Last Minute WWE Clash of Champions Rumors You Need To Know! | WrestleTalk

Last Minute WWE Clash of Champions Rumors You Need To Know! | WrestleTalk

Clash of Champions is tomorrow, and no Clash
of Champions isn’t the mobile game, which is what my lady partner thought it was. Since last week there’s been even more craziness
happening on Raw and SmackDown. More matches have been made, Stone Cold was
on Raw, Undertaker was on SmackDown, people have been fired, debuts happened, so good
god, there’s some more rumours flying around. Well fear not because it’s me, ya boi Chopper,
and I’m here to break it all down for you before Clash of Champions tomorrow. Before we get into it make sure to hit the
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comment answering today’s question of the day, which is: “How many championships do you think will
change hands at Clash of Champions?” And now let’s begin with… Of all the rumours on this video, this is
the one we can probably say is definitely going to happen. Maybe. As we know already, the winner of Seth Rollins
vs. Braun Strowman at Clash of Champions will go on to face the Fiendishly Fiendful Bray
Wyatt at Hell in a Cell. While Seth is very much the favourite to win
the match, it is unclear whether he will do so cleanly, or via some kind of disqualification
as the result of an interference from the aforementioned Fiend. Bray loves to play with the lights and play
violin music in a spooky way, and a universal championship match at a PPV feels like the
ideal place for this sort of thing to happen, as it would push the fiend character even
more as an all powerful and well scary threat to the belt. Another theory is that Bray could try and
cost Seth the win to try and set up a match with his former Wyatt Family member Braun
Strowman. Giving Strowman the belt would allow WWE to
do a “mentor vs mentee” storyline, not to be confused with a Mentos vs Manatee match,
which is something completely different. Either way, you can be pretty sure that the
Fiend will be making some kind of appearance at Clash of Champions to set up the Hell in
a Cell match, and if his last PPV appearance is anything to go by, it’s going to be pretty
gosh darn good. Also he made a surprise appearance at SmackDown
this week in a dark match against the B-Team, so it very much seems like he’s becoming
a bit more regular on the wrestling and in-ring side of things now too. Let’s face it, since winning the Raw Women’s
Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 35, Becky Lynch hasn’t exactly had the most
stellar run with the championship. Defeating Lacey Evans and Natalya is hardly
what you’d call the reign of a champion, but thankfully that’s in the past and Becky
seemingly has a genuine challenger in the form of a returning and very much a heel,
Sasha Banks. Banks is a four-time Raw women’s champion,
so there is no doubt that WWE sees her as champion material, and it’s looking likely
that it will be 5 by the end of Clash of Champions on Sunday. It has been well publicised that WWE and Banks
haven’t been on the best of terms in 2019, but that WWE was desperate for her to return
to TV despite their differences. So, what did they say to her to convince her
to come back? Well, if Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are
anything to go by, they probably promised her a run with the championship if she agreed
to return. The latest report from Bryan Alvarez is that
Banks signed a new deal with WWE before WrestleMania earlier this year, so she’s got a lot of
time to kill before she can walk out the door if that is her plan. Furthermore, the latest promo videos and adverts
for SmackDown Live on FOX all have Becky Lynch as a prominent character, so could she be
one of the big names to move in the upcoming rumoured draft? If she loses the belt on Sunday it’s almost
guaranteed that she will. Having said all that, she’s the face of
WWE 2k20 and they wouldn’t want to upset their partners, because…MONEYYYYYY. Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman will be defending
their Raw tag team championships against the team of Rudolph the Raw nosed tag team, Robert
Roode and Dolph Ziggler. The frankenteam is a huge favourite to win
the match among the bookies, and part of the reason for this is that pesky old OC of Karl
Anderson and Luke Gallows. Gallows and Anderson have been the bane of
the tag champs ever since they lost the belts on Raw a few weeks back. Just last week, the two teams brawled and
took part in a 10-man tag match, so there’s plenty of beef going around in the tag division. The theory making the rounds is that the OC
will in some way cost Rollins and Strowman the match through some kind of interference,
thus protecting the two men ahead of their Universal Championship match, but also allowing
Dolph and Roode to win like the opportunistic heels they are. The OC will then likely turn on Dolph and
Robert to start the next Raw tag feud, allowing Seth and Braun to go back to being singles
stars as they should be. Not losing clean allows Seth and Braun to
stay strong heading into their match later in the night…but will it be the main event? Before we start this, I’ll just say that
this video is filmed earlier in the week, so WWE may have already announced the main
event of the show, so please don’t pepper the comments telling me how stupid, short
and handsome I am. Since WrestleMania 35, the first ever WrestleMania
to have a women’s main event, all WWE PPV shows have been headlined by a men’s match,
even at Super Showdown if you can believe such a thing. However, that could all be about to change
as there is speculation that Clash of Champions could be having a women’s main event. The “Four Horsewomen” or centaurs to give
them their proper name, have been feuding on both Raw and SmackDown, and they’ve both
been pushed pretty hard, with all 4 women clashing on this week’s Raw. It is thought that the four may team together
at the upcoming survivor series, so this would be an easy opportunity to push the idea further. Looking at the two women’s matches, it would
probably be Sasha vs Becky simply due to star power and who WWE sees as being the bigger
stars. Of course, the SmackDown match has Charlotte
Flair in it, so that does put that first point into question, but SmackDown is the yucky
B-show and would never be allowed to main event anyway. This is far from confirmed, particularly with
a meaty Universal Championship match featuring Becky Lynch’s fiance and a potential run
in from WWE Ring Announcer JoJo’s boyfriend, but we shall see. Now yes, last week I said that Roman would
win, and comfortably, however, there’s been more chatter doing the wrestling rounds, so
now that may come into question. Roman Reigns has the honor of going one-one-one
with the man who retired the Rock at WrestleMania 32 in just 6 seconds, Rowan. Because of this, it’s no surprise that Big
Red Rowan is expected to take home the victory. He completely obliterated Roman and his former
scout leader Daniel Bryan on SmackDown Live a couple of weeks back, and it’s no secret
that WWE officials feel that he has big superstar potential hidden away in that beard of his. When I say expected, I mean to say that he
is expected to win, but that he is also having a match with Roman Reigns, so no-one should
really ever be expected to win that. Roman could quite easily spear him in a few
seconds and win to set up a later feud with Daniel Bryan, but here at WrestleTalk we’re
always optimistic about WWE building new stars. Even if it is Erick Rowan. Once again, we need to factor in the whole
“WWE 2K20” cover star argument, as WWE tends not to book its cover stars to lose
in the build up to a game release, but hey, times may have changed and you never know
what they could be planning. Revealing Rowan as the man who attempted to
murder Roman on at least two occasions lose immediately would be apocaliptically stupid,
but also something that WWE would definitely do. Also Roman Reigns didn’t even compete at
SummerSlam, so perhaps there’s more to the story of them not booking their 2K20 cover
stars too strong. I know we spoke about the Fiend interfering
earlier, but that may well not happen until after the match. Bray is a lot like Voldemort in the way that
he only interferes once the school year, or in this case the match is over. He also has several horcruxes and looks like
a snake. Datson wrote this script. I wonder how you could tell. At this point in the show, it’s likely that
Seth and Braun won’t be raw tag team champions anymore, and so will be completely focused
on the task in hand of the Universal Championships. If it does go to a clean finish, it’s an
exceptionally difficult match to book. Seth has just beaten Brock Lesnar for the
second time in a year to win the belt, but Braun has lost his shots at the title more
often than I’ve been told it’s my birthday, so he really shouldn’t be losing again. That’s the same joke as last week Datson,
pull it together man. Either way, the odds on this match have Seth
very much as the favourite, so I may as well stop speculating about who I think is going
to win. While Braun vs the Fiend is a better storyline,
having the Fiend defeat someone like Seth for the belt would make more sense in building
the Fiend as the unstoppable force he needs to be for the next three centuries. Lastly, I just think Seth would be able to
sell the Fiend’s offence more effectively than Bruan. Basically I’m just trying to convince myself
that Seth is winning. AEW World Champion Chris Jericho also happens
to be the person with the most WWE Intercontinental Championship reigns with 9. The person with the second highest amount
of reigns in history is the Miz. Hmm, does the Miz have any IC championship
matches coming up that would allow him to match Jericho’s record and therefore allow
WWE commentators to put over Miz as the most decorated IC champion of all time? Of course he does, and it’s against Shinsuke
Nakamura, a man that WWE has proved it doesn’t care about, so why wouldn’t they take the
belt off him? Nakamura is also rumoured to be leaving WWE
as soon as his contract runs out, something that is thought to be happening in the not
too distant future. Despite what everyone in WWE is saying, the
promotion is very much at war with AEW and is likely willing to do everything possible
to try and get one over on the new promotion, so having Miz tie Jericho’s record would
be a very easy way of giving AEW a quick middle finger. But those of course, were just the rumours
and the speculation, we’ll be finding out a lot more come tomorrow when the show airs! Before you go make sure to press the videos
to my right to catch up with the latest WrestleTalk and ScreenStalker things, and press the like,
subscribe and bell icon too! I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that,
was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Last Minute WWE Clash of Champions Rumors You Need To Know! | WrestleTalk

  1. I see the screwy finish of the Smackdown women's title match, Sasha winning Raw women's title so it could boost up the ratings for Smackdown October Friday's and HIAC matches between Charlotte Flair vs Bayley, no Sasha, no Becky an clean HIAC match, just a chair involved in this HIAC match

  2. Also i think the Universal Title finna go to a no contest cause the 11:19 and stone cold was mentioned and on 11:19 stone cold went to a no contest with Triple H

  3. Dude if they let the Miz beat Nakamura, and clean !!! I'm gonna completely give up on this bullshit company! The Miz is a pure example of someone that kissed all the ass there is to kiss to get to the top -_-

  4. Yeah i'm gonna need some sources that said Nakamura's leaving once his contract is up, like seriously are these actual rumours or just wishful thinking. Nakamura's been very adamant on why he left New Japan in the first place and how content he's been in WWE contrary to what the so called "journalists" want you to believe.

  5. Pete! I think you should introduce yourself with something like “it’s me, it’s me, it’s choppa pete” or something like that (like DDP’s entrance lol)

  6. One thing that worries me about SD moving to Fox is Kevin Owens. Like maybe the reason his push has been flat lately is because FOX is like we want guys that look like MMA fighters we want it to look like a real sport and Kevin Owens isn't someone we want pushed as a top star on are show. Which if that is the case then they better have Owens beat Shane at Hell in a Cell before it moves to to Fox. And then ship Owens over to Raw where USA won't give a shit about what Owens looks like. Or hell even better move him back to NXT like he hinted at so he can finally be putting on some amazing matches. One of the best wrestlers hasn't had like a 4 star match probably since 2016 or 17 either his matches with Zayn.

  7. I would love to see Bray come out and go on commentary for the Rollins/Strowman as the Funhouse Bray. But at some point in the match have Bray start listening to the gloves, then completely change his attitiude to stone faced and then have Bray interfere with the Mandible Claw. I would love to see a Rollins v. Bray HIAC match much more than a Strowman v. Bray just because Strowman will have to lose in quick fashion to keep the momentum of the Feind up

  8. Honestly it's hard for me to care much about this card when Owens isn't on it. And that I really don't give a shit about the Raw tag team match nor the Universal title match or the SD womens title match due to Charlotte being in it. I will enjoy the US title match despite knowing Cedric won't win its still a match that I have never seen between two amazing wrestlers. Some what interested in the IC title match as long as Nakamura wins but really worried the Miz will killing Nakamura again leading him back to wander like a zombie in the lower mid card. Miz doesn't need that title at all. Womens tag match no thank you. And the rest I just feel meh about.

  9. I think two titles will change hands for the new Smackdown. 1st Charlotte might win the SD women's title and look for Lesnar to be given a special title shot from VMM.

  10. Yeah i get it . Sasha cried because WWE made a mistake with the tag championship ( i agree on this. ) But then she agreed to return ONLY if she wins the title at her return and she wants to be at the first spot. Looks like a childish little girl to me . Do what i want or i leave and cry . If she wins this sunday i will hate more than before. (With all the story and backstage things she had, what a jerk)

  11. I can not suspend reality enough to allow my brain to accept a pastie, dohey, fluffy guy like bray to beat braun strowman.

  12. The Raw Women's,WWE and SmackDown Tag will change hands. The SmackDown Women's,Universal and Raw Tag will not change hands. Reigns will win.

  13. Miz is NOT winning the title. He’s on RAW. If he won then both mid-card titles would be on RAW. They wouldn’t do that.

  14. I don't see Becky or Charlotte losing clean. Sasha could win the title w help from Bayley. Bayley could retain the title w help from Sasha.

  15. what possible women's match would headline this PPV? Sasha v Becky?
    it can be the second main event, or 1 of the main events, that's fine.
    But in no way should it be last. Obviously Stroman/Rollins would be last, esp if Fiend interferes like everyone's reporting. I actually don't see him interfering.
    Maybe an impromptu Firefly Funhouse, or maybe the lights go out and everyone gets scared but he doesn't appear – I can see "mind games" happening more than him physically appearing and interfering … maybe after the match.

  16. Any chance Braun is pulled back into Wyatt's control. They seemingly have no idea what to do with Braun anyway and he could help ensure a championship victory for the ,now Fiend. And Braun could be amusing on Firefly funhouse,perhaps in a sweater vest. They should make Strowman petrified of one of the puppets,lol. Or have Fiend appear w/a Braun-o-lantern ,cut lights. When lights come on, they are just gone.

  17. Roodolph will win after Strowman heel turn, faces rollins imediatly after, 1 minute and new Universal champ, setting Strowman vs Fiend for HIAC

  18. I believe Seth wins because theres no way they are gonna have Braun lose his first title reign that quick plus having Bray lose the match would be to soon for the Fiend and make no since cause then where would the rivalry go from there?

  19. I doubt that Becky is moving to Smackdown. She has accomplished all she can there at the moment. Becky/Bayley feels perfect for Survivor Series.

  20. Fiend, Rollins and Strowman three-way at HIAC due to the Fiend interfering in the Clash of Champions match. That's a WWE thing to do.
    And I'm picking three title changes.

  21. Hmmm so this is the last ppv wwe will have before aew starts their weekly TNT broadcast… so I'm sure wwe will want to shake things up and make it more exciting… knowing wwe, I'm gonna guess 0 title changes

  22. I think the best thing to happen and what wwe should do is have Bobby roode and dolf join the OC and give aj a chance to build the OC to the level of the bullet club in new japan

  23. Do you guys get your captions for videos through WC? Just wondering because they posted an hour before you. Those videos, in my subscription feed, we're back-to-back.

  24. I Really look to Becky wining and Bailey loosing too I look to WWE putting Bailey and Sasha together and at Hell at a cell them both fighting for the tag team championship. I see The OC Wining the belts and I see more guys joining the OCC to compete with AEW

  25. Nakamura is not leaving you idiot your just Jealous that The Miz will not win the Intercontinental championship at clash of champions 2019 Nakamura what's to stay in the US

  26. dont think WWE will let Nakamura go…I dont think they wouldnt mind him going to New Japan because they are not their direct competition…. but just the Option that he could go to AEW will cause them to pay him a huuuge amount of money to stay.

  27. I see 6 title changes happening (7 if you include the 24/7 Championship not currently listed on the card, at least 10 if each 24/7 title change is counted separately), none of which being the one title I want to see change hands: the SmackDown Tag Team titles. I love New Day, but The Revival deserve better than what WWE has given them in as far back as I can recall.

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