100 thoughts on “Live PD: Barstool Fight (Season 2) | A&E

  1. Two sides to every story, one side is the truth the other side is the truth with a little fabrication and exaggeration.

  2. Alcohol and drugs is the leading cause of all arrests if people would just stop and think these police officers would be going to more urgent calls. God Bless our police officers risking there lives everyday for us!

  3. An update or resolution would've been nice! That niece is pure trash, and the woman's injuries were horrible. Hope that POS is locked up.

  4. It's not self defense when you walk into someone else's home to aggressively confront them. The niece clearly went there to fight.

  5. The male with Abby acts like he was there and saw everything. He’s just saying what this criminal, Abby told him.

  6. so the fat lady assaults a woman in her own home, leaves her bleeding, the fat woman claims the other lady hit her too but doesn’t have a single cut and isn’t taken to jail? yeah, sounds about right

  7. You'd think the fat lady getting into the pickup truck would at least take an overnight bag for her going to jail.

  8. i find it might strange that this fat cow claims she got hit with a barstool and yet no marks no bruises no cuts of any type not even any red marks or swelling your right officer there is two sides to every story and her side stinks to high heaven

  9. I'm guessing their relationship had been tense for a long time and the niece exploded when the woman insulted her mother. If that was the case, I'd understand if she'd punched her once, but she went full Rambo on her. You can crack someone's skull with a stool.

  10. The detective at the sheriff's office want you to come down and give a voluntary statement at the precinct.
    No thank you I'm good!

  11. If she were black they would have taken her to jail.. Im white but happy i dont live in USA. Failed society with a failed "justice" system. The real criminals in USA is running the country

  12. thats one smirky smile for a innocent lady. Normally people would be angry or upset that there should be any doubt of innocense. but she just smiles.

  13. Officer “don’t wash your hands or shower any further” Woman “umm…okay”…..five seconds later runs to sink to wash hands😂

  14. sorry but no one is gonna lash out at their aunt like that for no reason. I can totally see that old fat lady instigating and actively trying to be a nuisance to their family. ive known people that would make mother Tereasa attack them.

  15. I heard the guy who owns the truck say "we know where it's at"………..AND she was smirking right before she got into his pick up truck too. I see some shady-covert type attitude in her.

  16. No matter if the aunt went at her with a bar stool ( which i Doubt the aunt was the agressor) the niece went to the aunt's house, so right there she lost any type of argument or excuse she could havr

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