Key to More Fuses – Undead Takeover – WWE Champions

Key to More Fuses – Undead Takeover – WWE Champions

hello again and welcome to another video
on to the final week of this zombie contest so currently they claim that
this is the final time we will be seeing zombies for this year or maybe they are
going to go away for entire year until next Halloween we are not going to see
them I’m not sure about that because zombies did appear last time on March so
maybe they will appear again but for this video I am just going to do 40
pulls on the briefcase I am looking for some shards from here and faction coins
of course there’s a big bossman in this and I will get his fuse ready probably
by this pool and let’s see which shards I’m going to get from here there is a
Batista somewhere and I do want to push Batista to a four star just to get his
training bonus on Big Show and there is nobody Stern this well it’s been a while
since I have seen but it’s tying any load so where is he skully why don’t you include Batista oh
well I by this pole I think I’ll get Big Show shards and get him ready for the
next coin evolved event I’m going to go all out on my last coin evolved so just
getting ready with some fuses again it’s to star silver cane to Star Bronze David words to stir bronze pre-wired and Charlotte
at least our Seth Rollins did get his fuse there’s AJ they have become pretty
common now zombie AJ is given away as well as Nakamura from the medallions I’m
going to do that as well after these poles check out if I can finish the
pumpkin race this Goldberg well did I already have his fuels let’s see if that
was a glitch no I do have his fuse I didn’t even realize when I got a shot so
I got another fuse for this contest coin evolved I am going to attempt to max out
the last coin of all event so maybe there is Big Boss Man and that is all I
wanted from this so nothing more I think if any three star drops maybe it will be
worth it Mastan Seth Rollins 2 star gold I already got a 3 star of him didn’t
need his fuse but that 200 shots of him toast
bronze John Cena – Stas silver over Shango what is fusers
well and we have to star cold Kevin Owens zombie Kevin Owens – star silver
yes man this corporate Kane I want to push at least one Kane and I’m not sure
yet which one to do so I’m still deciding on which Kane will be better ruthless aggression cane is good enough
I think at four stars but I already have a ruthless aggression striker so anyways
what are we seeing here talking about ruthless aggression striker
I got two star gold Undertaker to star cold
AJ next way to star Titus and toast are Seth Rollins to start silver kohlberg
lot of gold but shards there’s zombie Kevin Owens to star
prawns John Cena to start bronze ruthless aggression sirrah toaster
bronze Kevin Owens to star bronze demon Finn Balor well on the next event next briefcase
probably still hoping for body starts all right there are some more keys but
let it be I think yes I’ll do it on the last day all right got the final shirts
for big bossman and those are some three points on the last event sir well and go
back as well if I can find them – star – star silver I’m okay wait they are here
so Goldberg as well is going to be fused I don’t even remember when I got his
charts so alright that was the final 4px briefcase polls now on to the things
that were pending on the prize wall I just claimed a pumpkin and if I get the
final medallions I can actually get a j-3 star in the meantime yeah I do have
160 can get his gear now I wasn’t sure that I had 160
hey guys Goldberg’s gear is claimed I can work on Goldberg as well in time
because I have a lot of powerhouses to work on so Kohlberg will be at his full
potential now got his gear sir Goldberg generates two more his new gear not so different as he usually wore the
same gear throughout his career just his physique looks a bit weird
though it looks a lot polygonal I should say not
as he looks in real life but anyways it’s just a game so well next we have
something else to do the pumpkin this is going to give me two medallions I am
going to finish the prize wall with AJ Styles talking about a jesters only one
well I have I will have to wait another day another day to end this video I
guess I’ll continue this tomorrow then and add it to this 1000 yep thousand got all right a four-star gold and it is
McHenry middle all right hello and welcome to the next day
continuing yesterday’s video because I didn’t want to end it on a blank that I
had to wait another day for a pumpkin so today we have a tour open tour I don’t
remember this one happening but I did get two blue bags for clearing it I
think every tour has a blue bag and those blue bag contains loot coins for
Undertaker loot I undertake a load which is currently live so I will probably get
some loot coins in order to do some pulls so hoping for more than what the
lowest denominator should be so I can do some loot pulls this is the pumpkin and
yes there it is collected ten medallions for easy I still haven’t checked what’s on the
load so I’m not sure if I have enough to do a poll last time I saw something it
was like thousand for Apple this is not the same coin I believe so we have one
at all it is always the lowest denominator isn’t it dead man alright
nothing to do when he pulls from here I guess alright let’s see I should be this
Undertaker load the latest one yep and what are these safes I saw this on the
prize well I guess these are the prize wall stuff no we can directly get
Undertaker from these safes anyways there are lot of three stars and of
course here comes the common superstars that we don’t need to see but I just
need to check what’s the lowest and with the highest odds of we still see Luke
Harper in this and there’s no but Easter yet looking for but Easter these days so
and we have shots this honky-tonk went to star Brawn’s I do like his fuse to
top but no new superstar myogenic out of all the superstars you could have given
it give me Naya Jax oh well the also could have been a new pole but I did
pull him three or two two or three weeks ago so
anyways those where people’s can’t say anything about that and now on to the
business last video I just ended abruptly because I couldn’t do fold from
the price wall I think this yeah this white one white pumpkin gives Nakamura
and green one gives AJ fuse for a three star gold and this is all that was
needed a lot of tokens and resources saved well basically just tokens saved
and teepees and coins will be the same so let’s check out the fuse getting
ready for the last coin of all event just saving resources for that all right
this will be another fuse fusing a three star is going to give me a lot more
points oh that’s good alright that’s it for this video guys and today is 26 so
happy Diwali here tomorrow I think this video will be up so and be
safe don’t play call of duty on the street
with firecrackers and the final video I guess no I guess I can do two more
videos on this there’s another climb on this ladder I just barely made half of
the milestones usually I end up at 22 23 when I’m attempting any event attempting
in contests so it’s not and this is the diamond coffin I guess I
a diamond coffin or not probably I don’t have it we’ll check it out on the last
day there’s another coin a ball weren’t coming I think two of them coming so
I’ll be pushing even further on that ladder and get some more rewards to pull
alright see you guys in the next video and have a nice day
bye bye

7 thoughts on “Key to More Fuses – Undead Takeover – WWE Champions

  1. I’m kinda new what’s the best way to get keys without spending money after you did all of the LT tours for them

  2. Gr8 work… I think evryone being ending up with Aj same like me lol… Nd also o claimed Gold's gear as well prob gonna work on him in the future or may be as a tag team with andre that will be dope✌🏼

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