80 thoughts on “Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre: Raw, Nov. 18, 2019

  1. 2017 : During Seth covering on Sami zain Triple H entry
    2019 : During Kevin covering on Drew , Triple H entry

  2. Right before a major Ppv and both these men are in the main event it is best for the company to have no decisive finish

  3. Wwe is like ocean of talent. I can't even name all the Superstars who can easily be main event Superstars. Just look at them. Outta nowhere a match and it goes for 10 minutes and everyone pops up like crazy

  4. what an absolutley amazing match 1 of the best matchs i've seen this year but destroyed by triple hhh hope we get this feud coz the match was awesome

  5. Owens and McIntyre should have been feuding after McIntyre returned cause he's angry Owens got his free ticket to the top, Shane Mcmahon, fired. Owens through promos would make McIntyre realize that Mcmahon wasn't gonna push him and that eventually leads to a babyface run for McIntyre.

  6. Samoa Joe was a fantastic commentator on this RAW – it's so natural for him, and I especially loved the job he did on this KO vs Drew match. Wish Joe would be at the commentary desk on RAW every week while he's off on injury, and then consider it for a career when he retires from the ring.

  7. Kevin Owens vs Drew McIntyre is Best in The World Cup

    DREW MCINTYRE is Europe and KEVIN OWENS is America

    KEVIN OWENS "The New Face of America"

    Drew McIntyre vs Kevin Owens =
    And this is World Cup

  8. Stone cold and
    CM punk are my favourite of all time and K.O just made the list. Roman, the Rock and John Cena are great superstar but man I wish they had more guts to F**k the McMahon family. Dean Ambrose, A.J Styles and Drew McIntyre are great wasted talent.
    But AJ is just to Cocky.

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