By now you’ve heard several Liv Morgan theories
and honestly, Liv Morgan theories have been a lot of fun to talk about and discuss. So today we’ll be going over this new Liv
Morgan theory that recently came to mind after I saw an edit of Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss
together as champions. This edit comes from on Instagram, and just
going over the image and the comments under his picture, I thought it would be a great
“what if” story to talk about. Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan both signed to
the wwe nearly around the same time But despite coming to the wwe together and
being on the roster all of these years, Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss has never had a one
of one match or any real character interaction. Liv and Alexa have had the most history, believe
or not, over twitter interactions. When Liv Morgan debuted her pigtails and pink
hair look, Alexa took to Twitter to call her out and say, “Pink pigtails … where have
I seen that before ?” Alexa is of course referencing herself, Alexa
has been wearing pink pigtails here and there ever since 2016, so that was a subliminal
message to Liv. However, when Liv Morgan was making her return,
Alexa did tweet out her support for Liv and was excited to see where Liv Morgan was taking
her character, but that about covers all the interactions they ever had. So let’s get into this theory between Liv
Morgan and Alexa Bliss . For this story, I think it’ll be best to
have Alexa Bliss as the heel. Alexa Bliss is highly capable of playing both
roles of babyface and heel, but the Alexa bliss character absolutely thrives and is
at her peak when she’s heel. Heel Alexa Bliss just has more depth and layers
than face Alexa from what we’ve seen so far. Then we can have Liv Morgan as the babyface
in this scenario. Liv Morgan’s character right now on wwe
television doesn’t have much allies and everyone that she was once close to is now
turning their backs on her. This could cause Liv to feel a bit broken,
lost, and just have no direction of where she’s going. That’s when we can see Alexa bliss start
to step in to take advantage of the broken down Liv Morgan and get her back on track
and focused. An example of this actually happened in reality
with Sasha Banks and Summer Rae. Before “The Boss” Sasha Banks came into
play, Sasha really had no persona or gimmick at all. Summer rae was the one that inspired Sasha
to keep pushing harder and take over NXT, which eventually lead to “The Boss” persona
being born. So that same concept could apply here for
Liv and Alexa, Alexa would be the one trying to get Liv to get her head back in the game
and focus .
However, since Alexa is heel in this situation, you can’t fully put all your trust in Alexa. Alexa could end up just using Liv Morgan for
her own good and have Liv do all her dirty work for her. This idea actually comes from Alexa bliss
herself, Alexa revealed on wwe backstage that she had pitched the idea of her character
manipulating Nikki Cross to benefit her own career. But Nikki Cross would just be so excited to
have Alexa as a friend that she wouldn’t notice that Alexa was using her. That same idea and concept could be put into
place for the Liv and Alexa story. Liv, who’s just broken down and looking
for really anybody, will be accepting of Alexa’s guidance and won’t take notice that she’s
being used. From there on Alexa Bliss could serve as Liv
Morgan’s manager and teach her how to win matches but in a dirty/heel like way. Such as exposing the top turn buckle, feet
on the ropes during a pin, distracting the referee, and other things of that sort. Now with Liv winning matches by using these
heel tactics, that could cause the crowd reaction towards her to start changing and as a result,
having Liv become heel. Now that liv’s transition to a heel is complete
and she’s learned all of Alexa’s ways, the two of them can now start dominating the
women’s division together and the locker room will just have no answer for the team
of Lex and Liv. And going back to how Alexa and Liv Morgan
share similar attires, you can just have the both of them come out in some of those attires,
such as their Harley Quinn looks. Alexa and Liv will then continue their unstoppable
run and eventually capture the women’s tag team championships. It wouldn’t be the first time Alexa has
held the tag team titles since she once won them with Nikki Cross. However, it will be Liv’s first wwe title
win in her entire career, only giving her more reason to show gratitude and be grateful
that Alexa has lead her all the way to her first championship win. The two would hold the titles from there on
for several months, but they will end up losing the titles thanks to Liv getting pinned. Liv taking the pin and costing them the titles
will make Liv feel horrible and have Alexa lash out at Liv for her mistake. That’s when Alexa will shift her focus over
to the Raw women’s title and since Liv still feels like she owes a lot to Alexa, she agrees
to help her. This would eventually lead to Alexa capturing
the raw women’s title strictly because of a distraction that Liv made Alexa would be beyond excited and will be
the happiest she’s ever been with Liv, but during Alexa’s celebration, Liv Morgan would
turn on Alexa and lay her out in the middle of ring . This sets up a one on one women’s championship
match between Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan that has a lot of backstory to it. The story ends with Liv Morgan capturing the
raw women’s title from Alexa and showing herself that she doesn’t need anyone to
help guide her anymore, coming full circle for her character arc, Liv was no longer the
one being betrayed, she finally learned to strike first before they do. Liv Morgan would then continue as the dominant
champion that has no friends or allies. And that about completes the story, once again
this is an original idea, so it may not be anywhere near perfect, just a quick concept,
but still let us know your thoughts and ideas for this story of Liv and Alexa. What would you change, what would you keep
the same? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
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43 thoughts on “Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss UNUSUAL PAIRING Leads To UNBELIEVABLE CHAOS! – WWE

  1. So this is something different than usual, but let me know if you guys enjoy these kind of videos and want more story concept and small ideas like this. It's not a complex in depth story at all, but if you guys want to see more things like this than let me know! Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. it’s funny how in my 2k20 universe mode i made them a tag team, because wwe wanted to ruin my game and spilt alexa and cross up

  3. i can already tell what's gonna happen
    alexa and nikki will have a match where they'll lose in an unexpected way , alexa betrays nikki out of anger and then we're gonna pretend to be shocked about it , that's literally how most tag teams break up

  4. Dammit i would love this because liv is my favourite superstar on raw and alexa is my favourite superstar on smackdown i would love to see this duo happen

  5. But honestly i wouldnt want them to turn on each other i would love them see become friends and actually ruling the womens division but they both should be heel i would love to see that chaos

  6. Now if only the wwe would get the hint. I think this would be good way for the darker side of Liv to finally show up. Just hoping that if this happen that they move Alexa to raw, because if Liv goes to smackdown, the fiend theories will blow up on social media.

  7. Alexa Bliss needs to be drafted to RAW and team up with Liv Morgan
    Then they will be unstoppable tag team in Women division

  8. @WrestlingWorldCC i totally love your concept and i think it makes perfect sense and can bring Liv Morgan over with the crowd and it will also build up alexa bliss into a great heel character, i think u should send this to wwe its great and they may use it

  9. I would make her into a war darker vicious character something that the women's division is never had beforeI like how they kept teasing her as an accomplice to help out the fiend in some way that could be interesting I hope they do that sometime in the near future

  10. Alexa is STILL the same. She walks the line between face and heel although she does it VERY well. Liv Morgan has REALLY changed and it's for the better. She CAN wrestle and the "upgraded" appearance has done wonders for her. I hope that the booking continues in some semblance of reality. Liv versus Ruby Riot has potential. DON'T drop the ball WWE!

  11. If they can coexist on a personal level then it would work. Questions is… does Liv really deserve this kinda of push over other better wrestlers in the company. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. Hey WWE Darryl Kelly from Washington DC make this story of Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss teaming up as Women Tag Team Champions please. ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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