MAJOR WWE DEBUTS ANNOUNCED! WWE Tag Champion ARRESTED! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2018

MAJOR WWE DEBUTS ANNOUNCED! WWE Tag Champion ARRESTED! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. WWE Announce New Signings
After months and months of rumors and reports, WWE have finally announced the signings of
several top independent wrestlers. Ricochet Joins WWE
The first to be revealed was Trevor ‘Ricochet’ Mann – Lucha Underground’s inaugural Champion
as Prince Puma, the only ever two-time winner of PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament,
the second American in history to win New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors (the first
being Eddie Guerrero), and constant foe of the forces of gravity and physics. Because Triple H hasn’t had a chance to
get his usual ‘this guy’ pose photo with him yet, here’s a picture from 2005 with
The Game signing a young Ricochet. The man himself tweeted: “So, yeah! This is real. 2018 is gonna be THREE FIRE EMOJIS!” Candice LeRae Joins WWE
Just several hours later, also announced Candice LeRae as signing with the company. Candice reached the quarter-finals in last
Summer’s Mae Young Classic, and had one of the most popular acts in wrestling: the
World’s Cutest Tag Team with Joey Ryan. Leading her former tag partner to wish her
well on Twitter: My favorite wrestler is about to become the
world’s favorite wrestler. ❤️
And LeRae’s real life husband, current NXT wrestler Johnny Gargano, got all mushy on
social media: She’s one of the best in the world and got
here on her own merit. Blood, sweat and tears.. She’s sacrificed and worked incredibly hard
for a very long time. I’m proud of my Wife; Candice.. But even prouder of my favorite wrestler,
the toughest person I know; Candice LeRae. While independent wrestler Chuck Taylor tragically
figured out the best way to get signed by WWE:
Meaning the last signees took the non-Chuckie T route. War Machine Join WWE! Former New Japan and Ring of Honor tag team
War Machine – made up of Todd ‘War Beard Hanson’ Smith and Raymond Rowe – have also
been announced as new Performance Center signees. Perhaps they could be the ones to sort out
Smackdown’s potentially looming tag championship conundrum. Jey Uso Arrested For DUI
SliceWrestling on Twitter broke yesterday that Jey Uso had been arrested over the weekend
in Texas for allegedly driving under the influence, mugshot and all – which Pro Wrestling Sheet
quickly confirmed, further adding that Jey was pulled over at 1am on Sunday “for a
traffic violation and the officer observed signs of intoxication”. A field sobriety test showed “signs of being
under the influence”. Jey was then reportedly charged with DUI and
taken into custody. He was released later that day. A WWE representative told F4WOnline: “Joshua
Fatu [Jey’s real name] is responsible for his own personal actions. We are investigating the matter and awaiting
information from local law enforcement officials.” The Usos still appeared on last night’s
episode of Smackdown, being jumped from behind by Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable – against
whom they’ll be defending their tag titles at next Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view
in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. If WWE decide to punish Jey for this incident,
The Usos might be losing the belts. We’ve got a new champion on Smackdown! Click the screen now for more great wrestling

100 thoughts on “MAJOR WWE DEBUTS ANNOUNCED! WWE Tag Champion ARRESTED! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2018

  1. WWE should have kept Ricochet's and Candice's signings secret to possibly put them in the men's and women's Rumble matches respectively

  2. I hope they don’t punish the USOs who are doing the best work of their career and give the championships to American alpha 2.0

  3. it would be so childish if WWE make the Usos lose their belts because of the DUI. its like they'll punish the usos by grounding them lol

  4. Whenever I hear about new WWE signings I NEVER see it as "good" news. I'm happy to see them make more money but I see it as another nail in the coffin for alternatives to the WWE Style of "Sports Entertainment"!

  5. He’s going to lose the tag team titles because wwe creative are very strict and have policies in place for people that get DUI and have domestic abuse charges. So you know he’s going to get some backstage heat from the creative team and Vince himself. At least I think because you know how the wwe is these days you can’t get in trouble or you’ll suffer the consequences.

  6. two out of three falls from drinkie drinkie to the SUV to the mugshot. I still think Jay USO won. There goes the odds.

  7. I sure hope the Usos don't lose the belts. They've been killing it the past year and I'd hate to see one dumb mistake derail them.

  8. That wasn't 2005, Triple H had the Harley Race facial hair for the majority of 2005. This looks like late 2007 triple H after his comeback or early 2008 when he dropped around 20 pounds.

  9. Not for nothing but WWE usually doesn't punish anyone for DUI charges. Except for Swagger but that's because he had weed on him. But I've seen people get DUI's & it's business as usual

  10. Hey wassup with Dolph ziggler??? Did he really quit or is he just out to do a movie or is he injured, or perhaps his contract is over!!?? Just something I was wondering

  11. Ugh I hate that what happens in the real world outside of the ring affects what you do in the ring. I understand why, but its annoying. The Usos are the best team in the world right how and ide be a dam shame if they are pushed from the top to the bottom of the Smackdown tag division for till after WM most likely, at least. I don't know what they do, I mean Jimmy didn't do nothing but as team they'd be punished and neither USO would be a singles star.

  12. Well new Tag champs in the Royal Rumble I really starting to like Chad and Shelllllllllllllllllton Benjaminnnnnnnnn LOL

  13. Can't wait for war machine! Most likely going to debut in nxt, I have a idea heavy machinery vs war machine, BOOK IT

  14. I think it's funny that this is literally there living and I get there quicker with these news updates and I still got no subs lol

  15. The Usos should go into singles competition. I believe both would contribute tremendously to main event and upper mid-card contingency.

  16. Alright! More absolutely amazing talent for WWE to flush down the toilet so they can put over guys that nobody likes! Awesome! 🙄

  17. The guy arrested was “Jay Uso”. Just so you don’t have to wait for this annoying guy to announce who it was 😉

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