100 thoughts on “Lana kisses Bobby Lashley after revealing her divorce: Raw, Nov. 18, 2019

  1. Lashley, you have two children, just care about them and leave Lana, also those children's parents are not husband and wife. And please if you'll make children with Lana, you'll put her beauty to shame by making such ugly children just like you.

  2. I feel a great pity for Rusev, but I understand that they do it for their children.

    a moment rusev and lana have no children :v

  3. hear me out! u can’t say she isn’t amazing at pLaying a dumb skank. same as a strict Russia manager back when she started. Lana rocks 👍🏿

  4. Damn Lana kiss him just because, you can tell she wants it bad, poor Rusev, but if he’s ok with this he probably doesn’t care about her anymore

  5. After watching this storyline unfold these few weeks, I think Lana and Lashley are in love, and want to be together…forever.

  6. I like how Lashley is using the Master's lock finishing move from Chris Masters since he was the first guy to break out of the Master's lock so he's paying homage lol

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