MAJOR WWE Title Changes! Baron Corbin & Enzo Amore BURIED?! | WWE Summerslam 2017 Review

MAJOR WWE Title Changes! Baron Corbin & Enzo Amore BURIED?! | WWE Summerslam 2017 Review

Commentary tables everywhere. Title changes
everywhere. And matches, matches everywhere. So many matches. I’m Oli Davis and this
is WWE Summerslam 2017…in about 4 minutes. Well, I’m going to try, at least. It was
a long show. Miztourage beat Jason Jordan & Hardyz
WWE’s next big thing Jason Jordan was pinned by The Miz in the pre-show’s opening six
man tag. Thankfully for his push, hardly anyone was in the crowd to see it.
Neville beat Akira Tozawa Just six days after losing his Cruiserweight
title on Raw – following a division dominating reign for over half a year – Neville won it
back from Akira Tozawa. Which begs the question: WHY TAKE IT OFF NEVILLE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!
Usos beat New Day The Usos and the New Day didn’t just steal
the pre-show, they arguably had the match of the night – a terrific, fast-paced tag
match full of twists, turns, and Big E being splashed on the ring apron]. The Usos became
the new tag team champions after kicking Big E’s face off.
John Cena beat Baron Corbin After a weird interlude where Shawn Michaels
danced like a sexy Colonel Sanders – which I may or may not have hallucinated – John
Cena took on Baron ‘Where’s Your Briefcase?’ Corbin.
They had no chance at topping the terrific match that came before, and Baron’s loss
caps a terrible week for the Lone Wolf. Natalya beat Naomi
Natalya had a huge upset win, making Naomi tap in the Sharpshooter. And despite Carmella’s
repeated warnings, James Ellsworth didn’t cash-in her Money in the Bank briefcase.
Big Cass beat Big Show Then came the Big Lull with Big Cass and Big
Show. After a long Enzo Amore promo – where the crowd didn’t even pop for their own
city (mine is England, by the way) – SmackTalker Skywalker was hoisted up in the air in a shark
cage. Big Show’s selling of his broken hand was impeccable here, but it’s hard to appreciate
the nuance of his performance when Enzo strips down and oils himself up inside the shark
cage above him. The now lubricated Amore managed to slide through the bars, only to be big
booted in the face by Cass. This had very few redeeming features.
Randy Orton beat Rusev Rusev attacked Randy Orton FROM OUTTA BULGARIA
as The Viper entered the ring. But the pre-match beatdown did nothing, as Orton hit a great-looking
RKO as soon as the bell rang, winning the match in 10 seconds. It was a fun angle. It’s
just a shame it came at Rusev’s expense. Sasha Banks beat Alexa Bliss
Despite entering the ring cosplaying as that thing from Jurassic Park, Sasha Banks made
Alexa Bliss tap in a pretty good match – marking our first babyface title change. But hopefully
The Boss isn’t a babyface for long. She’ll have a returning from injury Bayley to answer
to soon. Finn Balor beat Bray Wyatt
Finn Balor then took on Bray Wyatt in a Battle of the Entrances, which The Demon most definitely
won. He also won the actual match, which was pretty similar to their Raw encounter six
days prior, just with more bodypaint. ⅔ Shield beat Sheamaro
At 4 hours into the show, there’s only so long the human attention span can resist inflatable
beach balls. So when one was introduced, BeachBallaMania inevitably ran wild.
In a moment of ingenuous spontaneity, though, Cesaro ran into the crowd and ripped the beach
ball to shreds. All of a sudden, the crowd were rejuvenated, completely invested in the
fantastic culmination of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins’ couples counselling, where
they became the new Raw tag team champions. In a way, we should thank the Beach Ball.
AJ Styles beat Kevin Owens Despite AJ Styles and Kevin Owens doing the
wrestling, special guest referee Shane McMahon managed to sweat more than both men combined.
Eventually, McMahon became a sweaty foreign object, being used by Owens to hit Styles
at every available opportunity. But his dastardly plan backfired, with McMahon pushing back
playing into KO’s loss. This was the night’s first title retention!
Jinder Mahal beat Shinsuke Nakamura Jinder Mahal is really good at facial expressions.
Shinsuke Nakamura is really good at being weird – so smartly, the opening of this match
was based on those strengths. It was a good strategy, giving the match a slow, steady
build. The problem is…the payoff never came, Jinder winning suddenly after some very limp
Singh Brothers interference. This did nobody any favours.
Brock Lesnar beat Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman & Roman Reigns
The main event, however, was brilliantly structured – elevating all those within it. Apart from
Samoa Joe, who was just there to choke people every now and again.
It’s best described by Michael Cole, with this actual line that came out his mouth:
“Let’s put this in perspective – these are HUGE MEN!”
Roman Reigns spearing Brock Lesnar into the timekeeper’s area. Braun Strowman powerslamming
Lesnar through two commentary tables. Five minutes in, and Brock had already filled his
bump quota for the year. But best of all was still to come, Strowman
lifting the third commentary desk onto Lesnar. 1, 2, 3 – the table is your new Universal
Champion. Cruelly, the referees never counted the table’s
pin, but the seeds had already been planted: with Brock taking all this punishment early
on, maybe he is losing his title? Strowman getting over huge and 29 Superman
Punches later, though, Lesnar managed to pin Reigns to retain. So that was this year’s Summerslam in about
four minutes. Here’s Raw’s ratings recap, from top to bottom – In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE,
Poor and Bore. I’ll reveal my rating very shortly, but
first, vote in the poll above my head to give yours. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. Summerslam was long, with the good matches
few and far between. The main event and both tag team title matches were incredibly good,
but that’s only 3 out of 13. The others ranged from solid TV matches to poorly thought
out angles – like in Rusev and Orton, Big Cass and Big Show and Jinder and Nakamura.
That’s a lot of filler to sit through, and not befitting of one of WWE’s biggest shows
of the year. Summerslam 2017 is…Poor.
What about 4 other Summerslam disasters! And what was the real reason Rob Van Dam lost
the WWE Championship? Click the videos to the left to find out, press subscribe and
support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “MAJOR WWE Title Changes! Baron Corbin & Enzo Amore BURIED?! | WWE Summerslam 2017 Review

  1. Bring that beast drew McIntyre to claymore the main rosters heads off
    Also vince needs to manage the chosen one as a heel

  2. Roman Reigns' super man punch reminds me of when you play call of duty with a friend who won't stop with the head shots

  3. Natalya winning the Women's championship, Usos vs New Day, Jinder remaining as champion and Roman Reigns getting pinned with Strowman looking strong made Mark out.

    But Shemaro losing the title to Dean and Seth, Sasha "horse face" Banks beating Alexa to be champion AGAIN (and people complain about other people getting over pushed), Akira "Wholesome Asian Bae" Tozawa losing the title, Corbin getting ruined and Rusev being humiliated made me quite mad.

    SummerSlam was a Mix Bag for me with a few flavors that I hated but with some others that I loved.

    Overall, I give it a 7/10 (seriously, Usos VS New Day should get a 6.7 stars rating by Meltzer or else he will just prove again that he is full of shit).

  4. New Day vs Uso`s SHOULD have led off the MAIN CARD SHOW! and the Main Event saved this from being a BORE Show for me. Oli and Luke you guys are the BEST!!

  5. Of course the refs didn't count the tables pin of Brock, it wasn't a falls count anywhere match! The table should have dragged Brock into the ring if it wanted to pin him.

  6. I absolutely agree with Oli that this Summerslam was poor. It had a crap load of RAW filler quality matches and they failed to get a very pumped up Brooklyn crowd what they wanted. I seriously find that John Cena burying Corbin was deflating to the crowd and did absolutely nothing for either competitor.

    The only match that got very exciting was the main event, hands down. I wish that somehow Joe could have won the title, but as long as Roman didn't win, that's fine by me. Hopefully they have something decent on RAW to make up for last night. The Big Cass-Enzo-Show feud has been absolutely awful at best. Enzo was irrelevant even when he escaped the cage. WWE is terrible with booking and I hope they turn it around soon.

  7. It was a good ppv but the only thing about SummerSlam that was bad is jinder Mahal retained his wwe championship! Truth be told!

  8. Summerslam would've been better if NXT didn't put on a better show with a fantastic ending with the debut of ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!!!!!!

  9. I'd love to see Rusev and Baron in ROH because the way WWE is treating them hurts my little heart.

  10. I thought Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose becoming new tag team champions is the best thing to ever happen in the Raw Tag Team Division. I liked that outcome.

  11. Tired of the flip flopping belts and rerun matches over n over…. plots getting boring n Jinder is the most boring champ, proof is Shinsuke couldn't even make him look good….. same old bs, one match doesn't save a show… Vince needs to retire,

  12. Remember what Cornette and Heyman said January 4, 2010 about creating new stars? We need GFW to get themselves together, Sinclair to get behind ROH, and NJPW to gain major traction in America.

  13. Disappointing pre-show, despite the New Day vs Uso's match. Great main show lots of fun and amazing matches, with the main event more than deserving of its spot. Side note though, will Reigns get a slap on the wrist for the way he handled the steel steps (first hitting Strowman behing the ear and later throwing them on top of Strowman)?

  14. after 7 long years wwe has finally put The (Smackdown!) Womens Championship back on Nattie (Neid)Hart it was time for Naomi to drop the title she was a boring Champ

  15. Caesaro went off script and got the crowd involved and was one of the highlights of the night. So it is understandable Vince will punish him for this. He will probably job to Enzo.

  16. only corbin and enzo was buried ? hahaha funny i think you forgot to put in rusev from the fact that he jobbed to randy in 9 seconds and what else maybe the fact that nakamura the guy that could be wwe next big star if they just fucking let him be him just lost to the fucking bum champion that he is jinder mahal so yea you can add nakamura to the buried list there mates. just saying

  17. I thought the Uso victory was badly done, because right after he took a tornado DDT *on the floor*, whichever Uso was able to basically get right back up to screw up the New Day pin. Also, how does one kick out of a Rock Bottom + Code Breaker? Makes no sense. SuperUsos, apparently. This very good match was ruined for me, because of this. The Jinder match was the same old shit ending, so it was a complete waste of time. As for other matches, the main event was completely awesome except for Samoa Joe having almost no role and Superman Punches to a level of excess that I hadn't thought possible.

  18. Jinder/Nakamura worst finish ever!! Roman's multiple super man punch recurrence against Lesnar also is a miserable disaster! Writers gotta do some work!!

  19. Have you forgotten the Elias Samson concert, and Natalya vs. Naomi for the SDL Women's championship ? Both in this video and your "live reaction"? What's up with that!!

  20. Samo joe had little to no spots in the main event so staying true to my word since he didn't win the belt I've canceled my wwe subscription… peace out! ✌

  21. 1 I don't give to shits about Enzo, 2 How the hell is WWE gonna Baron Corbin? He is better then most of the people on ALL rosters, 3 Bobby Roode and shelton benjamin are both on smackdown #R.I.P.RAW

  22. Thank you Oli for noticing the exact same thing I did about Samoa Joe. He just got knocked around over and over. He was a complete waste in the match. Would have been a much better triple threat, but too late for that now.

  23. Summerslam was meh. I don't think it was quite poor, but tons of baffling booking, shitty angles and obvious last minute decisions. Ah well, TakeOver was good?

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