Lets Play WWF No Mercy [N64] Royal Rumble 2019 | Gaming Off The Grid

Lets Play WWF No Mercy [N64] Royal Rumble 2019 | Gaming Off The Grid

Royal Rumble 30 of the best wrestlers
around WWF no mercy on n64 whoever can navigate the n64 controller will win but
joke’s on you I have an advantage I have three hands all right here we go WWF no mercy on the
n64 we’re just celebrating the Royal Rumble one of our favourite
pay-per-views of all time so we’re gonna jump in play a little
four player on the n64 and drink a lagunitas beer that we’ve never had this
is a part of their one-off series called Mozango it’s like a peach IPA mango
mango yeah some type of fruit yeah some type of fruit mixed with a Lagunitas
beer I think it’s gonna be really good but we’ll find out but nonetheless let’s
get the action started we have a 28 person Royal Rumble over the top rope
no mercy WWF style Jericho’s taunting in the corner and Billy Gunn just showed his ass
to the world great start beginning of the match all right let me let me try right
now Stone Cold is just wearing his hat like this match isn’t even important
enough to take his stone-cold outfit has me not paying attention to wrestling and
that’s not good yes here we go here we go right yeah there we go
Wow don’t pull it out already there’s a little countdown going on
Comanche wow you got out so quick that into a countdown
that’s embarrassing for you it is come on rock BAM you’re free to go and
Johnston yeah I’ll show you my Johnson yeah I know you will busy pips oh man
look at that please hair in his mom’s lipstick today
he’s also wearing a pyramid on his head oh wait that’s his hair he goes from being like a Tag Team
Champion king mable to this asshole dude get off the top rope whoever no you
wish you could freak and do that to me you wish oh it’s on now
Oh baby yeah that’s up mr. asshole
that’s not cool Oh mr. assholes out the order luminary was so fast as accountant
y2j y2j okay time out we were I’m playing let’s let’s attack me he just
hurt your back let’s attack y2j yeah yeah we are
okay who’s go that’s actually dude I like the Bulldog of your life he’s
probably my favorite slurs he’s got a lot of good matches at that being said
it kind of sucks a lot of my hair wrestlers aren’t in this game he’s got a
lot of fun problem this game is awesome Oh rocks got a special guys I don’t know
how to use it but joystick and a oh yes good thing I have three hands
oh I just got eliminated by busy no no no no no no you can’t run kick-ass you
rocker it’s funny that the rock was never part of the rockers oh yeah from
Cobb County Georgia respect the law no Jay I gotta go up there mr. minister
young minute oh why don’t your freakin shoulder blade how do you like that you
like that hard boss man and you can take that G guess what rock you’re gonna
serve some hard time divided Cobb County Georgia you pinks and trash hey guess
what guess what I don’t care about that I’m trying to take care of teeth time
right now yeah I see Little Rock try it man that’s my card okay what the scary
part of a Royal Rumble is there are 29 other men trapped in the squared circle
close quarters God like me there’s nowhere to go nowhere to hide fatalities
all night long finish them go ahead wake up Who am I Who am I please be someone
good who are those please vision from this point forward since you took out
way is to win this Rumble with big bossman
I hope not there’s still 20 people yeah there’s 23 people left I don’t care
Oh a boss man just for the pride of Cobb County Georgia County Georgia yeah I did
but then you also freakin oh crap in the turnbuckle oh come on in here do you
freedom just gave me scoliosis no edge get off the edge of the real
expanses come on and boss man okay Who am I gonna be this
is always the worst part oh oh we come to the top rope it’s dead in your life
and dead in your tracks boss man’s got the fuckin number
si kicked me in the frickin pothole Oh hardy Hardy’s got the red air going out
of these got God with him hanging between is one half of the Hardy Boys
you better only good as a tag-team duo right your nutsack Hardy well here hardy
right here Hardy nutsack he’s used to it he eats a lot of red meat look it is
here you know that’s why the fish what did it yeah that’s very oh man that actually hurt me physically
Wow Oh DDT si I wasn’t even a part of that
fight somehow si us when we come after me man I wish they made a best dump I
say can’t kick nobody over the top I wish they made a game that was like this
but had all the old classic monsters yeah I would love that
like warrior a good thing about this game is the Creator wrestler in it is
raising grace rates really robots II never created and that was a sweet moon
there’s a lot a lot of your reverse stuff online you can almost create like
any any classic person in this if you really want to do drying art yeah but
can you create someone so good that they have a snake called Damian he could try
okay Wow boss man is a special guys watch out
yeah don’t get me nerium hunting no no no no no yeah Chuck no did he base
Austin even have a special gig is about to use it
this is his premiere he didn’t even for me read it oh that was his special that
was the one from behind Matt Hardy there’s my brother
come on let’s tag team do it and then at the end I’ll throw you out but I’ll call
on a time oh he’s fuckin puffin he’s huffing and
puffing in the house ain’t blowing down come on come on it’s not that hard
Oh oh my gosh learn how to get up oh yes yes I live made someone no I’m so sorry
sorry sibling rivalry I’m sure camera views no
dude I don’t I need I have three hands you don’t worry about edge looks like
his face is burning it probably is their Christian man come on Jeff Jeff uh if
that’s your real name into the turnbuckle oh I almost got you for the
three-count oh this is brutal hot this is Wow
come on why am I still looking at this oh great I’m refreshing I went from
being a hardy boy to this guy he can rub his ass in your mouth though it’s pretty
oh I have that’s actually his finisher movement okay okay smell my help I’m
chilly last night hey hey SMA SMA oh my oh this guy is awesome oh yeah he’s a
freakin he’s a bona fide badass he is and his backstory I’m gonna hit you
right in your team what was that what was that movie that we watched tails would be on the mat and it was
awesome yeah thattaboy rip em apart throw him out throw them out by his hair
follicles big boss man don’t deserve to be in here no more
who is Rikishi right now like four times so your time is over right here Rikishi
bang it was he blocking that shot the unarmed peanuts he doesn’t have one
that’s why no come on no why man Rakesh you might have to wait ten
seconds again boss man yeah everyone’s human boss man he’s been in the ring for
two damage here we are everybody gearing up for the biggest event of the year the
Royal Rumble like that scares me I’ve played the steel cage challenge I’ve
been through WrestleMania the arcade game what’s another one to understand
the Royal Rumble you got to break it down to its two root words Roy and yo
and Rumble and guess what I know how to do both so y’all ready ah he is a cube
because he’s less than 90% oh yeah hey who’s he
I don’t know okay somebody that sucks at this game but I’m not gonna say their
name I’m nervous
Who am I gonna be baby someone good crispin wha
not speak up who the heck is that we don’t want to talk about him why is he
bad Oh bad bad things yeah is he like Jared from Subway we’re just enjoy from Subway
oh man and using this game yes all right I’m just gonna put my controller then
you can fucking throw me how I don’t character let’s just say he’s way worse
than here wait words yes okay I don’t want to I’m not ever gonna play he’s
thrown me out right now I don’t care seniors last name though it makes me
hungry for Eggs Benedict I don’t know why he doesn’t want to be
Benoit I don’t I know but we got it finebros yeah punish you make him earn
it yeah you did that to your family by the
wall what is family oldest family oh geez no one ate shit and killed his wife
and daughter yeah this is what you get along this is a hey I’m not playing as
him so you can’t give me anything Barak well I thought you were Rocco but
I wasn’t even ready what been while you put him on like
Daniel control Robert yup see down hey I don’t want to throw him out
I’ve lost sooner than he’s been in the ring so and I hadn’t even touched the
controller is that the strategy come on get him out get him out I don’t
like it there he goes yeah there we go disgusting creatures out give me a
better give me a better character ten seconds okay ten seconds to drink
challenge accepted okay here we go Who am I gonna be damn Tasmanian devil
he’s a hammer man he also has a pyramid on his head
they really fucked up in WWF with him storyline wiser yeah they just didn’t
push it once he got there he was yeah he was amazing
I don’t know much of that and he’s instantly how are you instantly tired
and all the ground jeez Louise I’m knocking myself out here yeah come on
Jess yes never you’re not you lose Looney Tunes this is not how the Taz
acts there we go there we go get some punches in ya punch you you don’t care
who it is rip them apart rip Oh I ducked that
interference on the offense oh yeah he’s frickin acute angle over there dang it you know I would have pinned you if this
is a pin match no doubt and my mind no you wish you wish you could throw me out
of the rink but I’m too heavy for your other muscles you can’t handle my it
from my weight come on yeah see oh stop to the face boom boom
boom boom boom due-dates weird see how pissed I am its remaining this game and
getting like a false sense of like confidence like I feel like I could get
going okay I want some accountants but I feel like I could just walk into a ring
and do this I guess what this game does to me it’s
not good okay Who am I gonna be Who am I gonna be X – oh yeah that’s what’s up
but we see that that’s called a kick – job back look at all the crowd he’s
parking the crowd Matt Hardy out bad time is better you
down forever because he sucks at this game alright it’s time to get some
polish right sorry guys oh okay well there’s 10 people left get get give me
Road Dogg yes that’s exactly who you wanted Oh what was that
I like teabag you but went headfirst into the bank yeah I did I did enough
service I think I tried rolling you up into a pen come on I don’t think I’ve
ever gotten a single person out in this man
come on over the ropes no over the ropes over the ropes you’re not trying to pin
on come on no no yeah no yeah no yeah no you’re gonna wait ten seconds about time
right no no it’s not yeah you know many times I’ve had to wait ten seconds too
many to count more than ten seconds it sucks but I’m
playing on stand eight were than oh right now you’re Brad except that’s
coming to the ring okay Terry Bradshaw’s in the ring guys governor x kappa no
reverse it oh oh did you get frickin duck mode nowhere I did
come on it in the Royal Rumble people can do they’re mostly the moose
instantly no one from Hale clothesline from hell I’ve been trying to do that
move my entire life how did you learn that I never had one
of these what I grew up but I do now and guess what
I’ve been studying x-pac’s just laying there you’re out where’s it Oh
Malenko Malenko but if you’re drunk it it spelled mankind oh yeah it’d be funny
no but it is for some reason wonder why Oh big and he flexed up a big business
that is awesome get off the turnbuckle yeah okay no no
no no come on okay who’s doing this to me what did I
do to deserve this I’m just a fresh wrestler into the match
you know he yeah okay okay this isn’t fair I feel like oh come
on Malenko we’re running out of opportunities fellas let’s get down to
the nitty-gritty there are four guys left in the back you guys are freaking
wearing matching outfits blue jeans gonna cut a sheeter
the hardy brothers are out oh great the guys father’s honor and part one two and
three so once again on the ho train me the ho train yeah no thanks oh that’s my
first elimination not gonna lie are you gonna be al smell my soul of Al Snow
he’s ready to battle it is winter time what does everybody want yeah ASA bring
a mannequin down to the rack that’s inappropriate I feel like my guy is a lot more
underdressed than the looked you guys Dean Malenko yeah
he’s a really good technical wrestler though but yeah they know how to use
them hey well hey I mean let me tell you he’s
really good if I’m not playing it soon oh yeah okay I’m running out an
opportunities come running around playing the match yeah disappointed cut
off Oh Bradshaw has a special okay oh shit
ooh Val Venis indicate draw I would love to win this with oh yeah here we go talk
about Wolfson my house oh yeah that’s for sure
that’s what happens when you visit the planet Venus Oh
ripped it apart yeah healing yo here we go this is my father’s just curtain out
this is well this is the last four have to try
winning this with food on get your final wrestling Jubilee oh okay I don’t like
this I don’t like this oh no oh baby boom on the back hey you
like that was your spinal tap okay oh that was an unfair shot him you know
baby here but Elvis is getting pissed now Venus the fans have been treated to a real
delight here folks oh no not even close
this is reason knows exactly how Venus is what they did in kindergarten that
knows what he knows what that smells like this is the longest three people
have lasted the entire what is he doing go ahead go ahead either way we won right oh yeah but if I
win this with Funaki I’m surprised I’m still alive let me tell you that right
now what are you trying to reach for them screw you screw you Godfather get
out of my life I don’t need blessed anymore 20:19 is won by Funaki all right there
you have it WTF no mercy on the n64 let’s talk about this beer the most
Xango by Lagunitas what did you guys think as an IPA fan it’s pretty
enjoyable it’s not a huge attackee IPA it’s very smooth and I don’t taste a lot
of mango in it I honestly don’t taste a lot of fruit in general but it’s still
enjoyable yeah you’re kind of mister Lagunitas you love Lagunitas is a
brewery so what do you think yeah I liked it a lot I would give it a 7 out
of 10 okay perfect Nuala what’d you think I
thought it’s a pretty solid beer I mean it’s a pretty easy drinker
yeah very drinkable it’s well balanced mango though I agree with what you said
he’s a hard fruit to get to come through the flavor profile I’ve had some sours
with mango in it it’s just kind of buried in there but nonetheless I
thought it was very enjoyable part of their one-off series so I don’t know
that we’re gonna see it for too long so if it’s something that trips your
trigger and you’re intrigued you might want to get out and pick up the Mozang
go buy Lagunitas it’s a decent drinkable beer its Royal Rumble time it’s a great
time to come out to get together with your friends get down play some old
wrestling games if you have no mercy throw that in
but whatever you have get together with your friends get off your damn phones
get off social media sit together game off the grid it’s the way to do it
you’ll be surprised yes as always we appreciate your continued support and
subscribing to the channel keep gaming keep drinking we’ll see you
next time right here on gaming off the grid I need you right now to look deep
into this hole in my shirt what I’m gonna do similar to this hole is create
a hole in the hearts of 29 other superstars it is a scratching call their
way to Wrestlemania for the World Wrestling Federation title that title
shot is mine all 29 others are gonna go over the top rope and you
see this guy seen the victorious at the end of the night

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  3. This is what i like to see, local co-op and gaming sessions, no online like the good ole days 🙂 . Didn't own this in the past but I do now and i can see why people say its one of the best wrestling games. I mostly played the games on ps1 such as attitude and smackdown 2.

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