Lana Asks Bobby Lashley To Propose To Her | WWE Raw 12/16/19 Full Show Review & Results

Lana Asks Bobby Lashley To Propose To Her | WWE Raw 12/16/19 Full Show Review & Results

you know folks it’s Monday night it’s
Monday nights our favorite day of the week Monday night’s Monday Night Raw
ladies and gentlemen our favorite show on Monday night’s Monday Night Raw
really awful wrestling folks we got the Viking
raiders versus the OSI again yeah again in a rematch from last night’s Tables
Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view folks you know Samoa Joe Samoa Joe is doing
such a great job on color commentary that he absolutely botched the ending of
this match folks yes Samoa Joe botched the ending of this
match when the Viking raiders lost to the OSI Samoa Joe not knowing that this
was a non-title match he actually said that the OSI have won the tag team
titles on color commentary ladies and gentlemen you know Monday Night Raw
really awful wrestling can’t even get their color commentary team on their
controller folks they’re absolutely lost like this fucking creative team is Fox
great absolutely great Erick Rowan Erick Rowan makes an
appearance brings out his ridiculous cage with God knows what is in the cage
no nor do I care what’s in the cage at this point versus Dante Lian vs. Dante
Lian ladies and gentlemen an A enhancement
talent jobber if you will great absolutely great more bobby lashley and
lana nauseating garbage apparently Lana is going to get married
to Bobby Lashley now folks and the saga and the torture of this story line
continues folks took up 30 minutes of the show folks
great oh we got a got lift match we got a gauntlet match a god lift match
because this Monday Night Raw creative team absolutely has nothing creatively
for this show so they booked a gauntlet match to take up an hour and a half of
the show to undoubtedly give us a no contest ladies and gentlemen you know
the winner of this gauntlet match was supposed to get a United States
Championship title match against Rey Mysterio but folks did we get a winner
no we didn’t get a winner we wasted an hour and a half of our times watching
our truth – salois ricochet Matt Hardy and Alberto Carrillo
the fucking fourth fifth sixth seventh member of the fucking Power Rangers and
Andrade Sein Thomas go to a no contest ladies and gentlemen I think this is the
first gauntlet match in WWE history that has gone to a no contest
folks you know WWE loves to do first time ever first time ever event folks
well you know what this was a first time ever in a no contest in a fucking
godless match folks absolutely great folks
absolutely great Oscar Oscar Oscar versus Dana Perazzo do you care do you
care and in the main event of the show we get Randy Orton versus AJ style do
you see the excitement in my face ladies and gentlemen how excited how happy I am
from watching really awful wrestling Monday Night Raw tonight ladies and
gentlemen what the hell can I say what can I say you know I can name so many
things that I absolutely hate that I much rather do then watch this three
hours of nauseating garbage television ladies and gentlemen like I tweeted out
tonight folks I rather watch wet paint dry then watch
this piss-poor show ladies and gentlemen I rather take out the trash
20 fucking times in a row then watch this piss-poor show ladies and gentlemen
I rather go to Walmart and stuff 17 shopping carts full of garbage full of
food I should say and then have an old lady in front of me with three shopping
carts full of fucking food and have me wait in line
into this old lady finally pays for her fucking food and takes out off her
fucking little pennies and starts counting one penny by one while she
gives it to the fucking cashier I’d rather do that ladies and gentlemen did
watch this piss-poor show ladies and gentlemen seriously I’d rather go to the
fucking dentist and get fucking 20 fucking root canals done to me folks
seriously then watching this piss-poor show folks you know ladies and gentlemen
if I didn’t have this podcast if I didn’t have this podcast do you think I
will be watching this garbage do you think I will be watching this garbage on
a Monday night folks do you think I will be watching this garbage on a Friday
night do you then people ask me you know on social media well they see if you
don’t like it why do you watch it if you don’t like it why don’t you watch it
because I have to watching you fucking clowns okay I have to watch it so I can
review this fucking garbage so I can tear this fucking show to smithereens
because actually I enjoy to destroy this show to smithereens folks I really do
because they deserve every lashing that I give them folks because this is
absolute nauseating garbage folks nauseating garbage
I thought the lana and bobby lashley storyline was dead yesterday at TLC i
thought it was the end of this storyline folks but no it’s just the beginning it
is absolutely just the beginning now Lana and bobby lashley are going to get
married and let me guess where it’s gonna call the Nate it’s gonna call
Annie that fucking WrestleMania ladies and gentlemen yes Bobby Lashley and Lana
are probably going to get married at rest
mania for what can someone answer me this question
for what so Rousseff could come to Wrestlemania and ruin Bobby Lashley and
Lana’s fucking wedding to take up a segment from a fucking Alistair black to
take up a segment from a ricochet to take up a segment from Umberto
Carillo to take up a segment from fuckin buddy Murphy that deserved the fucking
spotlight please spare me please please spare me the utter garbage that we’re
going to see with this Bobby Lashley and Lana garbage folks seriously no WW tied
with insight on this show no Brock lesner on sight I mean what are we
getting on this show what are these wrestlers competing for
what are they fighting for if there’s no titles on these shows folks you have the
WWE Champion in hibernation we haven’t seen him in fucking 3 weeks we haven’t
seen the WWE title on Monday Night Raw we went through this for the last two
fucking years why would you give the WWE title and put it back on Brock Lesnar’s
waist why why ladies and gentlemen I don’t know what else to say I don’t know
what it’s the same I sound like a goddamn broken record every week when I
talk about Monday Night Raw seriously people this show has to be the worst
show on cable television seriously folks this has to be the worst
show on cable television WWE it’s in its worst state of its
existence in its worst state of its it existence ladies and gentlemen I think
in the 90s when we had fucking Bastion booger and the fucking boogeyman and the
fucking bushwhackers headlining Monday Night Raw was better
television than this utter garbage seriously folks I think Hulk Hogan’s
legdrop was more exciting than any of this
utter garbage that we see on dark television sets every Monday night folks
what the fuck did we watch the knife owns what what the fuck was exciting
about this show the only thing that was exciting to me that I actually enjoyed
was the chemistry that Humberto Carrillo had with ricochet in his gauntlet match
it went all for nothing because we got no contest
nobody won this god lift match this match took up an hour and a half of the
show for nothing for absolutely nothing for nothing folks this show is an
absolute joke ladies and gentlemen it really is it is an absolute joke I say
it every week WWE is in absolute a coma it’s an absolute a coma ladies and
gentlemen it’s an absolute pilot mode these shows are being booked very lazily
very very lazy I mean booking a gauntlet match to take up an hour and a half of
the show if that doesn’t spell lazy booking to you I don’t know what does
folks I don’t know what does this show was god-awful it really was it was
god-awful god-awful show folks I really even want to come on here and
do this review I just wanted to shut my eyes put tuck my head in my fucking
pillow and go to sleep and not even review this fucking show folks because I
just don’t get any urge to come on here and talk about this because it’s just
utter garbage everything that I’m going to review it’s utter utter garbage and
then people want to come at me that I’m fucking Negative Nancy that all I do is
fucking complain that all I do is is never never never talk positivity
ladies and gentlemen whoever the fuck is saying that please enlighten me tell me
what you think is so positive about Monday Night Raw please tell me what in
the current state of WWE is it’s it’s so fucking joyful and positive that you
want me to come on here and talk about fucking rainbows and stars and you
sugarcoat everything folks you know if you want me to sugarcoat everything then
you’re on the fucking wrong Channel because I don’t sugarcoat absolutely
nothing when when something’s coming out of my mouth I talk about facts I talk
about fucking honesty I tell you what I feel in my heart folks and if you guys
don’t like that if you guys want to listen to fucking WrestleMania and all
these fucking clowns sugarcoat the WWE product then go fucking listen to them
okay because they’re gonna talk to you and fucking basically lie to you and
tell you that WWE it’s fucking fantastic it’s great and this was a great match
and that was a great match when the great match was utterly fucking boring
and lazy booked seriously people seriously I don’t understand how any any soul on
this planet is satisfied with what we saw tonight folks I don’t know I don’t
know folks you know I’m really thinking about I was really thinking about I
don’t even know why the fuck I am you I’m even thinking about this I’m
actually thinking about going to Wrestlemania next year in April because
it’s gonna be in Tampa and yes clowns I live in Florida okay I live in Florida
so I’m actually thinking about going to Tampa and watching WrestleMania I know
folks I know you probably think I have absolutely lost my fucking mind that I
want to spend $500 on a fucking ticket to watch this fucking piss-poor show
folks I don’t think I’m doing that anymore I really don’t because I don’t
think I’m gonna spend a $500 to sit in the fucking bleachers on the fucking
ceiling because anything lower is fucking more expensive I’m not paying
more it’s it’s fucking $500 I don’t even think I’m gonna pay a fucking penny for
Wrestlemania right now at this rate because this I don’t even
honestly don’t want to see the fucking Fein go to Wrestlemania and get fucking
spear and his Superman punch to oblivion by Roman reigns so I don’t know what the
fuck I’m going to do but right now at this point the way T shows them being
booked I can only fucking imagine that WrestleMania is gonna be god-awful like
it was last year folks so I don’t know what the fuck I’m gonna do this year but
getting back to Monday Night Raw it was a ha it was awful it was absolutely
awful folks it really really was it really really was but if you guys
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gentlemen let’s get into this fucking Monday Night Raw review because I want
to go to sleep I want to go to sleep it’s currently fucking 11:45 p.m. and
I’m dead tired and I really don’t want to be here reviewing this piss-poor show
so let’s get right into it folks we start the show with Steph Rollins the
architect Steph rouse mr. burn it down I wish they were fucking burned down
Monday Night Raw to oblivion ladies seriously Seth Rollins comes out to kick
off the show Steph steps in in the in the ring and gets him Mike he says the
alp are the first people here to be on the right side of history and he invites
them out to the ring the AOP come out to the ring
Steph continues talking he talks about the WWE Universe turning on him and that
being a leader isn’t about being popular it’s about making progress
Steph says he he what he Steph says what happened to Kevin Owens last week was a
tragedy but he did it he did it himself and became an example Steph says he
doesn’t lie to the fans and that that’s nothing going that-that-that’s nothing
going to change that’s nothing going to change Steph
says he’s going to lay some truth on us right now he is a leader and he will
lead the new generation into 2020 Steph says if he has to he will bring you
kicking and screaming to impose his will and it and if he resists the alp will
enforce Steph’s will Steff also says he wants to apologize in
advance for what he’s about to do tonight
steph and the AOP head back head to the back folks
steph Rollins comes out talking utter garbage taken up 20 minutes of this
fucking show you know this nephrons he’ll turn I’m just not digging it right
now with the AOP I like the old version of Steph Rollins the architects there
from when he was in the authority this just feels absolutely forced because WWE
has no choice because Steph Rollins absolutely killed his image on social
media when he started talking shit about fucking aw and when he started talking
shit about Kenny Omega and when he started talking a shit about everyone on
social media he absolutely killed his fucking character and now this he’ll
turn absolutely feels forced and I don’t like it ladies and gentlemen I just
don’t like it I don’t know where they’re going with Steph Rollins but this he’ll
turn just feels absolutely forest folks the Viking raiders versa toc-toc beat
the Viking raiders 1 2 3 then after the show I mean after the match Samoa Joe
does a fucking batch of all bachas he says that the elsi win the tag team
titles folks you know Samoa Joe can’t even get his lines correctly this
creative team or hvitserk man doesn’t have Samoa Joe on the same page with the
action that is in the ring folks he absolutely botched he said OC win the
tag team titles when the OC pinned the Viking raid it’s not knowing that this
was a non-title match folks absolutely laughed my ass off when I heard Samoa
Joe say that the OC won the tag team titles when they didn’t folks
I wonder what Vince McMahon is gonna do with Samoa Joe after this batch of all
bachas under fuckin color commentary folks absolutely embarrassing
Erick Rowan vs. Dante Lee on an enhancement Talent a jobber do you care
folks Erick Rowan disposes of Dante Lyon
showing his stupid age we still don’t know what’s in stupid
cage nor do we even care what is in the stupid cage ladies and gentlemen kill
this fucking stupid eric rowan act with this cage please what is so what is so
what’s gonna be so exciting that’s gonna come out this fucking cage what’s gonna
come out this cage folks who cares at this point
moving on Lana and bobby lashley segment hmm
lastly and Lana come out to the ring now in street clothes and they get the mics
they talk about the issues with rusev and they talk about last days victory
last night Lana says she thinks Lashley is a wonderful and beautiful man and
gives him and gives her a butterfly the crowd chants rusev day and Lana and
lassie both tell them to be quiet Lana says she wants Bobby to ask her to marry
her Lana says she wants Bobby to ask her to marry her ladies and gentlemen
sheehan’s lastly a box a ring box but Lashley doesn’t seem interested last she
says he doesn’t like when anyone tells him what to do folks this story line was
taken a little twist and a little turn folks if bobby lashley would have
rejected Lana he would have been the most over fucking superstar on Monday
Night Raw folks I thought that’s where WWE was leaning to I thought they were
gonna make Bobby Lashley turn on Lana folks the crowd would have
absolutely popped but the WWE do the right thing the WWE do that so they can
kill this fucking storyline absolutely not absolutely not lastly accepts lastly let me read this
over ladies in general a/c says he doesn’t like when anyone tells him what
to do except for her lastly gets on his knees and proposes to
Lana alas she says Lana is the most amazing woman he has ever met the most
amazing films female wrestler who the fuck writes this shit in the history of
the of the WWE and he says that day will be the next power couple in the WWE last
June axe her to marry him and Lana says yes in excitement ladies and gentlemen
so here we go Bobby Lashley and Lana are going to get
married folks seriously Bobby Lashley said that she was the most amazing
women’s wrestler I don’t know what the fuck
Lana did to Bobby Lashley I guess the poom-poom
is fucking very very good that Bobby Lashley actually said that Lana is the
most amazing woman and she’s the best wrestler in WWE history clearly Bobby
Lashley is a fucking absolute clown and knows nothing what the fuck he’s talking
about because Bobby Lana is god-awful in the wrestling ring folks seriously folks
Maya Seppala spill plastic bottle water compiler can can fucking probably
outwrestle Lana and professional wrestling match leaves Jim that’s how
god-awful Lana is in the fresh fluorescent ring folks moving on we get
this godless match our truth versus aah what azama beats r-truth then we get to
jean vs. ricochet ricochet beach Tazawa then we get mad hardy versus ricochet
ricochet beats Matt Hardy then we get Humberto Carillo beating ricochet which
was a god-awful move by barring ricochet one of the best professional wrestlers
on this planet then we get on Bert Sicario supposed to get on Bertie rivers
Andrade but Andrade hits a double arm DDT on the concrete floor to Humberto
and the match goes to no contest ladies and gentlemen this match went an hour
and a half we were supposed to have a number one contender for the United
States title to face Rey Mysterio in the future for the United States title but
folks we didn’t get anything nobody won we wasted an hour and a half of our
lives watching this match – ain’t no contest who writes this
garbage folks who writes this garbage in the back Stef Rollins an AOP come out
there being interviewed and they want and they back down Rey Mysterio into the
ring ray tries to fight off the AOP but they drop him Rollins says they just
wanted to give back Ray’s steel pipe they found the one Ray gave to Kevin
Owens the AOP continued to betray down as Steph talks trash to stand on that
steps talks trash to Ray Ray’s lucky today’s Ray’s lucky night Steph says
Steph’s tells ray he owns him one and Steph and the AOP start to leave ray Oh
Rollins turns around and hits a curve stop to Rey Mysterio then in the back
back from the break Steph is being interviewed and the AOP are stopped for
an interview Steph talks about being a leader and that he’s going to issue a
challenge to Rey Mysterio United States title next week on Monday night all
folks so clearly Steph Rollins is going to be
the next United States Champion do you fucking care ladies and gentlemen the
answer is No Oscar vs. Dante Dianna Perazzo
Oscar Beach Dianna Perazzo and in the main event of the show Randy or vs AJ
Styles RKO out of nowhere Randy arm beats AJ Styles folks this is
your Monday Night Raw preview folks this is your Monday nitro review absolute
fucking garbage that no one can care about these
this was garbage this show was garbage folks but that’s all I got ladies and
gentlemen I’m sorry if I stumbled and bumbled during this review but I’m a
little tired folks I am I’m a little tired and I’m and I’m a little tired of
this fucking show I really AM folks I don’t know how much more I can take
of Monday Night Raw folks but that’s all I got folks if you guys like the video
hit that like button subscribe to the channel don’t forget to hit that Bell
for all notification when I upload a video and now we’ll see you guys next
time thank you guys so much

21 thoughts on “Lana Asks Bobby Lashley To Propose To Her | WWE Raw 12/16/19 Full Show Review & Results

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  2. I don't know how many fans from Iowa got admitted in the hospital after the show. I genuinely pity them. But considering the fact that they had so much brains to buy a ticket for this show, I doubt that even happened !!!

  3. Please AC, don't WASTE $500 of your hard earned money for Wrestlelamia. They don't deserve it. If Raw and Smackdown are this horrendous, just imagine what Wrestlelamia will be. Have your pillows ready.

  4. On January Monday night raw is coming to my house town in Wichita KS i thought of going to watch the show then remember Monday night raw is new level s of suck a tv. I am not going

  5. WWE can't fuck up Rollins by having him lose to Rey and not win the US title. If that happens, then his heel turn will take a massive plunge like an asteroid falling from the sky.
    Since Humberto was the last guy in the gauntlet match, WWE can actually book Andrade vs Humberto for next week with the winner becoming the #1 contender for the US title at the royal rumble PPV. Andrade beats Humberto, gets his revenge and also becomes the #1 contender. So with Rollins as the champ and Andrade as the contender, the match will draw the fans to the arena. Because WWE should never ever fuck up a Rollins vs Andrade match-up for the US title.
    Trust me, that is the only way to right the wrong they did on raw tonight which was the gauntlet match !!!

  6. Your reviews are more entertaining than the actual WWE shows. I heard that 2020 will be a even worse year than 2019. I can definitely see that happening if Vince doesn't step down and During that Lana and Bobby Lashley segment last night I laughed when Bobby Lashley said that Lana was the greatest female wrestler in wwe history. She doesn't even come close to being the greatest. Probably the worst. What a horrible show Raw was last night.

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  8. Lana cheating on Rusev is the Penn State child sex abuse scandal all over again. Don’t you remember that scandal?

  9. AC, do you remember Vince’s promo where he said “We (WWE) want to give us wrestling fans what WE want. That We are The Authority. That WE listen to our audience.” If that’s the case, where’s the changes? One year later, Vince doesn’t give a fuck.

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