so does Kevin
Owens… to then announce he’s quitting. I’m Oli Davis, give us a subscribe, press
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the 27th August, 2018 edition of Monday Night Raw …in about 4 minutes. Roman Reigns opened Raw by issuing an open
challenge for his Universal Title – proving that age old saying, you wait ages for a Universal
Title defence, and then you get three in quick succession in an attempt to get Roman cheered.
Braun Strowman came out to accept, even though he kind of already had an open challenge contract
with his Money in the Bank briefcase, and then booked them both a match at Hell in a
Cell. But despite Roman powerbombing Braun through
the announcer’s desk last week, they’ll have to work together against Dolph Ziggler
and Drew McIntyre in tonight’s main event. Fresh off making those matches official, Constable
Corbs then booked him vs Finn Balor, which he first lost for using a chair, restarted
it as a No DQ match and then won with the End of Days. This was a fun way of getting
Baron’s mad with power character over, but it sadly came at the expense of a very hot
Balor, derailing Finn’s momentum from reviving the Demon at SummerSlam and challenging for
the top title the next night. The seeds of dissension continued in Titus
Worldwide, where Dana Brooke lost to Sasha Banks, despite Apollo telling O’Neil she
wasn’t ready. Because those Shield babyfaces sure do love
competition, Seth Rollins issued an open challenge for his Intercontinental title next, which
was answered by a returning Kevin Owens! He only missed a week after losing to Braun at
SummerSlam, but it really feels like he’s gone for much longer, stuck in comedy fillers
against Strowman for the last several months. This was the return of The Kevin Owens Show.
And what a return it was, getting a thunderous reaction from his home country, but then getting
Toronto to boo him because he put over Montreal; wrestling a fantastic, pay-per-view calibre
match, busting out crossfaces, Stunners and even a wicked top rope moonsault. It was like
my SmackDown Just Bring It Create-A-Wrestler with just finishers for his entire moveset.
The last one was his downfall, though, as Rollins caught him with a Curbstomp to end
the match. But when Raw came back from commercial, Owens
was still in the ring, where he simply muttered into the microphone “I quit” and walked
out. So now it’s the Kevin Owens No Show? The B Team suffered their first tag team loss
next in a non-title match against The Revival. Hopefully that means they’re losing the
belts soon. Who wants to walk with Elias? Trish Stratus,
apparently, who interrupted him trashing her hometown of Toronto.
All the stuff between Trish and Elias – the bra and panties match joke, Elias saying he
doesn’t date women over 60 and the ensuing slap – was great. Trish awkwardly entering
Evolution PR mode, however, was awful. Elias quickly Thanosed away as Natalya and
Ronda Rousey joined Trish for Natty’s match against Alicia Fox, who had Alexa Bliss and
a returning Mickie James in her corner! After Natalya won, her, Rousey and Trish ran into
the Bellas backstage, who revealed they’re going to wrestle a match next week. Would
someone please give them a lift home from SummerSlam now?
The Brand Split has been in rigorous effect since July 2016, WWE mostly drawing a distinct
line between the two rosters. But the Bellas are beyond this. An act so brand-transcending,
that they evidently must appear on both Raw and SmackDown. It appears Bobby Lashley will be the one to
give Corbin his inevitable comeuppance, as the two started a low-key feud with Baron
booking him in a handicap match against The Ascension. Not only did Lashley beat both
men in a few minutes. Corbin also couldn’t remember their names. Dean Ambrose spoke for the first time since
returning from injury! Where he badassly told meditation guru Jinder Mahal – who, remember,
was SmackDown champion this time last year – that when he closes his eyes he sees him
breaking Jinder’s face, his ribs and making him cry.
This set up a match between them later on, with Ambrose dropping the lunatic goofiness
of old and portraying a more serious, vicious character, beating Jinder in five minutes. The main event was an odd affair. After being
worked over for ages, Roman hot tagged Braun for Strowman to just stand there. Drew and
Dolph decided to start stomping on Reigns to lose via DQ.
Strowman then sided with a surprised Drew and Dolph and to all begin beating up Reigns
together. Cue the Shield running down for the save – but only one by one, because you
wouldn’t want to get a numbers advantage. It felt like a Braun heel turn, just how last
Monday felt like a Roman heel turn. It’s quite an interesting approach to shades of
grey, as Strowman is more than justified for getting his payback from last week. But the
usually hot Toronto crowd received it all rather mildly. Just like Becky Lynch on SmackDown,
Braun is a character people organically want to cheer [28], but he’s been forced to give
that reaction to someone else, someone people organically want to boo.
I thought this episode zipped along at a nice pace, with Trish returning to WWE and Kevin
Owens wrestling an excellent match. This week’s Raw is a high AvRAWge. Neville has had an offer from a major WWE
competitor! Click the link onscreen now to find out who! And click the
picture of me and Luke to become a WrestleTalk Patreon today! I’ve been Oli Davis, and
that was wrestling.

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