Kofi Kingston ROCKS! MAJOR WWE Title Changes! WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk

Kofi Kingston ROCKS! MAJOR WWE Title Changes! WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk

Shane McMahon and The Miz lose their titles! Lio Rush loses Bobby Lashley’s title! And, most devastatingly, the team of Vacant
and Vacant lose their Women’s tag titles. Also, Kofi Kingston rocks! I’m Oli Davis, press the thumbs up button,
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Thumbs in the Middle, Meh Per View and Worst of Both Worlds. While I review Elimination Chamber 2019. Buddy Murphy beat Akira Tozawa
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Cruiserweights had one of the best in-ring
matches on the show with Buddy Murphy defending against Akira Tozawa. Akira reversed a second rope powerbomb into
a hurricanrana – HA! Got a dive caught into a deadlift suplex – HA! And hit a reverse jumping hurricanrana for
a great near fall – HA HA HA! Murphy gave Tozawa a lot, but it was neither
enough to win the Cruiserweight title, nor WWE’s attention for their efforts, with
the production team playing a New Day inset promo over a few minutes of their match (New
Day ‘ere! Not now, New Day), even though it’s the
pre-show, where there’s 45 other minutes you could’ve done that instead. Like Kevin Owens’ latest ‘I’m just an
ordinary guy’ promo, this time filmed from his car, where he wanted Finn Balor to win
the Intercontinental title (so he’s a babyface!), the Riott Squad to become champions (or a
heel!), and that pineapple on pizza is a sin (I honestly don’t feel as strongly about
that as everyone else does). Women’s Tag Team Championships Elimination
Chamber PAIGE ‘ERE! The main show was not just brought to you
by the biopic movie Fighting With My Family, but also Vaseline, with Mandy Rose’s entrance
for the opening Women’s Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber being covered in the stuff, providing
a rare glimpse into the mind of Vince McMahon when he sees her Fire and Desire tag team,
sorry Sonya. The main story going into this match was how
Sasha Banks would cope with her recent injuries. They flipped the narrative on its head, having
Banks frequently saving Bayley instead. Unfortunately, the first two thirds of the
match weren’t that great, but it picked up considerably just before Nia Jax and Tamina
entered, with a fun run of everybody hitting their finishers. Weirdly, it was the IIconics that eliminated
Naomi and Carmella first, rather than their long-running foe Rose. Jax and Tamina then got to run wild for a
bit, eliminating both the IIconics and the Riott Squad. But as we’ve seen with Braun Strowman time
and time again, monster wrestlers can’t course correct when they’re running towards
something they might crash into, and Nia was taken out by missing Bayley and charging into
the pod door – allowing the remaining two teams to all pin Tamina at the same time. Similar to the main event, the Chamber levelled
up when it came down to the final two – Rose and Deville vs Banks and Bayley, which even
included a neat callback to last year’s match, with Sasha helping Bayley onto the
top of the pod rather than pushing her off it. And then finally, after a year of endless
matches against the Riott Squad and a quickly dropped run of counselling session skits,
Bayley and Banks finally did something of note – they became WWE’s inaugural women’s
tag team champions. The post-match in-ring interview was one of
those rare moments where WWE genuinely connected with the crowd, as Sasha and Bayley were serenaded
with ‘You Deserve It’ chants. And it was well deserved, for two women who
have been treated awfully on the main roster….So now expect a Sasha heel turn on Bayley on
tonight’s Raw. The Usos beat MizMcMahon
Continuing the genuine feelgoods, Miz announced next that he’d be dedicating his match to
his dad, his daughter, his wife Maryse… and their upcoming new baby! It was a lovely announcement to share with
us. And probably also totally means Maryse is
turning heel on Miz by revealing it’s Shane’s. Once the tag championship match was underway,
The Usos wrestled for the titles with all the intensity of a late-night police-officer
confrontation. The story of Miz and Shane not having the
same tag team relationship as real-life twins Jimmy and Jay was effectively weaved into
the structure of the match, by having MizMahon get the better of them by working well together. And then it was the Usos who semi-imploded,
with Jimmy accidentally taking out Jey with a dive outside, allowing for Shane to hit
a huge flying elbow through the commentary desk because he’s the best wrestler in the
world, he’s got a trophy from his dad to prove it. So it fell to Miz to scupper their win, getting
pinned by surprise to lose the belts. Great way to dedicate something to your unborn
child. While this was a fun match and a very well
told feud in isolation, I can’t help but think this story would’ve been so much better
if MizMahon never won the titles at Royal Rumble. That way, you could’ve had them try and
try again, building to an eventual win at WrestleMania. Finn Balor beat Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush
Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush took on Finn BELIV-or next. Crucially not Demon Finn, because the Intercontinental
title is still not as important as facing Baron Corbin at SummerSlam. What are the rules? The handicap match was structured around Rush
only tagging in when Balor was down, and rushing back to Lashley once he’d recovered. It all built to Lio getting cocky, blind tagging
himself in, but then getting trapped by Balor who hit the Coup De Grace to become the new
Intercontinental Champion. The match was nothing special, and handicap
matches for titles are dumb, but at least Finn has finally won a belt since relinquishing
the Universal championship back in August 2016. Lashley beat up Rush afterwards in one of
those angles that could just be heel frustration rather than them actually splitting up as
an act. Wow, three matches into the main show, and
we’ve got three sets of new champions! With all those title changes… Ronda Rousey beat Ruby Riott
…it almost makes you believe that Ronda Rousey could lose her Raw Women’s title
to… who’s she facing again? It’s not Becky, because she’s suspended. It’s not Charlotte either, even though that’s
what the building video clip all focused on. Natalya’s in an all-time classic feud with
Dana Brooke. Everyone else was in the Chamber mat-Ruby
Riott. It’s Ruby Riott… come to think of it,
I don’t think Ronda will lose. After a clip of Becky attacking Charlotte
at the previous night’s WWE live event, and then an in-ring promo from Charlotte,
Ronda finally took on… I’ve forgotten who it is aga-Ruby Riott,
I’ve written it down now. Ronda took on Ruby wearing a much better vest
and baseball hat combo than her usual Roddy Piper cosplay. And befitting of a match that has had absolutely
zero build, Rousey made Ruby tap in under two minutes, bringing back her first finisher
in WWE: THE WRESTLEMANIA SIGN POINT! It cuts the air so much it feels like you’re
being hit. Because this was always destined to be more
wrestling angle than wrestling match, Ruby Thanos’d away in the ring to be replaced
by Charlotte and a suspended hobbling Becky Lynch on crutches. WWE security is so bad, she outran them. Becky then awesomely attacked Charlotte with
her own booking crutch – thank you, here all week – to then turn on Ronda too! This was an awesome angle, that continued
Becky’s momentum, and set up multiple ways they can continue this story through to WrestleMania. Baron Corbin beat Braun Strowman
Putting on Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman just before the main event perfectly encapsulates
the progressiveness of 2019. A big meaty man match is now the Divas piss-break
spot. They tried their best with a few hardcore
spots, but nobody is into this feud, and Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley getting involved
to help Baron win (WHY ARE YOU A TEAM?!) wasn’t just lacklustre, lazy booking, it sets up
at least another month of disinteresting midcard fodder. Speaking of lacklustre and disinteresting,
how about that most recent class of NXT call-ups? Lacey Evans Does Nothing? Lacey Evans randomly walked out to the ring,
stopped half way, and then left. Similar to the Elias-getting-interrupted angle
on the go-home Raw, this was both poorly executed, confusing to the viewer, and ultimately, just
plain pants. Thankfully, WWE regained their credibility
in the next segment by debuting their next pay-per-view’s own rap song, how edgy. Blood, sweat, tears, pain,
full-throttle, high-octane, makin’ moves, takin’ names,
Crusin’ down that Fastlane. Fear facin’, dream chasin’,
now or never, no dream wastin’, fuelled up and my heart’s racing,
time’s up, no second placin’. It’s WWE Fastlane, baby! *cough* moving on. WWE Championship Elimination Chamber
Proposal: WWE do their best booking when they have to change plans last minute and their
backs are against the wall. Example: Mustafa Ali had to be pulled from
this Elimination Chamber main event, and in just six days, WWE have created their most
emotionally engaging story of the year by replacing him with Kofi Kingston. He got by far the biggest reaction when coming
out, and he proceeded to keep athletically jumping from brass ring to brass ring throughout
the match. The only slight adjustment I’d make was
to have him start the Chamber against Daniel Bryan, rather than be the first out his pod. Still, we did get an excellent chop showdown
between Bryan and Samoa Joe to kick things off, which is where Bryan got the red welts
that covered his chest until the end. The rest of the competitors were just filler
bodies, really, with AJ eliminating Joe first (who really should’ve been saved for a monster
spot later in the match), and Jeff Hardy being taken out by Bryan. Randy Orton then eliminated AJ Styles with
a fun RKO from outta, you guessed i-NOWHERE – seemingly setting up a WrestleMania program
between the two – and Kingston then hitting a Trouble in Paradise to take out Randy, finally
paying off their feud that was unceremoniously dropped almost a decade ago. As the final two, Kofi and Bryan wrestled
a terrific 15 minute finale full of drama, with the crowd heavily behind Kingston to
beat the heel champion. But sadly it was Kofi’s high-risk offence
that was his downfall, missing a splash off the top of the pod, allowing Bryan to retain. Yet despite losing, it was Kingston who stood
tall at the end, receiving a ‘Thank You, Kofi’ standing ovation from the crowd afterwards,
with Xavier and Big E running down to embrace him. I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING. The emotion was genuine, making the teasing
shot of the New Day sitting on the steps with the WrestleMania 35 sign behind them even
more hopeful. This was an excellent WWE pay-per-view. We’ve got Banks and Bayley as the inaugural
women’s tag team champions, Balor as the Intercontinental champion, a great Becky Lynch
angle, an incredible main event performance from Kofi Kingston, and, most importantly,
my new favourite song It’s WWE Fastlane, Baby. I’m going to pretend like Braun vs Corbin
didn’t happen, and give Elimination Chamber 2019 the top possible score: Best of Both
Worlds. But how did Luke, Laurie and I fare in our
fantasy predictions WrestleLeague! Click the WrestleTalk.com link onscreen now
to find out where we rank, alongside the hundreds of WrestleTalk Pledgehammers on Patreon who
also took part. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Kofi Kingston ROCKS! MAJOR WWE Title Changes! WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk

  1. OLI: What next for Kofi Kingston? Let us know in the comments!

    Also, don't worry, I'm never wearing this top on camera again. It's too trippy.

  2. So on Raw tonight, did Sasha and Bailey name tag during the entrance say "Raw Womans tag team champions"? So there will be a smackdown live womans tag team champs?

  3. Was going to give it a thumbs middle vote… But then remembered the Murphy vs. Tozawa kickoff. Elim Chamber 2019 gets a better Great PV.

  4. Kofi vs joe at fast lane winner faces Bryan at mania Kofi wins both matches and makes history at WrestleMania…….. GREATPPV! got 70% of what I wanted so I can't complain ……..LEGEND SAYS U CAN STILL HEAR KOFI CHANTS 50 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE

  5. Excellent Commentary Oil. You had a lot of jokes and one liner in the video that had me laughing.

    As far as the PPV you re absolutely right. Kofi did the damn thing! That last 15 mins was more interesting than the entire match itself, IMHO. With an awesome performance like that last, night, I hope Vince and HHH knows that Kofi is going to be white hot until Mania. That match did nothing but solidify his spot as a top contender. It'll be a wise move if WWE was to put him in the Mania main even against Daniel Bryan.

  6. Man, i remember back in 2011 when it was Santino Marella that the crowd was behind in the elimination chamber vs Daniel Bryan for the WHC

  7. @wrestletalk I was waiting for you to point out that Jay was the legal man, not Jimmy, and Jay never left the busted announce table…so how did Usos win that match? I think WWE pulled a fast one on us on the way to Fastlane…

  8. Kofi Kingston is so overrated that he sucks 😂😂 & that part time part timer Brock Lesnar is Overrated as well & sucks!! Same crap in the WWE & soon AEW (#the Elite) is going to b better than WWE!!!!

  9. I would love for them to have Kofi Vs Bryan at wrestlemania. The build would be Bryan refusing to let Kofi have another chance until Woods and Big E put up the stipulation if Kofi loses the entire New Day has to leave WWE

  10. i want kofi to just get a push not just a normal one a big one even if dosent fight daniel bryan he should get a singles title like the us title

  11. WWE title.. Kofi Kingston should be Main Eventing WrestleMania against Daniel Bryan..He deserves it.. #Newyesmovement #Newdayrocks

  12. From a purely "resume" perspective, Kofi deserves a short major-title reign. Just to put that feather in his cap. He's been great for them for so long and it certainly wouldn't hurt that sweet, sweet New Day Merch money.

    And when I say short… I mean short. Like, he should win the thing on Sunday and lose it again on Tuesday. Just to let him have that moment with the crowd, and to be able to say "former WWE champion Kofi Kingston." Just out of respect for a guy who's always stepped up when other people were hurt and WWE needed somebody to carry things.

  13. i thought this was terrible – the womens tag match was mediocre at best, finn balor couldnt carry two useless opponents(its hard enough carrying lashley) the uso/mizmahon match was a pathetic "my dad is the boss" spectacle (he totally misses the leap of faith) the rousey squash was hardly worth the 15 seconds, and main event – while great – left a lot of big spots on the table – – Joe and AJ were underused, and RKO and Hardy were not even needed

  14. Kofi should win the us belt at wrestlemania, have solid run with it, then win the mitb after dropping the us belt and cash in on the wwe champion. The new should stop chasing the tag team belts and instead focus more and kofi and tell the story of how Big E and Xavier are focused on helping Kofi become champion out of genuine respect.

  15. Correction – Vacant is only one person, and had both belts at the same time. Don't be sad, though. Vacant still holds every one of the AEW titles.

  16. It's crazy to think that the push Kofi is getting was supposed to be Mustafa Ali's. Say what you want but I would love to see Kofi vs Daniel Bryan at Fastlane and have Kofi win the title and then fight Mustafa Ali at WrestleMania 35

  17. I find it funny that since AEW started Oli you have nothing but shit on WWE. Even when they have decent shows. It's ok to shit on them but don't make it so obvious that you want to push AEW my dude

  18. so kofi kingston lost yet again….thats what happens when you spend too much time showboating instead of actually getting on with the match.

  19. For the womens elimination chamber match, I was very intrigued when WWE said another team would be added to the match at specific intervals.. The fact they didnt say "every 5 minutes" or anything like that as they have in the past made me wonder… SO what were those intervals? I timed it with a stopwatch.. Match opening, @4:26 Riot Squad added, (reset time) @3:40 the next team. then @4:43 the next, then @ 4:55 the final.

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