MAJOR Star To WWE NXT! WWE Star RETURNING Very Soon! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

MAJOR Star To WWE NXT! WWE Star RETURNING Very Soon! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Keith Lee To WWE! And it’s time for your weekly update on
top independent wrestler Keith Lee going to WWE. The update is: yeah, still looks like it’s
happening. The latest site to report the move is PWTorch,
who claim multiple sources have confirmed Lee is expected to report to NXT after finishing
up his independent bookings in May. The Wrestling Observer had previously reported
that Lee and other top independent big guy Walter had been offered WWE contracts back
in early March. Walter denied he was made a deal, but the
Torch have now also confirmed he was offered one, but he has not signed it. Walter is currently taking bookings through
September, though, implying he doesn’t intend to join anytime in the future either. Further evidence comes for Lee’s WWE move,
however, is in PWG naming a show after his catchphrase, Bask In His Glory, and promoting
it as his ‘farewell event’, and Lee telling a fan that he won’t be making Evolve’s
show in June. It’s almost like there’s an NXT TakeOver:
Chicago show on June 16th he has to sit in the crowd for. The PWTorch report goes onto note, however,
that the hulking Lee will have to “adjust his style once he arrives in WWE”. Apparently he received “mixed reviews from
WWE officials” for his match against Kassius Ohno at Axxess over WrestleMania weekend where
he came in “with a rep of doing moves”. Heaven forbid he do moves! How To Make It In NXT
Interestingly, the Torch goes onto note that indy stars joining NXT are best served listening
to and implementing all the advice you’re given from the Performance Center coaches
to get a reputation of being very easy to work with. Once you’re seen more favourably by the
NXT team, you’ll potentially be allowed more creative freedom. The Torch illustrates this point with two
examples. Young high flyer Lio Rush apparently “wasn’t
coachable” when he joined the promotion, which is one reason why he struggled early
on. Ricochet, however, who only joined NXT in
January, has been “great to work with and in turn producers have invited him to have
more input into his character”. Danny Burch Signs With WWE
Despite Triple H saying the Performance Center was full just a few months ago, the promotion
has signed another independent wrestler. Although he was kind of there full time already. Martin Stone first signed with WWE in 2011,
debuting two years later as Danny Burch. But despite being a bloody hard bastard, he
was released in April 2014. Following a brief spell in TNA, however, he
still wrestled rather frequently on NXT from 2015 onwards, and even competed at last year’s
UK Tournament. His free agent spell has now seemingly come
to an end, though, as he announced at last weekend’s Beyond Wrestling event that he’d
signed with WWE. And he’s not the only name we’ll be seeing
on WWE TV on a regular basis soon… Jason Jordan Returning Very Soon
…as PWInsider are reporting Jason Jordan will be returning very shortly. Faster than you can say ‘decades of unpaid
child support’, Kurt Angle’s kayfabe illegitimate son has seemingly recovered from the “minimally
invasive operation” to decompress a nerve in his neck back in early February, and PWInsider
claim he is “slated to return later this month to the Raw brand”, where he could
be back on the road for the company as early as next week. Discount Code: ‘WTTV’
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100 thoughts on “MAJOR Star To WWE NXT! WWE Star RETURNING Very Soon! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

  1. i forgot jason jordan was a thing. i really dont wanna see him again lol he had way too much camera and mic time. and he sucked at every second of it

  2. That's the thing about prodigies. You can't really tell them anything. I need my Lio Rush fix though.

  3. glad Jason's well and able to compete. he'll most likely be rejoining chad gable to reunite american alpha and stay a baby face.

  4. No…..not Jason Jordan….. terrible promos terrible sense of entitlement with his "angle". Btw what a jacket, love it.

  5. OMG Jason Jordan is coming back!!!!… said no one ever because nor me and a lot of people give a shit about him.

  6. When Keith Lee gets to RAW:
    Vince: “Don’t do moves!”
    Lee: “Ok.”
    Vince after the match: “Why didn’t you do any moves, dammit!”

  7. so keith lee is a big star leading to wwe signing him…then they tell him to completely change his style. WTF?!

  8. its going to be so funny when they put Jason Jordan back with Chad Gable to get him over only to find out that American Alpha wasn't that over on the main roster to begin with

  9. That's kind of cool though have a storyline with gable and Jordan reuniting to go against smackdown's Shelton Benjamin and the return of Charlie haas to have, American alpha vs Kurt's old team the world's greatest tag team having kurt as special guest referee deciding who he wants to win, his son or his old friends. How do you wrestling fans love that 🤘🤘

  10. Yall should do a days worth of episodes as if the internet in the mid 90's was as good as its now and talk about rumors and news about wcw/wwf/ecw

  11. Cover Impact!!!!! they are on fire! Always boring WWE. Cover something else……you are getting lame. always wwe….wwe………wwe……….b…o….r….i….n….g…..

  12. Jason Jordan is garbage?,. Talented yes, mouthpiece is garbage though I think his balls haven't dropped yet… The bass will eventually catch up to his physique

  13. What is WWE going to do with all of these talent? They still have NXT stars and a bunch in both brands, what are they gonna do with the rest?

  14. please let him become a cowboy, please let him become a cowboy instead kurt son ….ohh please..

  15. Is no one going to mention that Ricochet is able to give creative feedback that is a great sign for his future.

  16. Jason Jordan is boring everything about him is boring sucks at wrestling sucks on the mic better off if he doesn’t return anyone agree? I mean raw doing great without him who needs him anyways 🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. hooray Jason Jordan is back… Dean Ambrose when?!!! that is the real issue here?! when will the Ambrose Asylum be back?!

  18. Still waiting to hear who the MAJOR star headed to NXT is. In other words, who df is Keith Lee??

  19. Hopefully his story with kurt sort of ends and he joins back with Chad Gable. anyone else want this to happen?.


  21. Can we just have Jordan v Benjamin already?! Winner faces, naturally, #PUSHRUSEV … FOR LANA! 🤣

  22. I noticed 2 things
    VinceMcMahon is hiring a lot of big sweaty men. Makes me think that Braun will have a nice title run.
    And also, Lio became “uncoachable” after that tweet

  23. apparently WWE is planning to have special guest referee Kurt Angle officiate a match with Jordan and Bayley vs Gable and Banks where Sasha puts Jason on the shelf for good with multiple double knees to his back and a readjusted bank statement to top it off. meanwhile Bayley and Chad are hugging or countering each others various suplexes. Kurt will be distracted the whole time deciding whether Intergender or Interracial could be added as one of his I's.

  24. What about Ambrose? When can we expect Dean back? Missing the hell out of my lunatic fringe brother!

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