MAJOR Stars To WWE?! BIG WWE Return At WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

MAJOR Stars To WWE?! BIG WWE Return At WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. BeachBallAMania
This is Zombie Beach Ball. After Cesaro killed him at last year’s SummerSlam,
he came back from the dead even stronger. He loves nothing more than watching wrestling
and being thrown around the audience. All Zombie Beach Ball wanted was to go to
WrestleMania next month, but the Wrestling Observer are reporting:
“WWE e-mailed people coming in on WrestleMania travel packages with a list of things banned,
which include balloons and beach balls”. I’m so sorry. Oddly, “tablets and iPads” are also on
the list of banned items, presumably along with the words ‘hospital’ and ‘Roman
Reigns heel turn’. Maybe all those banned items is to make room
for one of WWE’s biggest ever stars. Literally. Big Show ‘Definitely’ Returning By WrestleMania
Because I’m talking about the Big Show. The Big Show was last seen in WWE losing to
Braun Strowman on the September 4th episode of Raw, where he was thrown through a steel
cage wall. This was to write Show off TV for his real
life hip surgery. This time last year, Show got himself in incredible
shape preparing for his long-awaited WrestleMania match with Shaquille O’Neal, which had been
set up at WrestleMania 32. But that match never happened, and Show regretfully
said in interviews afterwards that was their last chance, as his WWE contract would expire
in February 2018. That date has now come and gone, but in an
interview with UPI about Ronda Rousey’s WWE debut, Big Show has reportedly said “he’ll
definitely be back by WrestleMania.” Whether this is in a backstage capacity, ambassador
role, or even a surprise entrant into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal remains
to be seen. But if a new rumour is to be believed, WWE
is already working on replacing him. Keith Lee & WALTER To WWE? The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter is
reporting that top independent wrestlers Keith Lee (who did the intro to this show on Tuesday)
and Walter have been offered WWE contracts starting in May. Dave Meltzer describers them as “the two
best big men on the independent scene right now”, and speculates Lee will be taking
the offer because he’s turned down bookings after May. But he points out WALTER is happy with his
current life wrestling and running the training school of German promotion wXw. Both men, however, have taken to Twitter to
deny the report, with Lee using the metaphor of Lego models:
“In today’s play, the Dragon will be playing the role of “The Rumor Mill.” I will be playing the role of “The Knight.” While WALTER tweeted: “Nobody offered anything,
not true!” But that’s also exactly something someone
who just signed with WWE would say. Fantasy Booking Warfare Result
Monday will be our first time ever doing a fan-suggested Fantasy Booking Warfare show,
with ideas from $25 and above Patreon backers. So start that drumroll…because March’s
Fantasy Booking Warfare, which Luke and I will be doing on Monday’s episode of WrestleRamble
will be… Braun Strowman’s first Universal Championship
win, which was suggested by Kevin Chappell! Make sure to tune in on Monday to see Luke
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100 thoughts on “MAJOR Stars To WWE?! BIG WWE Return At WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

  1. Have the beach ball inside your pocket or the inside of your sock and then blow it up inside the arena where u r sitting at.

  2. I love that outro….oli davis. you are the best! #thatsourshua#supportwrestletalk#wonderolimakesdreamscometrue

  3. They needed to ban the beach balls because it's fucking stupid. You pay a fortune for tickets to a show only to ignore the show and play with a fucking beach ball? Real fucking intelligent… People chanting for the beach ball during Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy's match was insulting and fucking disrespectful to the people in the ring doing their job. The way I see it, if you're "fans" then act like fans instead of a bunch of dumb fucks.

  4. Everybody heard about Keith Lee by now. He's the man.

    But let me tell you something about Walter. Walter is legit! He is the heart and soul of WXW (trust me i know).
    He is the company's first ever full-time employee and head trainer of their Training School called the WXW Acedemy.
    Currently he is also celebrating his 10 year anniversary as a WXW wrestler. WXW is aware of the fact that WWE could come and take everybody at any time, but Walter would be the biggest blow they could have on losing a talent and backstage worker plus he loves it there Walter is, along with Bad Bones John Klinger, the biggest name of German Wrestling Scene and he has been for over 10 years. WXW is on the rise currently and i doubt Walter doesn't want to be there for witness WXW launching a new German Wrestling Hype.

  5. Big Show returns? I guess we know what Braun is doing for Wrestlemania…… Hehuyohohehuhuhh (Sideshow Bob grunt).

  6. First, who doesn't know that cutout is Big Show?
    Second, he's had issue's with the hip surgery he got due to infection. So it probly won't be a in ring return if he does.
    But, we/I have been mistaken before.

  7. Probably cause they don't want people recording the show haha I went to a live show a few weeks ago and they weren't banned but you weren't allowed to record

  8. I kind of hoped that show would sign some kind of extension to finish up his time in the ring and not on the couch.
    The man deserves to go out on his feet, not a stretcher

  9. aw yeah can't wait for that fantasy booking i'll get the popcorn ready. how would you react if when roman comes out at mania because people can't whip out the beach ball everyone just turned their backs on him and looked the other way. would be a hilarious visual.

  10. I love this channel but that was dirty lol I thought you were gonna say Bobby Lashley was definitely returning but it turned out to be goddamn Big Show lmao he's a nice guy but ain't nobody cares about that lol

  11. I think WWE should bring up new superstars from NXT and or from ROH and or New Japan for wrestlemania instead these part time old wrestlers nothing against The Big Show but I would rather see New talent that WWE has signed or going to sign Let's go WWE go get Kenny omega and resign Cody and go get the young bucks too hell just go get the rest of the BULLET CLUB members sign them all oh and sign Bobby lashley

  12. god emperor Mac tonight I know it not going to happen but you never know with WWE it would be cool if it did

  13. fuck no… Asuka's first loss?
    the fuck out of here, if you bitches think asuka will lose to anyone lower ass fuck and especially
    to ronda rousey? you got another thing coming, i don't think i will watch wwe if you fucking mess up
    Asuka's streak! Fuck the hating sons of bitches they can go suck a fucking dick for all i care!

    if asuka loses? man fuck WWE RAW because it's their fault for fucking it up to begin with.

  14. The 2 guys supposedly approached to replace the Big Show; one's 6'3" and the other is 6'4". They don't even belong in the conversation. That being said, I've liked what I've seen of Keith Lee. He's just not a giant.

  15. The Big Show is a boring wrestler and his character is boring. He needs to officially retire having one last big match. After the fans can show their respect for him. He has had too long of a wrestling career to go out being injured to Big Cass on a episode of Monday Night Raw. He is getting older and needs to call it quits in the ring plus give upcoming wrestlers chances. He deserves one last match that the fans know about by being built up to it so they can pay their respect for him after.

  16. You do realize, that his contract is out, right? And that he doesn't have plans on signing a new one? I mean, that's what he told JR, but I'm sure you guys know better.

  17. WTF WWE banned moves then beach ball what’s next everything, I hope fans chant Vince retire clap clap Vince retire clap clap

  18. It is sad that the beach ball is more over than the vast majority of the roster. It just has so much charisma.

  19. who the hell bring a beach ball into the show? should be banned permanently.
    superstar trying their best inside the ring to deliver even thought the booking is bad , the least they can do is cheer or boo to make it watchable.

  20. most of the comments here are pushing some idea on how to sneak a beachball at the arena. wait till wwe staff brings in powerful pellet guns.

  21. Big Show deserves a last hurrah, a Wrestlemania moment retirement match. Have Strowman retire him so he can pass the torch to the next generation of monster men. They could really put on a great match, Show is horribly underrated.

  22. Anyone that sees this you know what would be bad ass is if when aliester black debuts if he came to the main roster somehow as a follower to taker idk he just gives me that vibe man

  23. Braun wins in a triple threat match against……..THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION! Cementing him as the new and only Monster in the WWE……..Kane and Undertaker retire.

  24. I think they banned i phones and tablets because people record with them. For some reason why WWE doesn't want anybody recording entrances or matches. I heard that in a Undisputed Era entrance and someone said they couldn't record. Your answer will be in there. Btw it's the Wargames one so yeah.

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