MAJOR WWE Summerslam 2018 Match SCRAPPED! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

MAJOR WWE Summerslam 2018 Match SCRAPPED! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to comments for the first 15 minutes after
this episode goes live. Luke Harper, Romantic Brother
In their WWE run so far, the Bludgeon Brothers have systematically dominated SmackDown’s
tag division – destroying its two top teams The Usos and The New Day until they became
the brand’s tag team champions at WrestleMania. Now their dominance has been asserted through
short squash matches, it’s time to give the team more depth – like revealing Bludgeon
Brother Luke Harper’s… more romantic side. On this week’s episode of SmackDown, the
Bludgeon Brothers were about to smash Jimmy Uso’s head in with their massive tools,
when Jimmy’s real life wife Naomi ran out, pleading for them to stop. The Bludgeon Brothers showed their softer
side, and menacingly walked away why eyeballing the couple. The encounter seems to have shaken Harper
from his usual Twitter routine, of posting the day of the week along with his catchphrase
‘you know what that means’ every day, as he’s very creepily tweeted Naomi using
her real name Trinity: “Enjoy your evening with him Trin.” And followed up with an image of the couple
in significant distress with the caption ‘cute as f-word’. Find out what happens next in the steamy affair
by reading the Wyatt Family’s smash-hit book 50 Shades of Bray, available from no
good book stores now. Or buy the WrestleTalk Almanac instead. Remember the Almanac? I’ll keep plugging it until you bu-
Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley Scrapped? When Bobby Lashley was officially released
from his Impact Wrestling contract on January 14th, Dave Meltzer reported that Lashley was
telling people the plan was for him to go to WWE to work a program with Brock Lesnar,
in a feud that would culminate at Summerslam 2018. Although a Royal Rumble surprise comeback
was rumoured, Lashley didn’t turn up in WWE until the Raw after WrestleMania – marking
his official return to the company for the first time in over a decade. In those ensuing months, Lesnar was on the
predictable path of dropping his Universal Championship to Roman Reigns in the main event
of WrestleMania 34 – a storyline made even more obvious by Paul Heyman continuingly teasing
Brock would leave WWE to return to MMA, and UFC President Dana White confirming as much
in interviews. It appeared that post-WrestleMania Lashley
vs Lesnar feud wasn’t going to happen. But something changed on WrestleMania week,
causing Brock to sign a new contract, and retain against Reigns. All the shock, contract details and rumoured
backstage fight confusion, however, has overshadowed the question: what about Lashley? With Bobby now back in the company, and Lesnar
agreeing to stay following Mania 34, are WWE still planning on building a big Summerslam
feud between the two as one of the year’s main event programs? According to the latest Wrestling Observer
Newsletter… no. Meltzer writes that as of right now “there
are no plans” for such a match, and he speculates that if Brock is really still going to leave
for the UFC, realistically he can only put over two more people on his way out. One of those is most likely Reigns, who he’s
facing at next Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble, and Lesnar’s other loss should be used to
build up a newer star – not Lashley, who – as great as he is – is 41 years old. Discount Code: ‘WTTV’
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100 thoughts on “MAJOR WWE Summerslam 2018 Match SCRAPPED! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

  1. The reasoning for scrapping the rumored Lashley/Brock Lesnar feud makes sense, but I really wanted to see that match!

  2. Hey Oli. I'm starting to notice that Lashley wasn't getting much crowd reactions in the 5 man tag team match at Raw. All of the crowd pops went for Rollins(ooooooh Kingslayer) and Braun Strowman. I'm starting to suspect that Lashley is going to get the Bautista treatment when he came back 4 years ago. What do you think Oli,. Is Lashley already losing favor to the WWE Universe??

  3. Idk I just am not a big Bobby Lashley fan tbh. Nothing against him thought just doesn't interest me as being a world champion

  4. he should put over bray wyatt / drew / ziggler / strowman .. but he wil probably put over roman twice !!

  5. Of course vince doesn’t want to do a Bobby lashley Brock match. He’s black and vince doesn’t know how to deal with black wrestlers. This bull about lashley going over would be a waste is stupid. If lashley beat Brock Lesnar then that would just transfer to lashley and the. Whoever beats lashley would get that run. But again lashleys black so how is vince going to book him

  6. Lesner after losing Universal championship:

    Lesner: "I am still the beast! I can still fight! Give me an open challenge!"

    Alister Black music plays

  7. OmG Naomi is disgusting, lot less of her on TV please…… I second the "OOOOOOOH KINGSLAYER" shirt????" request

  8. Of course it's scrapped this was a damn trap and Bobby fell for it AGAIN WWE has given the heavyweight to Booker T and Mark Henry and that is enough for one lifetime sorry

  9. This is just unacceptable. Bobby vs Brock should happen. Just because Bobby is 41 years old doesn't matter. How many tittles did Rick flair win and he was old as pay dirt

  10. Ok if Vince and WWE don’t do this feud Lashley vs Lesnar, they are missing a major opportunity and one they won’t ever have again, in which case Dana White and UFC will end up probably capitalizing on Lesnar vs Lashley at one of their UFC PPV’s it’d be golden. It is a meeting that has been overdue or some years now.

  11. It's the same thing WWE promised Rio when he came back but guess what that match never happened and we got Mexi-America

  12. Can you really say that a match that was never official has been scrapped? This like saying plans for Donald Trump to act like a decent human being have been scrapped.

  13. This is why wwe sucks nowadays, they can't give people what they want to see. Apart from this stupid pg era. After Roman got mauled at WrestleMania do they really expect us to believe Roman will win against Brock convincingly

  14. Nothing against Bobby but I think this should be someone else at Summerslam that you get the title shot and maybe he should become a Demon to do it you know who he is and he deserves the title shot he never got from his injury demon rise demon

  15. Well gosh golly gee fellas . Dick sucker Dave Meltzer spoke so it must be true. He's never wrong. No WWE couldn't possibly want Brock vs Lashley at summer slam a match that if set up right would draw massive numbers. And Brock's alleged $630,000 per match might suggest other wise I'm sorry why did I say Alleged it came from dick sucker Dave Meltzer so it's gotta be true. Just like he reported Dolph Ziggler signed a new contract and later Dolph himself said he had signed no such contract. But that can't be Dolph Ziggler must be wrong. Clearly Dick sucker Dave Meltzer know that Dolph Ziggler Signed a contract. Who else but Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer would know. Of course the person who supposedly signed a contract wouldn't know if they signed a contract or not.Thou shall not Question the words of Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer. Kenny Omega vs A Bouch House at Wrestle kingdoms gets match of the year 5 stars So sayeth Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer. But how one of the competitors is an inanimate object. how.Dare you Question Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer. You shall be sent to pro wrestling limbo and all that's there his triple.h in a kane mask have intercourse with a mannequin inside a coffin. None stop. For Dick Sucker Dave Knows not the guys that actually Wrestle ,book,promoto and run shows . What the fuck do they know. Every wrestling promotion would be out of business if it wasn't for Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer. Ric Flair owes his career to Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer.Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer made Ric Flair.,Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer made Vince McMahon too. George hackenschmidt and Farmer Burn's owed their lives to Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer. For Dick Sucker Dave Meltzer is the the truth and all other are false prophets . walk into the light and know your one true savior, your one true creator of pro wrestling as Dick sucker Dave Meltzer

  16. What time if Roman reigns get injured before the greatest royal rumble then on raw they do a number 1 contender match between Finn balor, seth Rollins, Braun Strowman and Bobby lashley, then Bobby lashley wins and goes to the greatest royal rumble and wins the universal championship then they do bobby lashley vs Roman reigns at summer slam and that will be the night reigns wins the universal championship.

  17. Wait, you mean Brock Lesnar's not gonna be at Summerslam ? OOOOH NOOOOOOOOOO, that's terri—-I don't give a shit, drop the title on your way out. Yeah, I said it, all you Lesnar fans… your worst, lol.

  18. Brock needs all the money he can get before he goes back to ufc and gets knocked out he hasn't had decent wwe matches since 2015 ish he couldn't sell Goldberg or reigns he definitely couldn't sell lashley I think some one did the numbers he wrestled like an hour total last year easy money hes lazy compared to his early years even compared to a few years ago I don't feel he's a draw any more

  19. Kinda getting tired of u guys having age hinder u from getting over or being considered for champ when, in reality, if lashley is 41 but ko is only 33 then they should AUTOMATICALLY put over ko cuz he's younger?? Na, f that…if u got skills, the look and the mic presence than who gives a flying fuck how old one is?? Lashley would be an awesome champ but as we ALL know… Vince won't let brothers be champ…. unless ur name is Dwayne

  20. SmackDown! wins the Shake Up cause now they can have a Championship Scramble with Former TNA World Heavyweight Champions

    AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young vs. Jeff Hardy vs. R-Truth

  21. They have to have bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar at some point, otherwise wtf what the point of being bobby Lashley back? Hell yeah he's awesome without Lesnar in the company, but since he's still here, they have the have a match!

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